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"The best racing game...period"

Graphics – 8
With over a hundred highly-detailed cars, nice backgrounds and even better tracks, you may wonder just how exactly Sony managed to fit this mammoth of a game on one disc. Still, there is a little problem with this game when it come to jaggies, but when it comes to any game of this caliber, graphics don’t necessarily make the game. On really nice feature are the replays. After you’ve raced a course, simply choose the replay option and set back in awe at the power of the PlayStation.

Graphics on PS2 – 9
PS2 does smooth out some of the jaggies, but the effects are mostly noticed on the track and not so much the cars. Replays are also smoothed out some.

Sound – 10
Gran Turismo can’t be beat. This game features great music and great sound effects. From the cars engines to the sound the car makes from rocking back and forth at high speed.

Controls – 10
This is the first game on the market to fully utilize the dual shock. I remember the first time I used it I couldn’t believe how much control those analog sticks offered over the standard control pad. And with the options of remapping the controls, you’re sure to find a style you like. Each car has it’s own unique style of control which can in most cases be adjusted by either buying new tires or by upgrading the engine.

Replay – 10
This game, in my opinion, offers the highest replay of any racing game available. This is not your ordinary buy a car, race it, win your prize and your done game. First of all, you have to pass your drivers license to be able to drive. The drivers tests aren’t like real life either, they’re more like, race at full speed and stop on a dime or try to get around this corner as fast as you can. Then, once you’re done you get to buy you’re very first car. As you progress in the game (get more money) you can upgrade several components of your car like the engine, brakes, transmission, even put a new body on. There is simply so much to do in this game, you may never get bored.

Overall – 10
The best racing game ever released on a console, maybe even the arcade. This game is a greatest hit, and after playing it, you’ll understand why. It should be no problem finding this game for 20 bucks or less, and I recommend you not even wasting your time giving this game a rent, just buy it.

PS2 advantages:
-Better graphics
-A little faster loading time, not much

Driver recommendations:
Disk Speed > Fast
Texture Mapping > Smooth

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/15/01, Updated 03/15/01

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