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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

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                                       /       \
      Spoiler-free FAQ & Walkthrough  /         \  by Shotgunnova (Patrick Summers)
     _____ _   _ _____ _____ _____   /_____  __ _\     _____ _   _ _____ _    _
    |     | | | |     |  ___|_   _| /|_   _||  \ |\   |  ___| | | |     | |  | |
    | |Ż|_| |_| | |Ż| | |___  | |  /  _| |_ |    | \  | |___| |_| | |Ż|_| |  | |
    | |   |     | | | |___  | | | /  |_____||_\__|  \ |___  |     | |__ | |  | |
    | |[ŻŻ| |Ż| | | | |_  | | | |/  |ŻŻŻŻŻ|Ż|Ż|ŻŻŻ|  \ _  | | |Ż| |  _/ | |  | |
    | |_| | | | | |_| | |_| | | |    Ż| |Ż|   |  Ż|   | |_| | | | | |___| |__| |__
    |_____|_| |_|_____|_____| |_|     | | | | |  Ż|   |_____|_| |_|_____|____|____|
    __________________________/        Ż   Ż Ż ŻŻŻ      \__________________________
        I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
       II. TIPS N' TRICKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TPST
      III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT
           01) An Assault ................................................... WK01
           02) Black Water .................................................. WK02
           03) Firecracker .................................................. WK03
           04) Chase I ...................................................... WK04
           05) An Invisible Shadow .......................................... WK05
           06) Chase II ..................................................... WK06
           07) Villains Lurking in the City ................................. WK07
           08) The Encounter in the Darkness ................................ WK08
           09) Wormwood ..................................................... WK09
           10) Cutting of the Central Nerve ................................. WK10
           11) Push Up from the Bottom! ..................................... WK11
           12) The Darkest Hour is That Before the Dawn ..................... WK12
       IV. MOVIE LIST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MVLS
        V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
       VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
      VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT
    I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                           _____         |  |         _____
          L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <- R2 BUTTON
          L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <- R1 BUTTON
                        /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                       / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <- TRIANGLE BUTTON
      DIRECTIONAL --> | |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  |_|   (_)| <- CIRCLE BUTTON
          PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <- X BUTTON
                      /            ____        ____            \
                     /            /    \      /    \            \
                    (            (      ) __ (      )            )
                     \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                      \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                       \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                                  (L3)          (R3)
     Ghost in the Shell is not compatable with the DualShock analog controls. Any
     unused button is unlisted below.
      ___________ _______________________________________________________________
     | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
     | D-Pad     | Movement control                                              |
     | Start     | Un/pause game or skip cutscenes                               |
     | Select    | Toggle first-person or third-person POV                       |
     | Circle    | Launches grenade (if able; 3 max)                             |
     | Square    | Fire machine guns / Hold down and release for lock-on missile |
     | Triangle  | 'Cancel' button for menus                                     |
     | X-Button  | Jump button / Releases fuchikoma when stuck on walls/ceiling  |
     | L1 Button | Strafes left                                                  |
     | L2 Button | Strafes left                                                  |
     | R1 Button | Strafes right                                                 |
     | R2 Button | Strafes right                                                 |
     An additional maneuver is dashing forward, using the speed of strafing in a
     non-lateral way. To do this, hold both the left/right strafe buttons (idles)
     and use the d-pad to move.
    II. TIPS N' TRICKS                                                       [TPST]
     Here's the ol' tip emporium. Like usual, if any reader has some good ones to
     chip in, I'll stick 'em here with full credit. Aww yeahh.
     • GRENADES: These things are great for taking out mundane enemies but they
       can really help cut a boss down to size. Some of the later ones have some
       annoying tricks up their sleeves and this can even the odds a small bit.
     • DASHING: Strafing is great but dashing is its mastery. By holding both of
       the strafe buttons and moving normally at high speeds, the fuchikoma can
       quickly move in any direction; add in jumping to the mix and it's a lot
       easier to react to enemy attacks. This is especially useful in corridors
       or other cramped spaces where foes can get ambushes on slow-movers.
