Review by james3000gore

"Analog Support??? Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Don't get me wrong. This isn't really a bad game. There are dozens better than this though. Maybe it's me though. Ever since my hands have fooled around with the excellent N64 analog stick, I've had trouble playing racing games for my Super Nintendo and it's clunky digital pad. Games like Gran Turismo taunt me. Here is a game with amazing visuals, loads of cars and track, and great tunes. The crappy steering in this game, caused by the fact that their really isn't any analog support from the control stick irritates me. If I nudge the stick a little, I should only turn a little, not all the way. I tried to like this game. I wanted to like this game. Alas, I'm going to trade this one at EB for a better game. Hmm, Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 racing games...

Gran Turismo allows you to buy cars, build them up, obtain licenses to race, and pretty much race on tons of tracks. You must go for a license to open up tracks. I hate games like this that force you to do work instead of racing. Why not open up tracks by beating other ones. Oh well. When you beat one race or a series of races you get credits that you can use to customize your vehicle or purchase more cars. That's it, but that pretty much what you're supposed to do in racing games.

Graphics 9.0

Nice graphics, for the Playstation. Cars can be identified easily. Man, those jaggies make my blood boil. Give me the blurriness over the jaggies any day.

Before anyone accuses me of anything, I think Ridge Racer Type 4 is one of the best racing games anywhere. It also looks pretty too.

Game Control 5.0

I'm too used to the Analog sticks of the Nintendo 64 or the Dreamcast.

Replay 5.0

I have almost no desire to play this game again. it was fun while the novelty lasted.

Game Design 6.0

So, the control sucks. This game still has a lot going for it. Tons of real-life cars and interesting tracks save this game from being a waste.

Sound 10

A pleasure for the ears. The music was appropriate to the game. The sound effects were great as well.

Satisfaction 4.0

They should of put on the box that even though you can use the analog sticks with the game, they have no effect on the game. Stay away. Go for the sequels. Or stick to Ridge Racer 4 or 5.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/27/02, Updated 03/27/02

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