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    Honda/Acura FAQ by Leo

    Version: 1.12 | Updated: 07/06/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 20:20:52 -0500
    From: Leo <wodahs@swbell.net>
    Gran Turismo Honda/Acura FAQ v1.12
    What is this FAQ?
       This documents the changes that seem to have been made to the Honda
    roster in the transition of Gran Turismo to the United States from Japan.
    Remember, the stats of each car may vary from their Japanese counterparts.
    What is changed?
    Prelude '91 Si -> Prelude '93 Si
    Prelude '91 Si VTEC -> Prelude '93 VTEC
    Prelude SiR -> Prelude
    Prelude TYPE-S -> Prelude SH
    EK Civic Ferio Si II -> Civic Sedan
    EK Civic SiR-II -> Civic 3-Door
    EK Civic Type R -> Civic (Racer) **
    CR-X del Sol '92 VXi -> del Sol '93 S *
    CR-X del Sol '92 SiR -> del Sol '93 Si
    CR-X del Sol VGi -> none
    CR-X del Sol SiR -> none
    CR-X EF-8 Si-R -> Civic '91 CR-X Si ***
    EG Civic '93 Si-R II -> Civic '93 3-Door *
    EG Civic '93 Ferio Si II -> Civic '93 Sedan *
    Accord Sedan SiR -> Accord Sedan
    Accord Wagon SiR -> Accord Wagon
    NSX '90 -> NSX '91
    NSX '92 Type R -> NSX '93
    NSX -> NSX
    NSX Type S -> NSX Type S
    NSX Type S Zero -> NSX Type S Zero
    Integra SiR-G -> Integra GS-R
    Integra Type R -> Integra Type R
    * - these can be turbo'd (whee :)
    ** - you can also win this one after the Lightweight Race; it's called
       the EK Civic Type R on most screens but when you look at it in the
       garage, it carries the Civic (Racer) emblem.
    *** - this one is won after the FF Race; this one is called the CR-X
       EF-8 Si-R on most screens but when you look at it in the garage, it
       carries the Civic '91 CR-X Si emblem.  (Note: the one that you win
       is a little lighter than the one you buy at the dealership used.)
    Are the American Counterparts Weaker?
       In the dealership, yes.  In the game, as far as I can tell, no.  Many
    of the Honda cars "gain" about 30-50 horsepower after you buy them, making
    them match the Japanese equivilent, or so I believe.  The biggest
    difference between rosters, besides name changes, seems to be the lack of
    a new-model del Sol.  There might be slight weight changes, however.
       On a car that can be upgraded from "Normal" to "Turbo", you can
    only use one or the other.  In other words, do not buy both.  Buy
    the turbo.  Cars which can be upgraded from "Normal" to "Turbo" are
    usually very weak; I'd say <150 hp.  This means Demios, Civics,
    Eunos Roadsters, and the like.
       This might not be 100% accurate and it's based on the pre-release demo
    disk, meaning the Japanese version names might vary, and that I might be 
    completely off on some aspects of this matter...
       I can be reached at wodahseht@hotmail.com if you have any questions,
    or on IRC, on DALnet, as Leo.

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