     • KNOW YOUR ENEMY: No, not the Rage Against the Machine song. Enemies come
       in all shapes and sizes, and knowing their attack patterns is just smart
       thinking. Human enemies typically have lateral trajectories while mechs
       may have that and missile-lobbing abilities.     _________________________
    ___________________________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
    01) An Assault [Bay Area]                                                [WK01]
                Warehouse             T = Target (Fuchikoma)
       _____________|_____________    E = Energy Pack
      |      T  |______|          |   G = Grenade
      | -                         |   - = Random Obstacles
      | -  |ŻŻ|          _    _   |
      | -  |  |   |ŻŻ| T| |  |G|  |  The warehouse in the bay area can't be
      |     ŻŻ    |__|  |E|  |_|  |  infiltrated without first collecting the four
      |           _      Ż        |  keycodes held by enemy fuchikoma (spider-leg
      |   |Ż|    |E|  |Ż|_|Ż|     |  robots) patrolling the environs. Other foes
      |   |_|     Ż    Ż| |Ż      |  in the area are foot soldiers who fire
      |                  Ż        |  exploding pellets, white fuchikoma who have
      |  |Ż|  |Ż| T|Ż| - G - |Ż|  |  machineguns and missile pods, and enemy
      |  |_|  |_|  |_| - T - |_|  |  choppers who have chainguns. For the latter,
      |   START                   |  grenades work best and take 'em down quick.
     The general strategy is to ambush the enemies from the roof, which minimizes
     the chance of damage and can usually let the Major's fuchikoma get away scot-
     -free. Just be careful to fire from the roof, as crawling down walls will
     totally screw up the trajectory, and may alert lower enemies.
     BOSS: Giant Robot
     It will spin around on the ground level with a giant beam extended, which can
     be avoided by jumping or climbing on the wall. Its thermo-optic camouflage
     When its health is heavily lowered, it may shoot missiles concurrently with
     a stream of live rounds. Strafing can avoid both rather easily. Make sure to
     be firing upon it constantly while doing so, since it's not the most agile
     of foes.
    02) Black Water [The Sewer]                                              [WK02]
      /ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ\       _         E = Energy Pack
     / /|_____ \     /G/        G = Grenade
    / /   |Ż| \ \   /E/
    \ \___| |  \ \_/ /          This map contains smaller corridors and a new
     \____  |   \   /           enemy element: ceiling types. As we've seen, the
    Start-| |    ) (-Shaft      fuchikoma can crawl up anything tangible, and the
       _  |_|    | |            missile pods on the ceiling can only be shot by
      |E|__      | |            strafing up a wall and taking 'em head-on. Other
      |  _ \_____| |            than that, watch out for proximity mines stuck to
      | | \______  |            walls and floors -- an automatic lock-on serves as
      | |        | |            the identifier. Standing in the sewage actually
      | |        |G|            pushes the mech forward some, so staying on the
      | |____    |Ż|            sidewalk works well.
      |  ___ \___| |
      |_|   \____  |            In one of the path "elbows," a dead end leads to a
               __| |__          grenade/health refill; an elevator shaft there
              |E ___  |         leads further in, and the mech switches to night
             _| |___|_|         vision. Note that down here, there's not enough
            |E        |         room to hide on the ceiling, so it'll be harder to
             ŻŻŻŻŻ| |Ż          evade rounds (so use element of surprise if y'can).
             _____| |_          
            |G        | Shaft   Toward the bottom, when night vision deactivates,
             ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ) ( /       the twisting room has a few missile-firing copter
              _____/   \__      robots, and it can be hard to get a bead on 'em
             |____________|     with all the pipery, so take care. Luckily, some
                                energy packs are scattered around the area, so use
     grenades if needed. Follow the path to the huge shaft, and on the descent...
     BOSS: Tunnel Mech
     This 4-legged robot has set up shop in the sewer system, and has a laser
     like the first boss. Evasion can sometimes be done simply by strafing along
     the wall, but if it gets close enough, prepare to jump -- it's rather hard-
     -hitting. Its auxiliary attacks include flamethrowers at close-range and
     missiles at long-range, so mid-range is the "butter zone" overall. Protip:
     when jumping make sure you're flat on the ground; if you jump on the wall,
     you simply hit the next angle and fall right into the laser's path!
