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    European/N.American Car Guide by CHalfpenny

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                 Gran Turismo 2-European and North American Cars Guide(NA)
    Written by Craig Halfpenny,Age 13(Swervster@aol.com)
    Copyright 2001,You can put this on any(gaming related)website you want as long
    Right lets get on with it:
    Before we start I would just like to point out that if I have used the
    ideas,stats,or car info of anyone elses Car Guide,FAQ or anything else,I have
    credited them and their website(usually the brilliant GameFaqs.com).I too hate
    the idea of plageurism and the thought that anyone could spend hours writing a
    document,only for someone else to steal all their hard work and ideas.I aim to
    create an original guide,but I have read other FAQ's and guides and so some of
    their ideas may have inadvertantely been put in here.So just in case,I will
    credit all the other people whos' work I have read-Nemesis(FAQ),D Connoy(Car
    Guide),CNick(FAQ),and G Bower(FAQ).Plus Gamefaqs,Gamesages,and IGN.com
    P.S-This guide is written by me,in England,but it is based on the US version of
    the game I have,in which you can only complete the game 98.2%,and Acura appear
    in South City etc.
    As of September 11th I would like to dedicate this guide to all those
    killed,injured or in any way affected by the tragedies of September
    11th.Britain weeps with you-God Bless America.
    Version 1.0-10/4/01(10th April),I have already completed the game,long ago last
    year,but I am still trying to get all of the prize cars,so I'll write up all I
    Version 1.01-18/5/01(18th May)-Not much different,I haven't done enough yet to
    merit posting the Guide on Gamefaqs.Have spent the last months gaming trying to
    re-unlock all of the cars I had to sell to accommodate new ones need to
    initially complete the game in the 100 car limit garage.Also unlocked a few
    completely new cars in a second save to go with all of the ones I already
    have.I aim to have all of the prize cars in the game.New prize cars
    unlocked-Lancia Stratos,Calsonic Skyline GT '99,Lancer Evo VI Rally Car,Del Sol
    LM,plus a few others.To get these I used other GameFaqs guides(in particular
    the Car Database by Dave Connoy which helped me find other well hidden cars as
    well),and found I had to RE-complete Endurance races I had already done,and get
    all golds on certain licence tests.I am now close to having all of the Prize
    Version 1.1-19/5/01(19th May)-Completed Audi and Alfa Romeo,added more to
    Acura,and started BMW.
    Version 1.15-23/5/01(22nd May)-Added more to Alfa Romeo and BMW.
    Version 1.16-18/7/01(18th July)-How time flies...I have been slowly updating
    the guide and have now finished BMW,but the last couple of months gaming have
    been spent entering the GT2TRL(GT2 Team Racing League)on the internet,run by
    SpackleMonkey from the GameFaqs GT2 message board,and contributing a lot to
    that board.Anyway,I have still managed to make quite a few gains in the
    game,and I now only require 7 prize cars(Escort Rally
    Car,3000GT(GTO)LM'99,Altezza LM Edition,Subaru Impreza Rally
    Car,3000GT(GTO)LM,GT-ONE LM '99,and the BP Trueno GT '99)till I have the whole
    set.Cars I have unlocked over the past couple of months include the Concept
    Car(from the A-Licence test),FTO LM(From the I-A Licence test),and very nearly
    the Escort Rally Car(I won the Seattle Endurance for the second time,but I only
    realised after the race that I had forgotten to make room in my garage for the
    car(I already had 100 cars)!Disaster!Unlike the British GP at Silverstone that
    I attended last Sunday,it was a really good race and in the end Mika Hakkinen
    emerged triumphant in the McLaren.I also(and you're not going to believe this
    but it is honestly true)met the great British '50's F1 driver Stirling
    Moss(well,I got to within about half a metre of him in the crowd leaving the
    Version 1.17-22/7/01(22nd July)-I have decided,after looking at some other
    general game FAQS,and seeing the enormity of the task ahead of me(checking Race
    Mods,and Stats for 600 cars)as well as the fact that I will this week be
    getting GT3,to scale down the size of this FAQ by leaving out the sprawling
    hoardes of Japanese cars(There are about 400+ in the game),as it would mean I
    would have to wait for ages trying to get used cars to show up.However,I have
    also decided to extend the FAQ,to a list/rating/review of ALL European and
    North American cars,not just the Racing Modified cars.So the FAQ is now called
    The GT2 European and North American Car Guide.I will now also probably be able
    road test a lot of,if not all of the cars I review.
