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"Save your money for FFAnthology."

Ugh! FF7 was bad but it certainly wasn't as bad as this garbage!

Graphics: 6

When I first got a glimpse at these at these graphics I thought they were UGLY! The game has a dry lifeless look, look at the water, the sky, the characters faces in battles, everything looks fake and lifeless. Thankfully the more I played the game the better the graphics got, unfortunaltey I thought they were no better than average.

Music and Sound: 2

Noise, that is what this game plays, nearly every soundtrack I heard was just random noise. I don't what Square done here, FF7's music sounds 100x better than anything here. The only noticable good point? The battle music, and the battle music alone, not that horrid remix version of the victory music.

Gameplay: 3

*Yawn* IMO rpgs have actually de-evolved since the 16 bit era. Characters have no sense of individuality, story goes before everything, and there are always "stunning" CG renedered scenes to sucker a few casual game players into buying it. Sadly FF8 continues this sad tradition. The battles are old and stale, they could've been done an SNES. Not only does FF8 fall into this catergory but pretty much near all of todays rpgs do, but right now I'm focusing on FF8 so......Battles:

Pretend the story was very weak and not in- depth, would you play this game? I don't think anyonewould to be honest. And while I applaud Square for at least trying to make battles interesting again, I must say they have failed miserably. The new draw system in which the characters draw magic from the enemies might sound good but it's really just a cheap gimick. I have a suggestion for Square, why not have have each character with their own SEPARATE abilties only THEY can use. For instance give Squall the abilty to draw and make Rinoa use magic points, also give each person their own trademark move like in FF6 where each character had different abilitites only they can use, thus making it matter who you are actually playing as.

Don't even get me started on the GF summon. This time around, they didn't impress me and they took too long to cast. Some of them, like the Brothers GF, were painful to cast since the the monsters do totally unessacarry actions that only slow down the game. Sure they COULD be fun to watch one or twice but when you see for the 10,000 time you just don't care anymore.


Gone......why? Who the hell knows. Now you can't buy armor, helmets, and all the other goods stuff you were able to equip yourself with in real rpgs. As for the weapons you have only one, and you have to upgrade it like in Suikoden. Unfortunatly Suikoden has like 50 playable characters so it was neccassary. FF8? Doesn't even hit the double digits.

Card game: 7 (because it's not a monster raising game)

WOW!!! Square has answered are prayers! They got rid of that lame arcade and traded it in for a card game! Yeah, who wants to go to an arcade if you can play a card game! (Note the sarcasm) As much as I dislike the card game though madd props go to Square for NOT putting in a monster raiser game.

Storyline: 5

The story in FF8 is the second worst in the series (no story in a FF game, no matter how bad will be worse than FF1's story.). Despite the fact the story goes in-depth, it's no better than average, and that's being nice. Besides most of the time the story progressess with mindless, time consuming talking.

Overall Fun: 2

Looks like Square has finally done it, they ruined Final Fantasy series. I'm sure many of the new rpg players converted from FF7 will love this game but I think it's junk. Not as bad as Xenogears or Parasite Eve but a terrible game from Square. Stick with FFAnothology or Final Fantasy Tactics for a decent 32-bit Final Fantasy game, this game doesn't deserve the the FF name.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 04/07/02

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