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"What Was I Thinking?"

I originally posted a review on this site for this game titled "What Were They Thinking?", bashing the game and saying that it is terrible. Now that I've played it more, the game kinda grew on me, and now I can say that it's a pretty damn good game.


Well, the battle system works good. You have the choice to use your Limit Break or just use a regular attack. Sounds good, right? Here's the can only use it when your health is low, so you want to use it but you also want to heal yourself so you don't die. And it randomly shows up too. If you skip to using the Limit, it might not show up next turn even if you do have low health. Also, the magic system is terrible.You have to draw magic from your enemies in order to use them. So if you draw 9 Fires, and use them all up, then you are out of Fires until you draw more. You also can junction magic to your stats (HP, Strength, etc.) like if I junction Curaga to my health and have 4000 HP, then if I get another few Curagas, then my max health will increase to about maybe 4035. Here's the catch, if you use a Curaga, then your max health will decrease. Also leveling up is pretty much pointless because all of your enemies will level up with you.


The graphics are beautiful for the PlayStation, and completely blows Final Fantasy VII out of the water as far as graphics go. Although, the characters look weird. They tried to make them look realistic in the field and battle screens, and they just look demented, but the sound effects are cool and the game just looks amazing.


Oh my God, the music is fantastic. The soundtrack is completely memorable, and some songs can even strike at your emotions and make you teary eyed.

Story and Characters *SPOILER FREE*

To be honest, I didn't like the story or characters at all when I first started playing. After a while, you just kinda shrug it off and then the story gets really interesting. This Final Fantasy is "based on the theme of love" as the back of the box says. Indeed it is, and holy hot damn is it a good love story. Squall Leonhart is your average lone wolf who makes friends and slowly begins to get social and even fall in love. And...that's basically the entire love portion in a nutshell. Trust me though, its a lot better than what you'd expect. The characters are all realistic and believable, to an extent, and they all have some sort of background that makes you think of your childhood friends as well.


Coming from the success that was known as Final Fantasy VII, most fans had extremely high expectations and were disappointed. This game may not be my favorite Final Fantasy (that would be VII), but it is worth your time to play, and there aren't any MAJOR flaws with the game other than the magic system. Seriously, though, if you want to check this game out, go for it, it's pretty damn good.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/11/12, Updated 07/10/12

Game Release: Final Fantasy VIII (US, 09/07/99)

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