Review by Id XG

"Square does give what they've promised"

Graphics : 10
Sound : 10
Storyline : 9
Gameplay : 9
Control : 9

I realy don't regred when I bought ff8 even though it's still japanese. From what I see square have given a great inovation in rpg game such as character design, storyline, gameplay and the realistic of the game.

The character is more realistic then other rpg, it's looked like more like real human, in other rpg the character is more childish and cartoonish like "Guardian Crusade" oh man it's very awfull and bad or maybe I can say the worst (please fogive if what I said is to rough, I'm just expressing my feeling)

The song is realy fantastic maybe this is the best game song I've ever heard since ff4, ff6, ff7 and Xenogears. It's really fits with the game sooooooo well I even wanted to cry when I see the ending demo when Rinoa walking and find Squall and then the song "Eyes on Me" started to play ohhhh my god a can't stand it any more somebody give me a tissue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And that's not all I also touched when I see Laguna proposing Raine to marry him, oh no my house is flooding !!!!!

The storyline is more "Mature" then other game because the main theme is about romance in the middle of war and I do like it a lot ,because many other game had their theme only about "you are a superhero and you have to kill bad guys", maybe I'll make an exception for Xenogears and many other Japanese rpg such as Saga Frontier 1&2, etc etc (sorry I can't remember all of it)

The control is soooooooo smooth especially when you use the analog controller and the dual shock. Wooooowwwwwwww I'm shaking man !!

The gameplay is very inovative, in ff8 you have to use junction with your GF, and the GF is not like in other ff game, in ff8 the GF is more like a friend then just a pet you use to attack enemy. To get the GF is more realistic, you have to draw it from enemy or you have to fight the GF. And for the inventory I think square really think about it deeply, the didn't put any armor or any acessory but they chance it with magic junction to increased you defense, attack agillity, etc.

Most of all maybe this is not the perfect game of all because nothing is perfect in this world,but I must say that this game has the best graphics of all playstation game although it's only a pre-rendered CG. I think what square have done in this game is very good and I hope it will make other game developers to work harder so they can make good games like square does so gamers can enjoy a lot of good game from other developer don't you think so ?

Hei! if in PS square can make a good game like this, think what square can make on PS 2 ??????


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 04/07/02

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