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"Underrated. The BEST Final Fantasy and the BEST Rpg. Who sayd FF7?"

A thing: if you hate Final Fantasy VIII and instead of, you love Final Fantasy VII, and you're aggressive and like flames, get out of here IMMEDIATELY...

I know I know...MANY people here hate Final Fantasy VIII and love Final Fantasy VII...or vice versa (and personally I'm on this last group). Final Fantasy VIII isn't more the basica ''Save the world!'' least, not only that! It's a deep and sweet love story between two characters...

Finally the graphics are REAL 3D....not the super deformed ones from Final Fantasy VII...and don't begin now to hate me...I'll say it on the final: I DON'T LIKE FINAL FANTASY VII AND I'VE MOTIVATIONS! IT CAN'T BE COMPARED TO THE BEST RPG OF EVER: FINAL FANTASY VIII.

Musics are a dream too, and so are battles and sound effects! All is well made: Squaresoft really has made the game of the videogame history. Except a bit for the graphic, it couldn't have been better, trust me.

But let's get into the game! You'll finally understand why Final Fantasy VIII is better than Final Fantasy VII (and it's TRUE)!

GRAPHICS: Mmm...better than Final Fantasy VII...the Final Fantasy IX ones had more pixels but was more animated...thus I think that Final Fantasy VIII has the better graphic. Hate me! I'm SAYING THAT FINAL FANTASY VIII HAS BETTER GRAPHICS...what an eresy...

Characters are finally tall and well-designed (sometimes, though, when they come near the screen, they may deform a bit...not too bad, though...). They move well and finally they've HANDS....think at Final Fantasy VII...

A good thing is that every character has its own type of weapon and they all look different (as Final Fantasy VII, though...). There are many types of weapons ... the main hero, Squall Leonhart, uses an hybrid betwenn a sword and a gun: the Gunblade (Gun - Blade): when you're hitting an enemy, you can press E (or R2 on the PSX) in order to perform a stronger hit! Nice!

Texts usually come in a green window with the name of the speaker, like other games. In the PC version you can download a patch so the font do not have pixels anymore. Sweet!

Battle effects are wonderful, especially the summons' (called Guardian Force in this game) ones...finally there are nearly 16 summons plus some secrets...there are many elemental types, all different, and there is a different summon for every type...unlucky there isn't the ''Dark'' type...they could have add it!

Overall, graphics are great! ESPECIALLY FMV! FMV are probably the best (not including Final Fantasy IX) you can see on the PC or the PSX! And don't tell me Final Fantasy VII had nice graphics because it's NOT TRUE. Believe me: if you are looking for a game with BEST graphics, and you can't decide between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, buy the VIII! It's definitely worth of it! 10/10

SOUNDS: Two words: a dream! Eyes on Me (the main song) is the best song you can hear in a videogame...tears will start to pour down, I'm sure...

Every time you step, you hear a....step noise and a good thing to notice is: only the leader will make a noise (yep this is the ONLY Final Fantasy where other members follow you in the field screen...not in the world map, though) but if the leader is a woman, the noise will be more sweet...nice touch!

The battle music is somehow strange but still good, and the boss one is simply wonderful!! All the other musics are great too! Uematsu really did a good job here!

There are approximately...6 battle musics (including the final boss.....) but they may be more because some normal musics can become a battle music...well, nice touch!

Sounds in FMV are even better than the ones in Final Fantasy IX: they're VERY realistic and well mixed up!

Overall: a marvelous job, again! Final Fantasy VII didn't have those wonderful tunes (though some were good)! 10/10

STORYLINE: The most ''human'' of all the Final Fantasy. This is no more the simple ''Save the World'' ... well, yes, you have to but basically the two main characters are living a love story...Squall Leonhart, the main hero, is cold and seems heartless...and when he encounter Rinoa Heartilly, sweet and others, he's confused because he don't understand anymore how is she, if he likes her and so on...

