Review by Robbie Kennedy

"Grand fun"

This game is the forefather, or foremother, of all racing games. This is the big one that inspired all the game makers to make racing games better. The graphics in this game are awesome and you can really imagine that it is really you that is driving. The sounds help as well as you can hear the authentic revving of the cars. In fact, the only thing missing is explosions but we do not really need those

As I said, this is one of the first major racing games. Which is true. We had games before it but they were more cartoonish or not as authentic as this. This game has over 60 authentic cars in loads of different colors.

It has a driving license mode as well where you can earn your driving license which is a nice feature. Wihtout the driving license, you cannot get into the bigger races in season mode.

Season mode? Yes, there is a big racing thing with lots of tournaments. You can earn all kinds of cups and unlock lots more cars including F1 cars and off road cars.

In arcade mode, you get multiplayer mode, racing mode and time attack. You can select every single unlocked car in the game to use in all of these modes and multiplayer mode can get very competitive very quickly which is a good thing I think. In time attack, you can race against the clock and a ghost car to try and set yourself a new best time. This is good because it trains you in all of the ways of using the vehicle without actually racing.

But there is also a training mode. The famous Test Track is in this game. A huge oval racing track with no obstructions whatsoever for you to race yourself around. This helps you with turning, braking, power sliding and all the other difficult to perform maneavuers that prove invaluable in the races.

In the races, you can set anywhere from between 4-10 cars to race against. Set it to whatever you feel you will do best against. I go for 6 cars as I like a challenge but I do not want it to be to hard.

You can buy a car yourself. You earn money from the season mode races which can be used to buy a car, then tune it up in the tune shop. A just bought car is not as good as a tuned up car so you better stick to the easy races to earn more money to improve your car.

The cars and tracks look awesome. The leaves from the trees blow in the wind and we can see damage to the car as it happens. There is a funny story about damage. I was racing on test track when I hit a wall. I then done a 720 degree flip and the car got it's roof all scratched badly.

Personally, I feel this game is a great game, even if you are not a racing fan. It is very fun to play in my opinion and all age groups and anyone will love playing this. It is competitive, yet fun at the same time. So if you find it, and it is going for cheap right now, I recommend buying this because you will not regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/24/05

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