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"One word pretty much sums it up... WOW!!!"

I noticed that every other reviewer had a Japanese or pirated copy of the game. Well I don't. I waited the tortureously long wait until September 9 and bougt the REAL GAME(actually I got it for my birthday)! In this review I will go over five aspects of the game. Graphics, sound, control, gameplay, and presentation.

Graphics: 10
Next to Metal Gear solid, these are the best graphics on the PlayStation. Abandoning the super-deformed look It's RPG roots tend to rely on and going for a different, more "mature" look that I personally think looks really well. The motin is ultra fluid, which was done by motion capture techniques. And even though the backgrounds ae pre rendered, I seems that they aren't. Number one. They are still two dimensional, but it is so hard to tell that if you try your brain will hurt. And second, little things like steam coming out of a manhole, a fan or clock moving, and signs blinking on and off make you feel like you are in a living, breathing world. The FMV, Oh my lord the FMV, is so incredibly awesome that I cannot describe it within the limits of our vocabulary. So when I say That it is mind boggling, it is so, so, much more.

Sound: 9
The sound, well, could have been better and dosn't really start getting good until near the end of disk one. after that period, the music is awesome. I found myself humming the Laguna battle music until my throat was hoarse. Just like in Final Fantasy VII, It had great battle music and sounds that emerge you in the game. For Ice, thunder, or fire, or any other spell you could think of, it was like it was happening to you. I felt like I was being struck by lightening, burnt to a crisp and having a giant block of ice dropped on my head.

Control: 10
Just like in any RPG, the control is dead on. Walking up and talking to townspeople is as easy as pie. And apparently, Square has been reading my letters and probably some other people's letters too and has swiched the action button from the O button to the X button, which eliminates many hours of feverishly trying to talk to townspeople and just running. Oh and that reminds me, the field field move is run. Hallelujia!!

Gameplay: 10
I am going to split this up into seven parts.

Battle: 10

Battle AI: 9

Townspeople AI:10

Card game:10

Card game AI:10

Mini games:8


This very well could be the best PlayStation game of all time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 04/07/02

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