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Reviewed: 08/21/01 | Updated: 07/12/02

One of the best action games on PSX!

Ghost in the shell is a game based on the movie and comic books of the same name. Unlike most film/comic book to game conversions, this one is not just a cheap cash in and is actually fun to play.

Graphics: 9 The in game graphics themselves are good, not great but they do the job. The reason I gave this catagory 9 was that this game has amazing hand drwan anime from the creator of the movie, and it is just amazing. In fact one of the reasons why most will try to complete this game is to unlock all the anime sequences that can the be watched again later.

Sound: 10 There is voice acting in this game and it is very well done. The voices are all in english, and are acted quiet well. They even kept the same voice actors from the movie. The in game sound effect are just as good, but i think the sound of the grenades needs to have a bit more power to it. The music is okay, and its all techno type stuff. nothing that will stick in your head or annoy you though.

Story: 9 the best way to describe this game is as an interactive anime. The story is hard to follow, but not as confusing as the movie, which you had to watch like three times before it made any sense. I'd rather not give away the story, but i will say this, it involves all the main characters from the movie.

Gameplay: 8 In this game the whole of section 9 (the organisation you work for) has been equpied with fuchikomas, spider tanks. The allow you to walk up almost any surface, and even hang upside down. Those familiar with the comic will recognise them. Another cool feature is that one mission has you speeding along a highway, along a predetermnined route shooting at enemies along the way. it adds some variety to it all and is lots of fun. The only problem is that in the last level it involves a series of jumps, and if you slightly miscalculate one, you die, which gets very frustrating. I have seen too many game start off excellent and then end with cr*p like this and that's why iv'e lowered the score by two points. If you can put up with this then add an extra 2 points. otherwise...

Replayability: 4 although you'll want to unlock all the extra video clips, there isn't much to this game, and it is quiet short.

Rent or Buy? This game is not for everyone, and I would suggest a try before you buy approach.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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