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"One of the most original driving games for the PSX"

This is it!!! Sony and Polyphony join forces with some of the most respective car makers in the history of the planet to bring you a breakthrough in Driving Simulation--Gran Turismo!!!

The graphics in this game are just incredible. Although the animation of the game would use a bit more tweaking, I just love it when you see all the imagery from real-life cars replicated in between near-perfection to perfection. Nothing is more entertaining than seeing your favorite cars replicated perfectly in a video game.

However, to tell you the truth, the real strength of the game is not the graphics or the background music. IT'S THE GAMEPLAY!!! The feel is much like the way you would control a car in real-life that you're actually controlling the car that you always want to get (but couldn't afford it because of it's high tariff). For example, if you ''tap'' on the control pad, then your car won't steer a lot, but you'll turn softly. However, if you ''hold'' the control pad, then your car will turn hard. The controls also variates depending on what car you choose. For example, a car might have better handling but will have poor acceleration and mediocre pick-up power.

Another strength of this game is that unlike most driving games (which features fantasy cars), Gran Turismo features ONLY AUTHENTIC REAL-LIFE CARS from respective carmakers around the world. There are about 145 real-life cars to choose from.

There are also about 10 tracks in this game that tests your ability to be a competent driver. Also, you can play as a car that you want to own in either the *insane* arcade mode or in the in-depth (but really cool) Simulation Mode.

Well, I do have some complaints about the game, but the complaints are far from being noticeable because its gameplay and the selection of the cars are welcome features.

This is one of the most original games of all-time as far as Car Selection and Gameplay is concerned. I highly recommend that you rent this game first so you'll know how good this game is. I'm pretty sure that you won't be disappointed with this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/27/00, Updated 04/07/02

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