It's a deepest story, even, of a witch that can control people and lives in the future. Basically she wants to mix up past, present and future...and guess who have to stop her? :) It's very amusing seeing how Squall and Rinoa does interact: they each belong to a VERY different universe...

Squaresoft didn't make a funny Final Fantasy (with ''funny'' I mean with gags, comic scenes and others) though we'll smile sometimes, trust me! Instead of, Square did create a Final Fantasy with the best story, where finally heroes aren't like Superman or so ''We'll destroy you so the world will survive!!! You cannot beat us!!'' and so on...hey...hang on: this is the only Final Fantasy where the final boss is a woman! However I was saying: instead of being so, Squall and the others are a sort of ''Heroes, because they must''...they can't do anything else because their destiny is decided: they've chosen to go in this road and they have to follow it at the end. Squaresoft, please make another Final Fantasy with a WONDERFUL story, and don't make any more mistakes...please! 10/10

GAMEPLAY: Even here: the best! There aren't MP anymore (FINALLY!!! So I have no longer to buy those expensive ethers!!!) and there isn't anymore the Materia System (lucky). Instead of, there is the Junction System: if you don't ''equip'' a Guardian Force (like Final Fantasy VI) you cannot use commands like Magic, Draw and G.F.'ll only be able to attack physically.

So you have to equip a G.F. ... by doing so you can't only use the abilities above but also the ones the G.F. has learned...and the best point is that one character can equip more than a G.F. ! G.Fs. learn the ability where the pointer is (change it in the G.F. menu!) by gaining AP in battle.

You may ask: what's the ''Draw'' command? Well, as there aren't anymore MPs, with this command you can literally draw magic units from an enemy, like they are items. Then you can junction them to different places...maybe HP, in order to raise your life...the amount of HP increasing depends on the type of magic, and how many units of that magic you have! For example: 50 Cure will raise more the HP compared to 50 Fire! The best system ever created!

But you can't only attach magics to parameters! You can also attach it to your weapon, in order to give it an elemental attribute or a status change attribute...and you can give it to your defense (as there aren't armor and so on, Final Fantasy VII there were armor that saved you many where's the challenge)! Obviously, you can't attach elemental magics (like Fire) into Status slots, and vice versa!

Obviously there are levels, and, hear hear: you'll ALWAYS need 1000 Exp in order to gain one level! Nice! And another thing is: monsters grow stronger as you gain levels! That means that the stronger you are, the stronger monsters are! Great!

There are many special abilities besides Attack, Magic, Draw and G.F. ... but see them by yourself, it'll be more pleasant!

Overall it's the best system ever created by Squaresoft! 10/10

DIFFICULTY: Much, if you don't level up appropiatly! But even so, some monsters will grow stronger and this is always a challenge...well, if you want to spend some time, you can get at level 100 in the first disc but it wouldn't be funny anymore...9/10

REPLAY VALUE: Well there isn't really a Replay Value expect, like other RPGs, doing a second game by searching all the stuff from the beginning...9/10


A lot better than Final Fantasy VII (and don't hate me for this. It's TRUE ) are better, musics are better, the system is far the best in a RPG; character are GREATLY characterized (there is always a too-much-joyful one. Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII and Selphie in the VIII) and battle are amusing! What can you expect anymore from an RPG?

Final Fantasy VIII got the Platinum!! It really had to get it, not like some others games that got the platinum and aren't as nearly as good as Final Fantasy VIII...

Squaresoft was great by doing a PC version: there are better graphics than the PSX version and obviously I prefer the PC...

I bet that every FF7-lover that will read this, will send me flame the review carefully: I don't like Final Fantasy VII: It CAN'T STAND A CHANCE against the VIII, and read again the review, maybe you'll finally understand what I was trying to say for YEARS! Final Fantasy VIII is better than the VII! It's better in ANYTHING! And even the story! I don't think Cloud and Aeris (or Tifa) do love themselves, do they? Oh sorry I didn't get it...maybe they DO...but at least Square could say it...

BUY/RENT: Buy, of course!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/29/03

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