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"A very worthy addition to this legendary series and best rpg on the psx besides Legend of Mana and Xenogears"

Hey all This is my first review so I hope you like it.This game is in my opinion the 3rd best FF behin FFT and FF6.With that said lets start the frickin review.I'm not gonna tell the story and spoil it for alotta people.

Graphics 10/10. These are the best graphics on the psx. Incredible detail on the characters even out of battle unlike FF7's blocky deformed guys. In fact theres no difference from the out of battle characters and the in battle characters. Fine details like wrinkles in Squalls shirt a noticeable. The fmv is the best I've ever seen. Even better than Parasite Eve's. Hell who needs a Dreamcast?

Sound 7/10. This is worst part of the game but its still not all that bad. It just doesnt live up to the standards set by FF6, but then again no game does. The songs are often repeated in different areas of the game. Although "Eyes on Me" is one of my favorite songs but even I got sick of hearing so much in the game. There just isnt enough songs in the game its not the quality.

Gameplay 9/10. Well its an RPG and its a very traditional RPG in terms of gameplay. The active time battles are the same in every FF since 4. So everyone should get the hang of that pretty quick, but the Gaurdian Force and Draw system are what make this game stand out. The GF's are like espers or summons you equip them and they let you use magic and items and other abilities of your choice. Draw system is the magic in FF8. Instead of mp you have a number of times can cast the spell like FF1. You get more spells by "drawing" them out of eneimies and you can find them around towns etc.

Length 10/10. my current file says 80 hrs and 45 min. nuff said.

In closing I recomend you import this if you know japanese if not just wait for the US version. Go Preorder this game now or buy it go now. :D

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 04/07/02

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