    03) Firecracker [The Complex]                                            [WK03]
            _________________ __________
           |   ___________   | ****     |
           |                   []G|**[] |
           |       []*[]  |  | _____    |_____
           |  |    []*[]***  |  * *           |  S = Starting Point
           | GE** *[] [] **  |    |*   *|     |  * = Explosive Barrel
           |   **E*     _ |  | |* |* G *|  [] |  E = Energy Pack
           |* * *            | |*        _____|  G = Grenade
     ______|ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  Ż| |  |S|   |
    |      |  [*]   []***    |    | |   |
    | BOSS   ***____ *   /  *|__________|  AREA 1: 14 Bombs  
    |______| ŻŻŻ**** *  /*  *|             AREA 2: 16 Bombs (2 up high)
           |    ŻŻŻŻ     **  |             AREA 3: 18 Bombs (2 up high, 1 inside)
           |    [] G E []    |             
     This mission entails finding bombs, disguised as red oil drums, and trashing
     them before they level everything in a ten-kilometer radius. They can be
     neutralized like any normal target, although they explode so don't stand too
     close or anything. Once all of the barrels in one area are complete, the
     adjacent one can be entered as well as the player getting an additional 60s
     to the countdown. As for enemies, there are cyborgs with RPGs and fuchikoma
     types that have missile batteries attached -- nothing a little evasive
     maneuvers can't get rid of.
     The first area is rather simple: all barrels are at ground level and the
     enemies aren't that plentiful. Most also come in pairs of two or clusters of
     four, which is also good. The 2nd area is more of the same generally: 14 of
     the explosives are clustered on the ground but two are on one of the 5F
     constructs. The third area is much of the same, but has one barrel in a far
     west building and two on a strut.
     BOSS: Crimson Mech
     This large boss can shoot its machine-gun, create auxiliary targets to screw
     around with Togusa, and pop off some green laser bursts. So why compress all
     that into one sentence? Because unlike the previous bosses, this one has no
     all-encompassing attack to plan around. Simply going counterclockwise around
     it can evade all its firepower. Just aim for one of its legs and steer well,
     and it's possible to come out unscathed.
    04) Chase I [On the Sea]                                                 [WK04]
     In a break from the norm, this mission finds Togusa's fuchikoma riding a li'l
     boat in pursuit of a fleeing target. However, the bay is soon rockin' with a
     lot of gunfire, given off by (1) enemy jetskis firing rockets (2) flying
     mechs with normal shooting (3) enemy boats that use laser beams, aiming for
     some contact damage. Typically, the only way to avoid the RPG shells and
     the lasers are to jump up. [Turning on a boat is slow, but jump-turning can
     really correct the line of fire, so do that if required.]
     Now, the boat Togusa rides on is constantly in motion, so fleet-footed
     evasion isn't really possible here -- all it does is move side-to-side widely.
     Add in the fact that there's no turning around, this level's almost on rails.
     The laser-dodging part really comes into play when the boat maneuvers betwixt
     two frigates -- perfect ambush spot!
     One good thing about this level is that, if you can dodge the current foes,
     they end up falling behind, so there's no "enemy stacking," just errant
     pursuit parties. Yay!
     BOSS: Escaping Boat & Cohorts
     After a small period of inactivity, the fleeing craft and its escorting
     allies show up. The cohorts' machine-gun bursts can be evaded by jumping
     but the explosive shells lobbed at Togusa will always hit their mark without
     steering the boat. Taking out the escorts first is very helpful, not to
     mention bagging one gives an extra 0:45 to the clock. The white-colored boss
     can (1) fire its machine-gun up close (2) fire homing rockets, which happen
     to be easily evadable for some reason (3) drop explosive mines into the
     water, damaging Togusa if he's riding the boat's wake. Win by destroying the
     craft before the timer runs out.
