Review by MobileSuitGundam

Reviewed: 06/08/04

Just as good as the movie!

Ghost in the Shell is a 1 player 1st/3rd person fast paced shooter.

This is based on the movie and manga which I might add is pretty good. This is a very interesting game not to mention innovative too. This game holds more virtues to the manga than the movie but it does have the movie elements.

Controls: 10
The controls are very simple and fun to use. I really can't complain or comment much about the controls but say that they are excellent and easy to use. Although there is one small require fast fingers.

Sounds: 8
The sounds are wonderful. From firing your machine guns to the hovering sounds you make when you do a full dash. The music is ok but gets kinda annoying in my view.

Graphics: 7
The graphics isn't that wonderful but they are good. Its still polygon like and at times (very rarely) glitchy. But this is redeemed by the anime you can watch from the beginning of the game and in between each level.

Game Play: 6
Like I said this game is fast pace. And I really mean it. This game zooms right through the levels but at times take time to complete. By zooming through the levels and taking out each boss quickly.....this game can end in about 2 hrs or more. There is almost no replay values which is the big downer for it. This is probably the lowest scored category for this game.

Story: 8
You play as a rookie who is the newest member in Section 9. There was an attack at a cyborg body facility and you and your team is sent to investigate it which leads you to track down terrorists who call themselves the "Human Liberation Line".

Buy or Rent
If you loved the movie and anime, buy it. If not just rent it and give it a try. This a very quick game but very fun. I really can't say that this is very similar to the movie but more the the manga. Hope this review helps you and if you manage to find and play this game, enjoy!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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