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"Where are the mini games ?"

I have just completed the english version of FF8 (it took me only 42 hrs)it the best graphic ever on 32-bit platform

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are GREAT! Especially the opening,dancing and closing CG fmv,which the actions and expressions on each character's face are very well done and real.The background are extremly detail(look out for each student's action in the background of the Garden).It definatly deserve a 10!

Sound 8/10
The music are not original ,mostly which are remix of FF7 soundtacks.Another thing is the repetive of same music.The theme song EYES ON ME and the opening song are played numerous times throughout the game ,which made me sick of it.

Story 10/10
FF8 is very story oriented.The story is not confusing as in FF7.It is just a love story with lots of battle in between.

Gameplay 9/10
The new junction system gives players total control over the game.It might seem confusing at first but very damaging once you get the hang of it(try juntioning 100 death to status attack).Gaining of levels are very much easier than FF7.Only 999 experience are needed to gain 1 level ,weather you are at level 1 or 99 ,so not much time is wasted on training of characters.All charaters will stay till dics 4 unlike Aerith of FF7 which I trained so hard and died in Disc 1!Limit break in FF8 are very different with each characters.Some need new weapons,bullets,fighters magazine or just walking your dog!Weapons are not found or bought, but upgraded in FF8.Squall will have different model of gunblade while Cloud (FF7) has to fight with baseball bat sometimes.The thing about weapon upgrading is the difficulty of finding parts of them.Some which can only be found on specific enemies.

Mini Games 5/10
There are simply no mini games in FF8 except the card games.The signature chocobos of the FF series are totally irrelevent to the game unless you want the chocobo card.However,the card game is so fun that it manage to cover up the lack of other mini games.

Replay Value 2/10
This is from the fact that I don't want to play it again.Cause I have fine all secerts all killed omega weapon.

Overall 9/10
Buy this game you will not regret it.Just looking at the opening movie is worth the money!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 04/07/02

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