     If you're having a hard time beating the boss because of damage incurred
     before then, don't steer the boat whatsoever -- that y'can just focus on
     jump-evading shells and lasers.
    05) An Invisible Shadow [The Old City]                                   [WK05]
          __ ______________________
         |##| |######| |#######|   |  # - Building
         |##| |######|  __   __    |  E - Energy Pack
         |##| |###|ŻŻ  |##| |##|  _|  G - Grenade
         |##|  ŻŻŻ  E2 |##| |##| |#|  * - Starting Point
         |##|    _______ŻŻ ____  |#|  
     ____|##| E_|#######| |###E| |#|  The fleeing culprit in question has thermo-
    |    |##| |######|ŻŻ__ Ż|##|  Ż|  -optic camouflage, making him invisible to
    | 5   __  |----|Ż    E  |##| 1 |  the naked eye. The goal of this map is to
    |____|##| |####|   ŻŻŻ  |##|  _|  chase the cyborg around the city's ruins,
         |##|  ŻŻŻŻ__3  __  |##| |#|  fighting him, making him flee, and repeating
         |##|     |##|G|##| |##|  Ż|  (five times). It's essentially one drawn-out
         |##|  4  |##|E|##| |##| * |  boss fight. The assailant has a few attacks
         |##|_____|##|_|##|_|##|___|  to mention: (1) bumrushing the fuchikoma and
          ŻŻ       ŻŻ   ŻŻ   ŻŻ       doing a blue-tinted explosion; evade by
     going in the direction the enemy ran from (2) shooting arc-shaped projectiles
     (3) jumping in the air and trying to hit the fuchikoma with a tiny shockwave.
     The first listed is the most common, while the third is only seen during the
     final encounter in the west vacant lot. Strafing around helps considerably
     in that stretch, but the other four showdowns often have minor enemies that
     serve as annoyances.
     Said baddies in the vicinity are RPG-carrying cyborgs, bipedal machine-gun
     mechs, and missile battery fuchikomas. These can all be disposed of rather
     easily if the element of surprise is involved, particularly because they'll
     have to turn around, aim, etc. Don't forget that some overhead planes do a
     bombing run every so often, so get out of that trajectory!
    06) Chase II [The Speedway]                                              [WK06]
     As its name implies, this is another "special" map-on-rails like the one
     two chapters ago. As such, the fuchikoma will always be forward-moving and
     evasion typically only goes left to right, plus the whole spinning around
     thing. Enemies in this map include:
     - Helicopter (small streams of machine-gun shells)
     - Quick Tank (small streams of machine-gun shells)
     - Attack Jeep (small streams of machine-gun shells)
     - Motorcyclist (small-arms fire; green missile arc upon death)
     There's not much maneuvering room in the entrenched highways, so jumping will
     be the extra dimension needed to salvage some health. Most enemies simply
     shoot streams of bullets/shells that can be avoided by strafing and jumping
     occasionally. The motorcyclist can shoot missiles for some reason, and when
     killed, often has a "death counter" of spreading out many in a fan-shaped
     string from its wreckage. Basically, jump over or pass its rubble to bypass
     nasty, unneeded damage.
     After the first tunnel, when the fuchikoma gets to the coastal highway, it's
     very easily to lose shield energy because the enemies swamp from both sides!
     Watch the minimap to see where the vehicles are inbound from, and don't get
     caught in a pincer attack! There are some health refills here but they have
     to be snatched in stride or they don't do any good -- keep yer eyes peeled.
     NOTE: If you ignore helicopters long enough, they hit overcrops/embankments
           and die anyway!
