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"The best driving simulator of all time"

Gran Turismo is a game that provides all the thrills of racing along with the frustrations that come with it. With a lot of real cars and tracks to choose from, Gran Turismo strives to be the ultimate racing experience. And it comes pretty close.
Racing on tracks is a lot of fun, especially against the tough computer. Unlike other racers, it is actually pretty tough to win in Gran Turismo. The arcade mode is fun, but the real part of the game is the extensive career mode.
In the career mode, you start out with $10,000. There are a bunch of circuits and tournaments that you can enter to win more money. But, first you need to have a car. You have to use your money wisely in deciding which car to buy. At first, you can only buy a cheap used car. By winning races, you can upgrade to bigger and better cars. But you can't just go ahead and enter in the tournaments. You don't have your license.
The license part is pretty frustrating and may turn off some players. There are three type of licenses. To get these you have to show your driving skills in a series of tests. These tests are pretty innovative and are quite difficult. Some involve making quick hairpin turns while going from one point to another without going off course. You also have to do it in a set time limit. As you get your license, different tournaments get unlocked and you are on your way to a great driving experience.

Graphics: 9.
The cars and tracks look really beautiful. You can even make out what kind of car it is by just looking at it.

Sound: 10.
The music is great and the sound effects are excellent. The engines and skids sound very realistic.

Gameplay: 8.
The game is pretty hard. The license tests can get extremely frustrating at times.

Replay Value: 9.
Career mode is great and playing two player is awesome too.

Overall: 9.
If you like racing games, this game is a must have.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/14/00, Updated 03/14/00

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