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    License Guide by cnick

    Version: 1.41 | Updated: 01/19/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Gran Turismo 2 License Guide
    by Polyphony for the Sony Playstation
    Version 1.41
    cnick (seamanci@yahoo.com)
    Last Updated: January 19, 2003
    Newest versions of this guide can be found ONLY at: www.gamefaqs.com
    Copyright 2000-2003 cnick.
    [ C O N T E N T S ]
    1.  Revision History
    2.  Introduction
    3.  Basics 
    4.  License Tests
        - B 
        - A
        - IC 
        - IB
        - IA
        - Super 
    5.  Cars earned
    6.  Gameshark Codes
        - Regular
        - V1.1 
    7.  Extra Notes 
    8.  Frequently Asked Questions
    9.  Credits 
    10. Authors Note 
    Version 0.1 (1/19/00) 10:48pm PST
      Got through B1-B7...yay!  Sort of a beta version to see if 
    this will work. Lets hope!  Hopefully I will get gold on the 
    rest of B by tomorrow.  Anyway, if you want to contribute, 
    e-mail me at seamanci@yahoo.com.  Send in anything that 
    is related to the license tests.  Tips for anything, even on 
    the tests I already have done.  The more, the better!
    Version 0.2 (2/20/00) 9:14pm PST
      Through IC-5.  I got to IC-7 but I am too lazy.  I will 
    get those when I finish IC.  Anyway, lots of new stuff, 
    especially on the harder ones like A-4, and IC-4.  Ill 
    probably look over everything to make sure its pretty 
    accurate next version.
    Version 0.3 (2/22/00) 12:30pm PST
      Just sort of looked over the FAQ, made sure there was no 
    spelling errors, and added a new section to explain what 
    License tests you should do, and not to do.
    Version 0.4 (2/24/00) 12:22pm PST
      Heh, watching Letterman as I type.  Added the basics 
    section, as well as some more License Tests I just got.  
    YAY!  3 more until that 3000GT! I switched the lay out a 
    bit more.  Also, look for a lot more in the next few 
    versions, the next one will most likely have all of IB done.  
    I got  some tips from a friend, so I wont have them done 
    myself, but he is like a god at this game. LOL!
    Version 0.5 (2/26/00) 8:25pm PST
      Took out what I got for each test.   Realized it was 
    useless, and has nothing to do with this Guide.  Went crazy 
    on Friday and got through IB.  IA you are next.  Not sure on 
    Super.  The car is almost exactly the same as the one you 
    buy, and a guide on doing a full lap seems too hard.  Maybe 
    Ill just put in tips for the harder turns, and tests. Like 
    Super-7, ugh, Laguna Seca with a Viper Oreca.   IA coming by 
    Monday.  Hmm, that is if I can get this version posted on 
    Version 0.6 (2/27/00) 7:25pm PST
      Got posted (finally).  I was so happy I went straight to 
    get IA done.  Mission accomplished.  Finally the FTO LM is 
    mine.  Muhahahahahaha.  I think that is it.  Excuse me as I 
    drive my FTO LM.
    Version 0.7 (2/27/00) 8:21pm PST
      2 versions in one day?  I decided, just before I hit send, 
    to do some more work.  And considering I¹m running out of 
    things to do, I decided to create Version 0.7 (I got to get 
    to at least 1.0).  I added a hyphen line (I guess that is 
    what you call it) to separate the tests.  It should be 
    easier to find the exact one you need now.  Also went 
    through the whole document to check spelling and spacing.  
    Also, I put this section in the contents and is now section 
    1, with the intro. being section 2.  For those of you are 
    interested, I had 23 spelling mistakes, and one grammar.  
    Next version will hopefully consist of a Super Test Guide, 
    just on the tough turns.  Maybe through the first 4.  Also, 
    added a credits section.
    Version 0.8 (2/28/00) 3:02pm PST
      Ack, last 2 versions were not posted.  Before this post, 
    I would write on word, and copy it to a macintosh program,
    simpletext.  Its the equilivant of a notepad.  Problem
    was that it had a 30k limit.  After I tried this bogus
    program that made the file 88k (Don¹t ask me why).  Anyway,
    I found something thats just like it that can hold more.
    Nothing new from 0.7, other then a few minor changes.  Did
    some work on the Basics section.  I hopefully will get 
    the super tips added in on tuesday.
    Version 1.00 (2/28/00) 9:04pm pst
      Decided that alot of work was done, so heres version 1.00!
    Added the super section.  Isn¹t much of a section because
    its too difficult to add strategies for a whole lap.  Anyone
    who has gold through IA can nail them easy.  FAQ is almost
    done, an email wanting more direction is appreciated.  I can
    always do more maps.  By the way, added gameshark codes.  I
    had a little problem with it, go down to section 6 for more
    Version 1.01 (2/29/00) 4:15pm PST
      Just correct some spelling, and grammar errors.  Probably
    the last version unless I get some contributions like other
    tips, or even a comment on saying I need to elaberate more
    on a test.  Added v1.1 Gameshark Codes.  Also, I¹m just
    about to build up a webpage.  Nothing spectacular, just 
    a front page, and a page with my FAQs.  It will help to see
    how many people actually read it, I suppose.  