    BOSS: Semi Mech/Laser Gunner [1:00]
     Following the uneventful 2nd tunnel (with health/grenade refills), there'll
     be a new highway portion and a semi that pulls ahead of the fuchikoma. When
     it pulls ahead, the roofing blows off to reveal a mech waiting to chew up our
     boy Togusa! Its main attack is bashing the highway, and if Togusa hits any
     of those potholes, it's damage! Evasion typically entails shooting from the
     side the mech isn't aligned with, then strafing to the other side (jumping
     the fiery potholes) and repeating. Using a grenade will destroy the foolish
     automaton easily, though. [+0:30 awarded for defeating]
     After the first boss is destroyed, the remaining one shows up: this one has
     a green laser running across the path always, AND it can also shoot streams
     of projectiles as well. Togusa'll have to do doubletime to get out safely,
     that's for sure. Just remember that most damage in this segment stems from
     hastily driving, so curb that tendency a bit and y'might get through easier.
     Of course, grenades also help this portion... [Also +0:30 for beating.]
     FINALLY, only the semi itself will be left. This one shoots missiles from
     its back, stops temporarily, and repeats. When damaged enough, it will come
     to a full stop (the fuchikoma can hit its rear bumper and be damaged!) which
     allows Togusa to get to the other end. It can shoot streams of bullets from
     its headlights for some reason, but it's nothing jump-strafing can't evade.
     Keep up the work and eventually it'll blow up -- hooray!
    07) Villains Lurking in the City [The City]                              [WK07]
          __   __
      ___|##|_|##|___   E = Energy Pack
     |  _EG_  _   _  |  G = Grenade Update
     | |*||#||#| |#| |  ! = Starting Location
     |  Ż  Ż |#|E|#| |  * = Target Location
     |  __ + __   _  |  + = Boss Location
     | |#*| |#E| |#| |  # = Building
     |  ŻŻ   ŻŻ   Ż  |  = = Overpass
     |  _   __   __  |  Hitting up the nightlife in this city can be deadly, as
     | |#| |##| |G#| |  the enemies are out en masse and ready for blood! Some of
     |  Ż   ŻŻ ! ŻŻ *|  the previous level's foes -- helicopter, tank -- are found
      ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   again, while the missile battery/machine-gun fuchikoma also
     reappear. The only truly new addition is a red spider-like mech that's often
     found clamped to the buildings' sheer faces. This one can jump around and
     fire quick laser bursts, and trying to encircle it like the others can be a
     little more annoying since it corrects its trajectory easier than the player.
     The targets are large laser-shooting tripods (2 street-level, 2 on roofs) and
     are easily taken down themselves, just by continuous shooting while dodging
     their beams. [The cohorts can be more annoying, though.]
     BOSS: Bomb Mech
     When the four targets are defeated, the northern thoroughfare becomes the
     site of the level's final battle. The mech may look similar to previous ones
     but it's armed with explosives. Its attacks are (1) a flamethrower attack at
     close- to mid-range (2) a bombdrop at close-range (3) a bombdrop at midrange
     (4) a random-firing bombdrop at close- or mid-range (5) a burst of laserfire
     at mid-range (6) a jump-and-pound attack that produces a large shockwave.
     Yeah, that's a lot of attacks, although the explosions are just a variation
     of a single tech. The easiest times to strike are during the flamethrower or
     laserburst, and that's the best time to use grenades. The explosions are
     often combo'd in this order: close -> mid -> random. Beware of a suction-like
     effect when the combo starts, and be sure to jump around a bit to increase
     the chance of evading.
    08) The Encounter in the Darkness [Underground City]                     [WK08]
           (ŻŻŻŻŻ)            E = Energy Pack
           | END |            G = Grenade
           (_   _)            * = Starting Point
            _| |_
           |     |______      This level is fairly simple for an basement complex,
           |      _____E\     but it's still frought with peril! The big enemies
           |_____|     \ \    from the city are gone now, and tinier enemies can
                      |Ż  Ż|  be found now. Some human types (either firing
         _       _    |    |  explosive shells or running with a poleaxe) appear
        |G|     |G|   |_  _|  a lot more, and tiny floating robots make up the
     _|Ż   Ż|_|Ż   Ż|___) )   other half of the force -- these shoot three
    |E       _          G/    forget-and-fire missiles or tiny laser bursts.
