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"It's certainly not a game where little kids can hold down the pedal and win."

Racing/driving games have taken a turn for the worse until quite recently. For a time, people have forgotten what racing is all about, and were beginning to submit to those "attack the other guys to win" excuses for racing games. For those of you who are pretending not to know what I'm talking about, let me tell you right off the bat by saying that Mario Kart 64 is NOT a racing game! While it, and so many other so-called "racers" may be good games in their own right, they certainly cannot be placed in the same category as real driving games such as GT. Simply put, Sony's claim for GT as a "Real Driving Simulator" is almost completely correct.

Gameplay -- 50/50: This is just my opinion of Gran Turismo's gameplay. Having played quite a few titles of most every game genre out there, I have discovered that some games depend too much on multiplayer (almost everything for N64), and others rely too much on graphics and/or FMVs (Metal Gear Solid?). But Gran Turismo isn't based on any "formula" except for one: realism. While it is frustrating for beginners to spin out on every hairpin, they'll eventually improve and realize what they've learned from practice. And this, folks, is what makes gameplay great.

Story -- N/A: Not much to say here, except that there is no story?

Audio -- 9/10: I gave 9 for GT's audio quality because I don't think it is even possible to put every single sound from an automobile into a video game. The music, however, is excellent, and does not distract from the game at all.

Graphics -- 10/10: The graphics, definitely deserves full score, especially considering the limited capabilities of the PS hardware. Just the fact that they were able to model each of the 140+/- real-life cars into the game with such detail is reason enough for GT to deserve a 10 for graphics.

Replayability -- 30/30: Here is where the game truly shines. While some games get bored after endless attempts to keep them interesting have failed (the numerous variations of multiplayer Goldeneye), I was impressed with all the things you can do in this game. Buy/sell cars (new and used). Win cars. Win money to buy/upgrade cars. Collecting cars, Racing your car against your buddy's car with memory card battle mode. This is the kind of game where as long as you're up for it, it will be up for you.

Rent/Buy -- Your call. I personally am just fascinated with cars in general, so I believe that this game is worth buying, as long as the price is reasonable. Mario Kart followers and people who don't really know about cars that much will probably not want to even rent this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/05/02

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