    Version 1.18-10/8/01(10th August)-I have spent the last few Weeks playing the
    brilliant GT3,and I have made great progress in it,including winning one of the
    almost hidden F1 Cars(at only my second enduro Race attempt).It is now more
    than likely that I will now do a guide for GT3.I still,however,intend to try
    and win all of the GT2 Prize Cars.
    Version 1.19-13/8/01(13th August)-OK.So I'm not quite up to Lister yet,but a
    few Weeks ago I just saw that Lister Storm V12 sitting there,in the Garage,just
    waiting for somebody to Road Test it....so I did.That's why the list currently
    skips from B(MW) to L(ISTER).
    28/9/01(28th September)-No change to the guide,although I will now start
    updating it again soon.I would now also like to dedicate this guide to the
    victims of those killed in the tragic events of September 11th and their
    families.God Bless all those over in America.
    Gran Turismo 2 is quite simply,as I'm sure you've all heard plenty of times
    before,the best racing game ever(on any format).And although Gran Turismo 3
    A-Spec is just about to walk away with that coveted title,GT2 will still hold
    the record for the number of cars(over 600!),while its PS2 Big Brother,as good
    as it will be,can only manage about 180.Now,I have a PS2 but the release date
    for GT3 just dosen't seem to exist(in the UK anyway).On one website it says
    April,and on another it says late June...Anyway although it might seem a bit
    late for a FAQ on GT2 I don't think anyone has covered this particular aspect
    of the game before ,as rather than do a car list like everyone else,I thought
    I'd be more specific and explain when to unlock the Racing Modified cars,which
    are generally the most sought after and the best in the game,and what they are
    like once you have them.I'll also explain the cars that are hard to
    find,rare,or complicated to unlock.The fun is though,that there are so many
    cars,sometimes you will have to complete a 90 lap endurance race 2 or 3 times
    just to get one car(don't try 2 or 3 in a row though as you may forget to do
    everything else in your life eg Feed Cat,Answer Important Phone Calls
    etc...)This guide aims to tell you what cars to spend/not spend you money
    buying/modifying,and make the game easier,but not so easy that it becomes
    boring,eg Racing a 975hp R/Escudo Pikes Peak Version against a 22hp Fiat
    500R(Read:winning by so much,that the race becomes about as interesting as
    watching Cricket... ).So Enjoy GT2...
    STOP PRESS-On the 22nd of July I have decided to change the content of the
    guide and shorten it,by leaving out all the Japanese cars as these would be
    just far to many for me on my own to work with.However I have now broadened the
    content of the guide to include list/rating/info/review on ALL none Japanese
    cars(About 200),not just the Racing Modified ones.This will make the FAQ easier
    to write,and more in depth to read.
    R/ Before a car means it is PRE-Racing Modified(when you buy/win it)
    *  Before a car means it is a secret car,or complicated car to unlock,and will
    need explaining.
    The manufacturers will be in alphabetical order
    Racing Modified Cars:
    In this section I will list the Racing Modified cars you can obtain from each
    manufacturer,either through Winning certain races,buying them at the Special
    Car screen at the Dealership,or tuning up new or used cars.
    Facts and Figures:Right,the way I will set this out may look a bit complicated
    but trust me it is simple.Look at the Acura table below for example.On the
    table we have:Year-Quite simply the year the particular model was released.
    NHP-The cars' minimum horsepower,as it is when you buy or win it.NP-Normal
    Price of the car if you are buying it from a Garage.DT-Drivetrain of the
    car.NWT-Normal weight of the car(in LB).MHP-Maximum Horsepower the car can be
    tuned to.T-Can the car have a Turbo Kit fitted(not 'is the engine
    Turbocharged').RM-Is the Car Racing Modifiable,Y for Yes,N for No,P for
    Pre-Modified when the Car is already Modified when you buy or win it(These are
    normally Race Cars bought from the Special Screen or Won).DT-Can the car have
    Dirt Tyres fitted and run in Rally Mode,Y for Yes,N for No.Obtained By-How the
    car is obtained,either: Buy New-The car is bought new from the manufacturers
    line up screen.Special Scrn-Buying the car from the manufacturers special
    screen.Or The Name of the race you have to win to unlock the car,eg 4WD Cup
    R1.And finally Road Test.This is the part where I review some or all of the
    manufacturers cars after I have driven them in their stock form around a
    suitable circuit.
