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"Plenty of cars, tracks and challenge. Now that's the stuff...."

((GRAPHICS)) [9.5]
The game's graphics aren't the greatest but if with 166 cars you can't go wrong.The graphics look slightly blocky but are very good.

((SOUND)) [8.5]
The sound of the cars is near perfection. You can hear the Japanese Imports SCREAM! (ohhh, yeah, that's the stuff....) and the big V8's growl at ya!The music is awesome but there isn't that many tracks so it gets sorta repititive. If the music was more various I would have given it a 10.

((CONTROLS)) [10]
The controls are basic but really fit the game. The controls are really responsive and are my favourite control set up for any car driving sim. The game is Dual Shock/Analog controller compatible, which means you can FEEL it everytime you ram that damn Camaro!! The analog controller is a great break on your thumbs from the cheap D-pad. Also it REALLY supports the analog controller. (wink, wink NFS III, this is a major clue on how to make a game!!)

((GAMEPLAY)) [10]
It's the best gameplay of all driving sims. There's a arcade mode (you barely notice it's there compared to the other mode which I'm getting to) and the sweet kickass SIMULATION MODE!!! In sim mode you start of with 10,000 credits (it's quite close to american dollars) and you have to buy a decent car that's in your budget. After you buy a car you get to MODIFY IT!!! A couple modifications you can do are; racing muffler, turbocharging, weight reduction, racing body, racing tires and much more. But before you can start out racing you've gotta get your license(s). There's the B license which is the beginner license that opens up a few easy races. After the B license is, of course, the A license which opens up the much harder races that you need hard tuned cars to win. But the ultimate racing license is the A INTERNATIONAL license which can be VERY difficult to get, BUT after the hours of frustration of getting your A International license you will be rewarded with the sweet Endurance races which last a whoppin' TWO HOURS. You'd better say bye to your friends and family... Gran Turismo offers many different types of races ranging from Japan vs. US ( GO JAPAN!!! ), GT cup, front engine front drive cars and many more. The game's races are quite dramatic if all the cars are all well rounded with each other.

((CARS)) [10]
The cars have plenty of detail and the racing modification looks awesome. The real life counterparts and the virtual cars are EXTREMELY accurate, although, I found the Honda Civic's cab area to be slightly higher than real life ( it's probably just me..). The one thing that really bugged me was the fact that your car can't make skid marks, it's a small thing but it really bugged me!! The handling of the cars really rocked account of the difference of each car. Each one had it's own handling characteristics which suited different driving styles. They acted very much like their real life counterparts, the 4 wheel drives had slightly larger turning radius and the rear wheel drives would really teach you how to counter steer ( *AHEM* DODGE VIPER *AHEM*).

((TRACKS)) [9]
The tracks look really realistic without looking too bland. The worn in racing line is pretty realistic. There isn't any pit animation but you're only using the pit in the endurance races. The tracks are well set up with a total of 11, including mirrored tracks. A few more tracks would have given this game a bit more replay.

((REPLAY)) [11]--yes, that's an eleven.
The game is simply fun. If you manage to get all the licenses you have plenty of courses and plenty of challenge. My neighbour plays the game at least FIVE HOURS A DAY!!

((OVERALL)) [9]It probably could have gotten a 10 with more music and perhaps with some other types of racing (drag racing/ rally). But don't get me wrong, this IS the best racing game for Playstation. Screw all those R4 and NFS fans, Gran Turismo furfills it's name, it is the ultimate racing game for the PSX.


-Jeff Chau

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/05/02

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