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"If you don't like it, shut up while I play"

Alright everyone knows that the anime is extremely good and few people would disagree when I say that it was one of the best ever created. Second only to Akira or maybe even Vampire Hunter D. (Or at least in my own opinion.) Ok, now that I have established those facts. Just imagine that you had just seen the Ghost in the Shell anime and a few minutes afterwards your best friend sitting next to you says, ''Yeah, they even made a game after it, but it sucks big time.'' Considering that this guy is your best friend you just take his word for it and never even play the game. Until one day there is nothing worth renting up at the Blockbuster around the corner and you decide What the Hell? why not? And then you take it home and it is an incredible game that shameless to say was returned to the video store only after I had found it for sale about two months later.. One helluva late fee, but it was worth it.. Alright well now that I have babbled on about my own personal experience with the game, I figure I'll actually tell you my opinion of the game and why..

Gameplay - 10 - The controls are pretty simple with the exception of the fact that the missiles and the machine gun share the same button.. But that only takes a few times through the training mission to master. The Missions are, for the most part, the same 'Find badguy, Destroy badguy' type that you would find in almost every other game in it's genre. But then you have ones like Mission 3 where you have to destroy a butt-load of bombs before you run out of time and then you have Mission 4 where you are on a 'high-speed aquatic hydrofoil' with limited player-controlled movement and your targets just approach you from different sides while you blow the living crap out of them. The bosses are mostly the same except for Mission 9 where you have to destroy a number of immobile, harmless targets.. Sounds easy, doesn't it? The only catch is that you have lasers shooting at you from the ceiling and when you destroy them they just come right back to shoot at you again..

Story - 8 - Alright, it's realy simple.. Ok, you are a rookie Fuchikoma pilot by the name of Togusa. You fight alongside Motoko Kusanagi and Batou in a covert assault organization called Section 9, which is lead by a man about whom very little is known, Aramaki. Your mission is to stop the forthcoming terrorist activity lead by a new sect calling themselves the ''Human Liberation Line''. Might seem a little bit confusing to some but to people such as myself thats as simple as it gets..

Graphics - 9 - Considering that this game was released in 1997 it has extremely good graphics. The cinema graphics are simply beautiful and the in-game leave a little bit to be desired, but hey this is Playstation, not Playstation 2! Of course they aren't going to be the stunning graphics of games like Zone of the Enders or anything.

Sound - 10 - There isn't much I can really say about the sound, but the most important thing is that if you don't like it shut up and turn the volume off.. Loser..

Replayability - 7 - Alright so I didn't play it but one time through, but that one time took a long time. This is a very spectacular game, but at the same time it was an extremely difficult game that will without a doubt take a few tries to make it past some of the levels a for your first time through this game.

If you ever see this game for sale or even rent, I'd say to go for it, just don't blow too much money on it unless you've played it and like it. Cause I know that everyone hates it when they buy a game because somebody else said it was really really good and then they hate it. It's just a waste of money.. And I wouldn't suggest something as senile as that..

Final Thoughts - 9 - Very good game and I think that everyone who was or is a fan of the anime should at least give this game a few days of trial..

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/18/01, Updated 04/18/01

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