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"The best sim of it's time"

I bought the original GT after buying 2 and 3, for a nice sense of completion. And although I don't see myself playing it that much, it was just $20, and it is a welcome addition to my collection. I'm sure that if I had gotten this game before it's 2 sequels, I would have been absolutely stunned. However, the Gran Turismo formula, as established in this game, is worth playing again.

Graphics: As far as PlayStation graphics go, this is amazingly good for what it is. What makes them even better is when you play it enhanced with a PS2. Although it exhibits some of the PlayStation's much criticized problems with pixilated and grainy graphics, this game is still very easy on the eyes. The car models themselves are expertly done and very well proportioned, as are the courses. The menus are pretty basic, but do feature quite a bit of photography, which is very nice. They made sure to take care of many details when making this game, such as smoking tires and rear lights that activate when you brake. As far as games made in 1998 go, this is a beautiful game. 8/10

Control: The control aspect in terms of actually racing is any average kind of thing you'd expect from any game, but what sets GT apart from the rest is the fact that you can delve right into the car and tweak loads of adjustments in the car, from engine gearing to suspension. And each time you change something on the car, you will notice a definite difference when on the track. But be careful, although you can make your car fly like a dream, you can also destroy it's driveability. This is what makes the GT series just not another face in the racing game crowd. 9/10

Sound: When making this game, Polyphony Digital hand recorded all sorts of sounds for every individual car in the game. Each moan of the engine, squeal of the tires, and thunderous crash of going into a wall at 150 mph is totally authentic. Also, they used real world music as a soundtrack, a very refreshing change for a game of it's era. 7/10

Glitches: Other than a few graphical issues such as draw distance and clipping, everything seems to be in order. 9/10

Replay: Although a very good game in it's own right, if you completely win all the races and get all the licenses and whatnot, there's not much that will keep you glued to this game, seeing as it's sequels are already out. However, it will take you a good deal of time to get to that level. Nevertheless, the two player racing mode is pretty good and will keep you from letting dust settle on the disc. 6/10

Overall: Because I have 2 and 3, I really don't play this game very much. But, if you are a true Gran Turismo nut, you owe it to yourself to get this game if you haven't already. After all, it's only $20 now. It's interesting to see the roots of one of the finest racing series' ever. 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/28/02, Updated 09/28/02

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