     Ż|_   _| |_   _|ŻŻŻŻ
       _| |____ | |_          The boss at the end will pretty much require a good
      |____   _||  E|         strategy, so come in with grenades and health full!
           | |   ŻŻŻ          There's plenty of spots along the way to get 'em,
           |*|                so don't waste any cohorts with the good stuff. [A
            Ż                 good tip is to crawl on ceilings to escape humans!]
     BOSS: Quick Fuchikoma
     This can be the hardest boss fight so far if y'don't know what to do! It's
     repertoire is (1) a quick strafe-to-machinegun combo, which it often repeats
     (2) two or three forget-and-fire explosive shells (3) sending out a bunch of
     floating pulse bombs that fly toward the player. When tackling its strafing
     attacks, the best thing is to jump over its fire, pop off a few shots, and
     repeat -- this dodges the machinegun and shells rather easily. The pulsebomb
     portion is probably the most annoying, and it can be compounded by going on
     the walls or ceiling. Why? Because the boss can also go invisible after a
     while and climb on the wall, which makes dodging the pulsebombs rather hard!
     Note that if the boss is on the floor, strafe-jumping can dodge most of the
     attack but coming from a different angle, it can be difficult to escape the
     homing function. As long as y'don't get nickel-and-dimed by the machinegun
     attacks, the pulsebomb stuff shouldn't be a death knell.
    09) Wormwood [Aeropolis II/Geofront]                                     [WK09]
       _______   __________   _____
      |_   _ 1| |          | |  4  |
        | | |_| |    EG| 2 | | END |
     ___| |___  |1|ŻŻŻŻ| EE| |_____|
    |E      EG|  Ż      ŻŻŻ
     ŻŻŻ| |ŻŻŻ     _______    * - Starting Point
     ___| |___    |      3|   E - Energy Pack
    |E       G|   |     |Ż    G - Grenade
     ŻŻŻ| |ŻŻŻ    |  2  |     # - Connected Elevator (1-way)
     ___| |_____  |_____|
    |GE    _    |  ________   This is the first multi-segment level, and luckily,
     ŻŻŻ|_| |   | |4      3|  it's not a brain twister. The first floor is the
            |_  |  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   largest, having a bunch of anterooms containing a
              |*|             grenade/energy pack and maybe an enemy guarding 'em.
               Ż              The real elevator is past all these, around a corner
     to the north. This leads to a small cargo bay with more tanks and flying
     mechs, nothing new overall. Adjacent to there is a large shaft that leads
     down to the third area, which is just a large room with little to do inside.
     From there, the 4th room is a long elevator ride, with flying mechs trying to
     defeat the fuchikoma. When two come in at once, perhaps waste a grenade to
     avoid unnecessary damage. From there, going to the final room is a cinch.
     BOSS: Control Sticks (Reactor)
     Around the reactor is a protective barrier, and to deactivate it, one must
     destroy the eight control sticks surrounding it. They have no means of attack
     themselves but the reactor's guard system will fire green laserbeams to
     complicate the assault. Dodging them is easy at first but when there's only 1
     or two left, multiple lasers and a suction-like effect into the barrier field
     (which inflicts additional damage) comes into play, making it rather easy to
     fail. Defeating a control stick gives +0:20 to the initial 1-minute timer, so
     that part isn't really an issue. Try to save grenades for the crucial last
     few to expedite the destruction, and remember to strafe away from the suction
     effect to avoid any nasty spills. [There's also some lightning bolts coming
     from near the last few control sticks as well, so don't get too close either;
     yeah, it's really hectic.]
