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"Squaresoft is triumphant yet again."

By far the best series ever, created by the best company ever has come up with the newest installment of the legendary series. This game is worthy of the title Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy VIII is a really kick-ass game that spans four CD-ROMS. This game features characters that aren't deformed and they're very individualistic which makes the game a little more real. The music is different but still okay.... and the gameplay perfect except that MP doesn't exist anymore. Still this game overall turns out to be the best game of the year and one of the best games ever...(Final Fantasy 6 is still the best)

GRAPHICS 9/10- The Graphics are better than other FF games even though they are a bit pixelated. The Backgrounds are beautifully Pre-Rendered and the The transfer from regular gameplay graphics to CG-Cinemas is seamless. The Summon spells are even better than FF7.

BEST FINAL FANTASY (Graphics) 1. Final Fantasy VIII 2. Final Fantasy VII 3. Final Fantasy VI (3 NA) 4. Final Fantasy V and so on.......

CONTROL 9/10- The control is very good with all the things you can do with the junction system. You can equip magic to your weapons and armor to become more powerful. ( Example: You can equip Fire to your attack to hurt Ice enemies more.) Its really cool even though it can be a bit confusing for novices.

SOUND 9/10- The Classic Music is gone and new music has settled in. Even though the classic melodies are gone, the new tunes aren't so bad. And the foot step sound affects are a cool thing to.

BEST FINAL FANTASY (Music) 1. Final Fantasy VII 2. Final Fantasy VI (3 NA) 3. Final Fantasy VIII 4. Final Fantasy V 5. Final Fantasy IV (2 NA) and so on.........

STORY 10/10- The story is Golden like in all the Final Fantasy Games. You play as Squall a young man who is gifted on the battle Field but has trouble expressin his feelings and relationships. He finds himself on a quest to Stop the presedent, and he is mystically linked to a man named Laguna. As Squall tries to make sense of what is going on he encounters many colorful characters like-- Zell, a young man who sometimes acts without reasoning but is pure at heart, and Seifer, A gifted warrior but has problems with authority. Overall the story is highly addictive and very cool.

BEST FINAL FANTASY (Story) 1. Final Fantasy VI (3 NA) 2. Final Fantasy VII 3. Final Fantasy VIII 4. Final Fantasy IV (2 NA) 5. Final Fantasy V and so on.....

REPLAY 10/10- Like most of the Final Fantasy Games the Gameplay and optional Stuff will have you playing this one over and over.

OVERALL 9/10- The Game is Awesome, you need to see it for your self to understand. The only thing I would change about this game is the whole MP ordeal. I need my MP!! And the whole battle system, while delivering really wicked action is too diferent, they need to bring back the old. Don't get me wrong I like the battle system its just that the older one is well, better. But This game is still a must have, I've been playing it practically non-stop, so will you.

BEST FINAL FANTASY (Overall) 1. Final Fantasy VI 2. Final Fantasy VII 3. Final Fantasy VIII 4. Final Fantasy IV 5. Final Fantasy V 6. Final Fantasy III 7. Final Fantasy 8. Final Fantasy II

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/21/00, Updated 08/21/00

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