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Reviewed: 10/26/02 | Updated: 05/19/03

One of the best in the series...

Thanks for reading another review by me :) Final Fantasy 8 was my first Final Fantasy game! Once it came out I don't even know anything about the Final Fantasy games. But after playing this game it really pull you into the series. I don't know why everybody hates it but to me this game is awesome! Almost everything is great about it. From the amazing graphics to the brilliant game play, almost everything is great! But some part of the game can be boring and bad, and you'll find out all about it later in the review. After you read this review you'll find out a lot about the game, what I think of it, and what I'll rank it. You might also find out why people hate this game. Keep in mind that this is all in my opinion so you might think differently. Thanks for checking out my review and hope it help.

Graphics 10/10
There is only one thing I can say about the's amazingly real!!! I mean this game graphics might not be compare to the newer games out today but it has one of the best graphics for a Playstation game. As you may already know, you can expect amazing graphics from almost all Squaresoft games. In the regular game play the characters may look skinny and fuzzy but during a FMV everything is almost realistic! What are FMV? Well once you reach a certain part of the game you'll see an amazing clip of the story. If you want a lot of FMV then this game has it all. Trust me the graphics will be breath taking in the game.

Game play 8/10
What can I say about the game play? In Final Fantasy VIII the game play is a little different then the other games in the series. Since there is no way I can put the entire game play of the game, I'll split it into small sections instead.

The story isn't what I expected to be and it could've been a little bit better. As the story line goes on it'll get very predictable and boring. I mean the first part of the story is great and then where it gets to disc 3 it gets very boring. Here's a little preview of the story. In Final Fantasy VIII you get to play the role of Squall a cadet at Balamb Garden. He will then join the SeeD a military force and has to go around protecting the world. Squall is a very kept to self guy, he dislike others who bugs in his affairs. He'll end up falling for Rinoa, a beautiful free spirited girl. Just like other Final Fantasy games the story line start out small and it will get huge. That's all I'll tell you about the story because I don't want to spoil it.

Side Quest
Unfortunately Final Fantasy VIII doesn't have a lot of side quest to do. There are some fun ones though, like the Triple Triad Card game, optional bosses, and a Chocobo game. But unlike other Final Fantasy you don't get to do a lot of thing with your Chocobos. All you do is catch them and ride them. Mostly the only worth buying side quest is the fun and addicting card game, Triple Triad.

Battle System
The battle system in the game is a little complicated to learn. Unlike the materia or the grid sphere, the junction system requires you to use magic to make you stronger. As for the leveling up there is no point of doing so. Why? Because once you get stronger so does the enemies in the game. I think Squaresoft can do better in the battle system for the game.

As for a Final Fantasy game is game is quite easy. Unlike the other games in the series you don't really have to train a lot to be able to be a boss or an enemy. Plus what's the point of training if the monsters level up if you do? There is a couple of thing that can make the game so easy that it's almost impossible to lose. Number 1: The GF. What/s is a GF? Guardian Force, you remember the summons from the other games in the series, where you can summon up a monster to help you. Well the GFs in Final Fantasy 8, GFs doesn't just help you do damages, but they also let you learn new abilities, and even take damage from enemies for you! Number 2: Is the junction system. It might be hard to learn once you first played but once you master the junctions you'll be unstoppable. Check the Battle System of the review to learn more about the junction system and how it's going to help you. As you can see the game isn't as hard and challenging as you think. Sure there is a couple of hard and optional bosses but beside that it's really simple.

Music/Sound Effects 9/10
What can I say about the audio in the game? Well Final Fantasy 8 in my opinion has the best music of all! Sure there isn't a lot but there are some worth listening songs in the game. Like the song Liberi Fatali and Eyes on Me are one of the greatest songs I heard in any Final Fantasy games can be heard in this game. Now that I'm done with the music lets go to the sound effects. There isn't a lot of sound effects in the game. Most of them can be a little irritating once here over and over but not a lot. The only thing I think would make the audio perfect is that the characters can talk but I'm sure you'll see that in the upcoming Squaresoft games...

Final Notes
Overall I think Final Fantasy VIII is the second best game in the series. Don't know why everybody hates it but it's not that bad. Thanks for reading another one of my reviews and hope it helps.

Graphics: 10/10
Game Play: 8/10
Audio: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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