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"The RPG with unbelieveble depth"

Forgive me,but,I have played the English version(bummer!it's pirated)and now stuck in disc 3 after seeing the game's FAQ in here.I realised I've been missing some important GF to capture and got "left behind" because I felt my character's level is too low.

Many naysayers dismissed this game as if it's Square's blockbuster failure.Actually,they never really played deeper in the game as it could be the factor you can draw magic as much as you like and unlimited use of GFs.I realised that in this game,you need to properly train your characters and cleverly junction your characters magic,ability and whatsoever that is necessary to really beat this game.So,if you say the gameplay is not challenging,think twice and play through the game to prove your words are right(as if!).There is plenty of secrets,sometimes you have to check it out because,when you go deeper in the game,you'll sometimes realise that you left something behind;eg,GFs.I often have this problem that I left some GFs behind,that I have to rely on FAQs to make sure I have it all,not forgetting rare spells to draw and also rare items to collect by constantly exploring the world and frequently engage in battles.So,if you say this game is boring in terms of difficulty,depth,and adventure,YEAH RIGHT!Check the FAQs here.You'll realise there is secrets that you'll love.

In terms of storyline,the game actually boasts some morales that ought to be learnt in life.Squall's love affair with Rinoa aren't that Romeo+Juliet or Titanic kind of romance,Squall doesn't really care the hell about her until she collapse into coma after the duel with Edea in Galbadian Garden.Rinoa taught Squall the real meaning of life;it is impossible to do things on your own,you need to depend on one another to life.The increasing pressure Squall have to face when leading Balamb Garden twists Squall into a world of anger and frustration with words like,"it's fate that have decided you".Gamers who understands this game will feel how Squall copes the increasing pressure of his life.I do not know who will die in this game,like Aeris in FF7,though.

The only flaw here is the music,which gets kinda repititive,but still,memorable.I like the music set in Fisherman's horizon,battle theme in Laguna's world and the overture played at the starting of the game.Junctioning spells can be frustrating,but not difficult.If you love RPGs,you must love this game.Even with flaws,I give it a perfect ten!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 04/07/02

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