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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/07/02

Final Fantasy VIII, it's all bout love...


Having a import RPG game to play with can sometimes be quite challenging. FFVIII difficulty can't be said to be hard since most import RPGs seemed much easier than the english version ones. What's new in VIII is the control. This is another RPG game which had Sony Dual Shock technology implanted on it. The first one to me was Tales of Phantasia. Which means that if you own a DS controller, you can use it for better gameplay in the game. If your thumb's a bit sore, you can use the analog function instead. It gives the player a better navigation & even eases off the sore thumbs. Last but not least is the vibrate function. You can turn it on by pressing start at any point of the game & switching the DS mode on. With this, you can 'feel' the game as it plays. E.g. When Squall inflicts extra damage with his gunblade by pressing R1 when his blade slashes the opponent, the DS controller will vibrate. Causing a better realism in gameplay.


<>This may be a spoiler to you if you haven't bought the game and it can also be 'extra' if you have it. So if you think you really wanna read it, be my guest.

Start off with the CG FMV showing you the shores. Then comes in the music. The screen scrolls forward with these words << I'll be here. I'll be waiting for you. If you come here, you'll find me. >> buzzing on and off the screen. Suddenly the sea changes to a dry land, much like a desert. You'll see a slight glimpse of Squall then Rinoa's back. It turns from the dried up desert to a flowery garden. Another glimpse of Rinoa. The camera shoots up at the sky then to Rinoa's hand. She holds a petal which turns into a feather and flies up to the sky. Lightning lights up and Squall's Gunblade comes spining down to earth. While another lightning emerges, you'll see a slight glimpse of Edea. Then comes in the words FFVIII, followed by Squall's image. He grabs his blade and so does Seifer. Squall charges to him, drawing up his blade, which turns into feathers. It clears and shows Rinoa and Edea. After that it continues back to the battle. After which Squall is been knocked down by Seifer's flame, Seifer takes the chance and slices Squall along the forehead. In return Squall slices back the attack. Causing both to have a alternate scar in between their forehead and eyes.


So to speak, the CG animated FMVs great and so is the audio. The music is much livelier. Small cute replicas of characters when they run about had been changed into actual models of them. Now you seldom have to press select like in FFVII, when you're lost cause the whole view had also given a facelift.


Replay value will be expected to be much higher when you're playing an import game and doesn't quite at all understand what the whole game says. As FFVIII is still new, there will be unexplored secrets to find. Thus it boost up the replay value of this game.

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