    10) Cutting of the Central Nerve [Aeropolis II/The Central Floor]        [WK10]
          |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|       |    E|                    To Boss
       ___|G|ŻŻŻŻŻ| |       | |ŻŻŻ___|Ż|Ż|Ż|___|ŻŻŻŻŻ|_/
      |  _ Ż    |   |       | |__|  _       ___        |
      | | |Ż|_____| |       |  ____| |_|_|_|   |_____|Ż
      | | |___   ___|       | |_____
     _| |_    | |___        |_____  |                      E: Energy Pack
    |_   _|   |    E|             | |_______               G: Grenade
     _| |_     Ż| |Ż              |        G|              #: Connected Elevator
    |G   _|   |Ż   Ż|             | |ŻŻŻŻŻ|_|_________     *: Starting Point
     Ż| |_     Ż| |Ż              |   |    _ _       _|
    |Ż   E|   |Ż _|___     _____  | |_____|E|_| |Ż| |
     Ż| |ŻŻŻŻŻ|_   ___|___|     | |_________|_   Ż  |
      |_    1 | *  _  |  _   G  |             | |ŻŻŻŻŻ|_
        |_____|___| |___| |_____|             |_       1|
     This level is very easy if you're cautious, annoying if you're running in
     rambo-style. Because of all the tiny alcoves and passages, most of which
     have flamethrower cyborgs or such, it's easy to get the fuchikoma's health
     skewered by carelessness. Pay attention to the minimap! The white dots are
     the enemies hiding nearby, remember. Speaking of which, there are two new
     types of enemies here -- a white tripedal robot and a tiny, red floating
     ball that shoots lasers. These can be killed like the others but there's a
     special note: when they explode, the player can be damaged! Shoot from afar
     to ignore that red "aura" explosion.
     As far as getting around this place, driving on the ceiling can typically
     make the many ambush corridors easier to stomach. If you know where to go,
     strafing can cut the time getting around in half! Since there's not too many
     health pickups, this may even be preferable.
     BOSS: Dual Mechs
     There are two bosses here! Both are the same type of beast, though. Basically
     they just fly around and fire either (1) arcing missiles (2) bouncy fireballs
     (3) an explosion around one of the mechs, with a fiery shockwave. There's not
     much strategy here except sniping a few shots on one (or using grenades) and
     backing off. Whatever one does, keep both in eyesight so they lose the chance
     to get potshots off. Since there's no time limit, feel free to take it slower
     than normal if necessary. Driving on the ceiling helps a lot here, making one
     invulnerable to the explosion/fireball attacks, but may make a mech use its
     green laser-cutter strike more often (back off if it strafes closer).
    11) Push Up from the Bottom! [Aeropolis II/The Duct]                     [WK11]
     Another straightforward level. Enemies from the last level are thrown in
     again, plus some proximity mines later on. The first navigable portion is a
     carpark that must be ascended -- some tanks and alcove gunners are here, but
     there's enough clearance to maneuver here, so nothing too special. Upwards,
     an empty elevator shaft has some proximity mines but leads to a horizontal
     duct to enter.
     Following along, there'll be another empty elevator shaft to navigate. This
     one has a new barnacle-like enemy, attached to the vertical slope and able
     to drop bomblets downwards. At the top of the shaft, the nearby corridor'll
     lead to...
     BOSS: Dreadnought
     This fat robot actually packs quite a punch, and its large arsenal testifies
     to its ability: (1) five blue orbs with semi-homing function (2) scattershot
     laserfire (3) horizontally-shot arc projectiles (4) semi-homing missiles.
     Most of these can be avoided by timed jump-strafing, and using the slope to
     one's advantage helps as well. When 66% of its health is gone, it explodes
     to reveal a spiderlike mech inside. This one shoots tiny salvos of missiles
     and retains the scattershot laserfire attack.
    12) The Darkest Hour is That Before the Dawn [Aeropolis II/The Rooftop]  [WK12]
     The final mission is also pretty straightforward, like the last one. Starting
     on an outer rim of the giant tower, the night air is a fresh change from the
     building interiors. Proximity mines, cyborgs, blue laserballs, missile battery
     fuchikoma, and a helicopter can all be found out here, as well as ample health
     and grenade refills. Not too hard! At the end garage door, an open shaft is
     jutting over the building's side -- dawdle here and it's a long fall to yer
     death. [NOTE: Ignoring all the enemies/pickups in this first portion can be
     very helpful time-wise, and you can still end up with full grenades along
     the way.]
     However, looking down the sheer face one can easily die on, take note of the
     3 brown platforms. Overlooking the pit, climb on the ceiling and use this to
     get to the exterior, where some proximity mines and a helicopter are waiting.
