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Reviewed: 06/14/12

A decent port of the arcade classic

Sumner is a powerful wizard that has spent many years building a tower that houses portals that reach all over the realm of Gauntlet. Garm, Sumner's brother, wants to be the master of the realm, and he studies the black arts and learns of the Rune Stones. These Rune Stones are keys that can open portals to other worlds, and Garm gathers the Rune Stones and opens a path to the underworld releasing a demon named Skorne. Garm thought he could control Skorne, but Skorne breaks free and uses the portals in the tower to release his army on the lands. Skorne also seals up the realms using obelisks, and he shatters a window that is a portal to a cathedral which becomes his new hideout. Lastly Skorne scatters the thirteen Rune Stones across the land. Sumner returns to his tower to discover what has happened, and with the last of his magic he summons four heroes and opens up the mountain realm. The four heroes set out to recover the 13 Rune Stones and to defeat Skorne.

The story of Gauntlet Legends is good however there is very little story telling in the game. Most of it comes from the instruction booklet, talking to Sumner to learn of the history of the land, and a brief overview of the land once a new realm is opened.

The graphics look good however the camera is pulled back far enough that the minor details of the characters and enemies are not noticeable, and the animation is not bad. This port also contains the cut scenes from the arcade game, and they look great.

The music is phenomenal and catchy, and the sound effects are decent. There is voice acting, and Sumner's voice over is good however the other voice overs are okay. When the characters eat food they say "mmm", but it sound like they are moaning.

Controls are not bad, and they are simple to grasp. Gauntlet Legends does support the analog sticks, and it is highly suggested to use it. Using the D-Pad can lead to a sore thumb which did happen a few times for me.

Gauntlet Legends is a hack-and-slash, and there are four characters to choose from which are Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, and Archer. Each character is suppose to have their own strength however it is not that noticeable in this port and each character play the same, and the only major difference is cosmetic. There are also four bonus characters to play as once they are unlocked. Unlike the arcade game, this port only allows two players even though the multi-tap could allow up to four players.

The game play consists of killing enemies that range from large (Golems) to small (ankle biters), and most of them come from a generator. Destroying the generators will stop the enemies from endlessly appearing, but the generators will regenerate after some time which the PS1 version is the only port to have this. This game unfortunately makes this easy game even more easy, and sadly Gauntlet Legends only has one difficult which is very easy with the only real difficulty being the ankle biters which can be troublesome to hit and can land a lot of damage before dying.

Besides killing enemies there are items to collect like keys to open chests and doors, and there are Rune Stones to collection and Obelisks to activate to open up new realms. Gauntlet Legends has around thirty levels, and it also has 4 bonus levels that are exclusive to this port which become available after beating the game. The levels range from mountain, inside a volcano, cemetery, snowfields, castle, prison, and treasury. The levels each have their own look, but the levels were slightly altered. The dragon boss fight has the rocks removed, and the area is much smaller. Some of the later levels which are long are broken up into several sections that are separated by load screens.

The replay value consists of replaying the game with other characters, co-op, and bonus levels.

Gauntlet Legends is a solid game, and while is not the best port, it is still enjoyable.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Gauntlet Legends (US, 02/29/00)

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