    (South City)
    This is Hondas'North American division,which concentrates on larger luxury
    cars,more suited to the American market.For the most part they are a bit
    pointless in terms of the game because they are too expensive to buy early in
    the game,but to underpowered to be worth buying later on.The Honda NSX from the
    first game is now only available as the Acura NSX,and likewise with the
    Integra.However if you have a Gameshark you can unlock these two as the Honda
    NSX,and Honda Integra(Check out David Connnoys'car database at GameFaqs for the
    codes).This is pretty confusing as the NSX is supposed to be an Acura but you
    can win about 3 special RM(Racing Modified) models from the Races that are
    Hondas,and its manufacturer event is listed at the Honda garage.
    Not a very good manufacturer for RM cars as they have no Special screen and
    only some of their cars can be modified,and even when you tune them to the max
    they still don't reach a really high HP.The NSX takes on a wonderful Skyline or
    even Ferrari F40 -esque rear wing when modified,but its livery is pretty
    boring.Still,the manufacturers models can be quite useful in the mid HP
    races,though none can sport dirt tyres.
    -You will need a both an NSX and an Integra for their manufacturer events over
    at the Honda dealership.
    Car                    Year NHP    NP    DT  NWT   MHP T RM  DT Obtained By:
    Acura Integra GS-R'95   95  167  13,000  FF  2667  261 N  N  Y    Buy New
    Acura Integra GS-R      98  167  23,260  FF  2667  261 N  Y  Y    Buy New
    Acura Integra Type R'95 95  192  16,000  FF  2667  336 Y  N  Y    Buy New
    Acura Integra Type R    98  194  25,160  FF  2667  335 Y  N  Y    Buy New
    Acura NSX '91           91  249  90,660  MR  3112  381 N  Y  N    Buy New
    Acura NSX '97           97  288  90,660  MR  3068  407 N  Y  N    Buy New
    Acura NSX '93           93  272  95,000  MR  3020  397 N  N  N    Buy New
    Acura NSX Type S(J)     97  284 103,570  MR  2910  426 N  N  N    Buy New
    Acura NSX Type S Zero   97  284  98,570  MR  2799  426 N  N  N    Buy New
    Road Tests-
    Acura Integra GS-R '95-I must admit that at my first sight of it,this car
    looked rather boring,in both stats and to the eye.But when I bought it from the
    garage in order to test it,I took a closer look at it,and it started to look
    promising,OK so it may not be an NSX in the speed stakes,but according to it's
    info screen,it's one of the best handling FF cars around.But then again the
    info screen also made it sound powerful.And we all know the info screen is
    written by the man at Acura.And he's probably a little bit biased.So I took it
    out on the first all-FF race at Tahiti road,and what I came away with was a
    mixed bag of an opinion.It definetely wasn't fast-It was out-accelerated by a
    Vauxhall Tigra,that's all we need to know-and it certainly didn't set the World
    on fire with it's acceleration,there wasn't even any difference in speed
    between 3rd and 4th gear,switching between them had no effect.However,its
    saving grace was indeed it's handling,crisp and pretty responsive,it took most
    of the sweeping turns flat,but had a bit of the typical FF layout
    understeer.Overall,the car is good value for money for what it is,and a
    beginner could buy it almost straight away and tune it up reasonably well,but
    if he's really after an Integra early on he would be better off saving up a
    little longer and hanging on for the 95 Type R model ,which is even better
    value,with 192hp and great handling for just 16K.But more on that later...
    Acura Integra GS-R(98 model)-
    ALFA ROMEO(Italy)
    (West City)
    This Famous Italian company may have been rival to Ferrari around the F1
    circuits of the 1950's but both now fall under the umbrella of the mighty FIAT
    The marquee are probably more recently known for their rather square-looking
    155 Touring car which stormed the BTTC in the mid 90's and is a welcome
    addition to the game.For 1 Million Cr,you get 544 Hp(the dealer lists a lot
    less but it goes up when you get it to your garage),great handling
    acceleration,and top speed(200 Mph+),its only bad point is its looks but,hey
    you can't have everything.Still one of the best cars in the game though.
    Most of their other cars can be modified to sport Touring car colours and aero
    parts,which look especially good on the newer 156 and GTV models.None of their
    other cars really breathe fire in the HP stakes,but make up for it with good
    handling,and most can be tuned up well,if you have the money...