     Past some laserballs, we reach the fabled "Annoying 3-Jump Course" that all
     players come to dread -- this part's rightside-up though. This part isn't so
     bad unless you try to jump to the first platform from the landing; instead,
     crawl down the vertical face a bit to find half of a platform and jump from
     there. Use whatever space to get a running start, and make sure to aim for
     the platform and not the cable structure holding them up! Upon getting to the
     third and final platform, jump to one of the walls nearby and recover from
     Past there, there's a large gap to bridge with an abyss in the middle. The
     best way to do this is to hold both strafe buttons and forward on the d-pad,
     which will give the strafe's necessary speed boost without the zig-zagging.
     From here, it's pretty easy to reach the ending elevator, which takes the
     fuchikoma up to the...
     BOSS: Rooftop Supermech
     The final boss can be pretty powerful, and even grenades don't take off that
     much health (although y'want to use them anyway). This sucker's got a few
     moves up his sleeve: (1) a giant shockwave executed quickly (2) an arcing
     burst of missiles (3) a laser-like sword attack done in front of him (4) a
     dual machine-gun attack from its chestplate (5) a very fast fragmenting
     fan-shaped projectile from up close. It's rather easy to dodge most of the
     slower attacks, but the sword and fragmenting attacks can really be damaging
     so keep one's distance! There's no timer so pick away at the thing, if only
     to avoid redoing the platforming portions. [Be careful about getting behind
     the mech -- it seems like a smart tactic but it may actually screw up the
     camera a bit and let the boss get in some low blows in succession.]
     BUT, it isn't over after its shields are down. The 2nd portion has the duo
     in a freefall with 1 minute to impact (yes, the tower's that high). As soon
     as the portion starts, strafe RIGHT to avoid its first attack and use up the
     grenade reserves for a quick pick-me-up. Since the camera is screwing around
     during the plummet, add in a few jumps to avoid its machine-gun fire, the
     last remaining attack it has. Since the fuchikoma's health is the same as
     in the first portion of the fight, don't pull any punches!
              _________          _______    _______  _        ______   _ 
              \__   __/|\     /|(  ____ \  (  ____ \( (    /|(  __  \ ( )
                 ) (   | )   ( || (    \/  | (    \/|  \  ( || (  \  )| |
                 | |   | (___) || (__      | (__    |   \ | || |   ) || |
                 | |   |  ___  ||  __)     |  __)   | (\ \) || |   | || |
                 | |   | (   ) || (        | (      | | \   || |   ) |(_)
                 | |   | )   ( || (____/\  | (____/\| )  \  || (__/  ) _ 
                 )_(   |/     \|(_______/  (_______/|/    )_)(______/ (_)
    IV. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                           [FAQZ]
     [Q] - MISSION 12: How do I do the platforming section?
     [A] - The part where the fuchikoma must jump to the three suspended platforms
           causes undue stress if one jumps from the landing -- simply, you'll lose
           every time. Instead, go down the wall vertically to find a tiny half-
           -ledge and jump to the 1st full platform from there. Then, after getting
           to the third one, jump to the far wall. This is done easiest by holding
           both strafe buttons and moving forward, which will give the extra speed
           boost without zig-zagging off into the abyss.
     [Q] - How do I unlock the special picture of Mokoto?
     [A] - Play through the entire game (12 levels in succession) without dying
     [Q] - How do I unlock the videos?
     [A] - The first one is open by default, #2-7 are unlocked during campaign,
           and #8-17 are unlocked in Training. To get most of the training videos,
           simply get different ranks (i.e. let time run out/die in certain areas);
           others require beating the training boss with a certain amount of health
           remaining. The cheat to open all videos is: R2, R1, [], [], U, D, [],
           [], R2, R2.
    V. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                                [UPDT]
     1-13-09 -----------------------------------+ Started guide
     6-15-09 -----------------------------------+ Finally finished this sucker
    THANKS TO...
     • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my whatevers
     • The GITS Gamefaqs board, for being zany and fun
     • The GITS anime, for being plum awesome and cerebral
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