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"The most comprehensive, realistic, and addictive racing game ever"

Racing games to me have always seemed kinda dumb, until Gran Turismo that is. When I first played this I was amazed at how realistically the cars looked and felt. With 166 cars across 11 tracks, I was hooked. This game has everything from mounds of cars witch handle, look and sound authentic, to the well defined tracks, to even the sweet techno soundtrack. The game includes special modes and secret cars and a liscence system witch means you can only race certain races if you have the liscence. You have special GT cups and special events witch can sometimes take you over an hour and even extra little things like a car wash, machine test, and time trials. Overall there are so many cars and events that you are guarenteed to play for a very long time

Graphics 10/10- Wow, the cars and tracks are so realistic. The only racing game I can think of that has better graphics on PSX is maybe NFS3 Hot Puruit, but Gran Turismo still has more game. High detail, sunlight reflects off the windshields and smoke and tire marks are present when you screech the tires.

Control 10/10- The controls are the best in any racing game by FAR! The most comprehensive controls which are very realistic. Every car in the game is a real car which handles just like the real thing. Thats 166 different control schemes!

Sound 10/10- The realistic Car roaring and tire screaching makes the game a whole lot more realistic and the great soundtrack featuring the Chemical Brothers is one of the games greatest features.

Gameplay 10/10- WOW! With all the realistic cars and detailed tracks combined with the awesome soundtrack plus the everlasting events that will keep you playing for hours make for the most comprehensive and realistic racing game yet. If anyone is looking for a realistic racer especially those of you who can drive, this is your game.

Story ? - Nonexistent, I guess the storyline is up to you. So what ever you want to make of it, it will be.

Replay 10/10- This game will take even the best racer abut a week so this game will keep anyone busy. There is so much to your game the replay is maxed out.

Overall 10/10- 2 modes, 11 tracks, 16 major events, over 100 major races, 166 cars and the most realistic gmaeplay out there. If any racing fan out there doesn't have this game, I pity da foo.--ha ha

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/15/00, Updated 04/15/00

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