    -1 Manufacturer Event
                           Year NHP    NP    DT  NWT   MHP T RM  DT Obtained By:
    145 2.0 Cloverleaf      98  148  29,320  FF  2667  301 Y  N  Y    Buy New   
    155 2.0 TS 16V          98  147  11,860  FF  2865  245            Buy New
    156 2.0 TS 16V          98  154  34,530  FF  2755  313            Buy New
    156 2.5 V6 24V          98  190  38,910  FF  2910  551            Buy New
    GTV 2.0 TS 16V          98  147  38,360  FF  3020  313            Buy New
    GTV 3.0 V6 24V          98  243  49,070  FF  3119  394            Buy New
    R/155 Touring Car       --  544  1m      4WD 2336  --- -         Special Scrn
    Road Tests-
    145 2.0 Cloverleaf-Don't be fooled,despite looking like a cross between a
    Hatchback and a small People Carrier,this definetely takes it's Performance
    from the first.It's 148hp may not shoot off the line,but it's acceleration
    really kicks in after a few seconds and the journey to 60 is a swift one of a
    respectable 8 seconds(I clocked it at 8.4),and happily the Car seems to hold
    this Speed well as you head for 100.The Engine makes a glorious Roaring noise
    and up the Straights you could be forgiven for thinking you are hitching a ride
    on something much bigger.I took it out on the Seattle Short Course for it's run
    out,and it handled the tight Circuit and all of it's right-angles
    wonderfully.It was a delight throwing the Sporty little hatchback into the
    corners and coming out with a smile on your face.If you can get the braking
    right,even in stock form,this Car is great fun to drive and certainly wasn't
    the dull drive I was expecting.
    (North City)
    Probably Britains' second most famous marque,behind Jaguar,here you can buy the
    DB6,made famous by a Mr Bond,James Bond...Seriously though their more up to
    date range is impressive with the nice-looking but dissapointingly heavy and
    underpowered DB7 Coupe and Volante from the first game making an appearance,as
    well as the more impressive and powerful DB8.You will need to Racing Modify a
    DB7 to use in the second manufacturer trophy race here,both are identical in
    performance but the Volante costs more,and is slightly heavier,despite sporting
    a soft top roof.
    -1 Manufacturer Event(DB7 Cup).
    Car                    Year NHP    NP     DT  NWT   MHP   RMP   Obtained by:
    DB7 Coupe(R)(DT)        --  335  173,000  FR  3913  473 290,500   Tuning
    DB7 Volante(R)(DT)      --  335  185,500  FR  4078  473 303,000   Tuning
    (North City)
    Relaible German manufacturer whos' designs have recently become very sporty and
    nice to look at,especially the TT in road or race trim.The A4 and S4 are both
    sedans that can be Racing Modified into the colours of the A4 British Touring
    Car.However their best car has to be the TT,which can be bought as the normal
    road version,or the very impressive,controlable,light,and speedy LM version for
    1m cr from the special screen,which has to be one of the best cars in the game.
    -No manufacturer events.
    Car                    Year NHP    NP    DT   NWT   MHP   RMP  Obtained by:
    R/A4 2.8 Quattro(R)(DT) --  193  50,530  4WD  3152  320 163,030  Tuning     
    R/S4(R)                 --  261  39,730  4WD  3328  546 152,230  Tuning
    R/TT 1.8T Quattro(R)(DT)--  221  46,580  4WD  3075  465 166,080  Tuning
    R/TT LM Edition(R)(DT)  --  554  1m      4WD  2138  --- -------  Special Scrn
    (North City)
    Another efficient German manufacturer who famously dropped Rover workers in it
    last year when it abandoned their company and sold it,costing many jobs in the
    Has quite a motorsport history in Touring Cars in the 80's and 90's,and Formula
    One,with Brabham in the 80's and currently with the Williams team.
    Their models range from the comparitavely small 320ci to the huge brutish
    840,and the 328ci which can be tuned up to 547 Hp,and modified into red or blue
    BMW motorsport colours.
    -? Manufacturers Events.
    Car                    Year NHP    NP    DT   NWT   MHP   RMP  Obtained by: 
    R/320ci                 --  145  41,800  FR   3174  287 159,300  Tuning
    R/323ci                 --  167  45,360  FR   3185  499 162,860  Tuning     
    R/328ci                 --  188  50,690  FR   3229  547 168,190  Tuning
    (North City)

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