    Version 1.1 (3/1/00) 3:05pm PST
      Happy March.  Got some tips from Gervais Leclerc.  A huge
    hint of Super-1 (Tahiti).  Its so big you can make a crappy
    run, and still get gold.  Also, added a new section, Extra
    Notes.  Scroll down to learn more.
    Version 1.2 (3/5/00) 9:53pm PST
      Last update of the FAQ, unless I get contributions from
    people.  Minor things corrected, like the FAQ set up, and
    I changed the authors note somewhat.  Added a F.A.Q section.
    Version 1.3 (3/15/00) 4:04pm PST
      Minor changes made.  Re-did the top of the FAQ, looks a bit
    cleaner.  I also slightly change some of the license strats.
    Nothing major though.
    Version 1.31 (3/19/00) 12:25am PST
      Minor changes again.  Actually its just to make my FAQs all
    look the same.  Thats about it, and this is also the LAST
    version of this FAQ.  Yes, you heard me correctly, my first
    FAQ ever published is complete. (ok, you got me I lied.  I¹ll
    probably get another contribution in a week, but for now on,
    I won¹t be updating the FAQ with my own information, as I 
    basically did everything possible).
    Version 1.32 (3/22/00) 9:30pm PST
      Cosmetic Changes.  Just want each on my FAQs to look the same.
    Notice: Although it does say Last Version, you can still
    contribute strategies for license.  Last Version just means
    I won¹t be finding and adding more information down.  By
    the way, another low 50k FAQ...dang it.  I want to add more
    to this, but I can¹t think of something.  SEND IN CONTRIBUTONS!
    Version 1.35 (3/26/00) 12:44am PST
      Check it out!  I spent the last 4 hours trying to find how to
    get some real ASCII art and boo yah!  Also, took out the last
    version thing.  I¹ve had that since V1.31 and Ive updated it
    twice since that, so I¹ll keep this FAQ open.  
    Version 1.35a (3/29/00) 6:14pm PST
      Disclaimer problem.  Fixed it. Later
    Version 1.40 (4/19/00) 11:39 pm PST
      Fixed disclaimer, switched lay-out to current setting.  Maybe added a few
    things, but nothing too important.
    Version 1.41 (1/19/03)
      Spring cleaning.
    You are here for one very special reason.  You are 
    probably struggling with the license tests to get gold!  
    Getting bronze was nothing, you want the 3000GT LM or the 
    FTO LM!  But, like most people, youre getting sick of 
    silvers.  This guide offers tips to complete gold.  This 
    will help you out.  The tips displayed is what I used for 
    guidelines.  Dont expect to get gold on your 1st try after
    you read this.  I suggest you play through some of the game 
    first, since most of the harder tests occur in real tracks.  
    The more practice equals better results.  Have fun with these!
    3.     BASICS
    Before you start going off getting these golds, I suggest 
    you make sure you know the basics of doing these.  Not 
    knowing them will end with total frustration and no golds 
    past A.  
    Use the DEMONSTRATION!!!  I cant emphasize this enough. Use
    the square and circle buttons to get the correct view you 
    want.  I suggest getting the view you use when you regularly 
    So the DEMO at least 3 times.  Make sure you do it BEFORE 
    you done the test.  It gives you exactly what you need to 
    do, and you dont want some nasty habits learned from 
    previous attempts.
    *Note* Heh, frustrated on one test?  Ill also have to admit
    that when Polyphony did these demos, they were probably the
    first and only time they did it.  Some of them consist of
    some of the most amazing turns and acceleration that no
    one can learn and do.  All LUCK!  Sadly, these tests end
    up being mostly luck, especially when you get down to 
    missing gold by .005.  But looking at these demos will give 
    you a good idea on what to do, and thats a whole lot better 
    then guessing.
    Read Brett ³Nemesis² Franklin¹s or JCulbert¹s Guide.  Both
    are extremely good, and will teach you basically all the
    skills need to do these tests (acceleration, braking, etc).
    Feathering the gas means you tap the gas button.  You get a 
    small effect to what braking does, but you dont lose speed.
    An example for feathering is the IC-6 test, on the final
    turn.  To take it faster, you dont have to slow down as
    much and you still turn without crashing.
    Getting gold requires lots of experience with this game.  
    You must know how to brake, reasonably well.  And making 
    solid turns without losing speed.  I may end up adding a 
    small drivers guide to help you out there, but Im not much 
    of a expert there.
    Cutting the apex is something I made up.  Its hard to
    decribe, it so this crappy picture below should help.
              |         /-------------
              |        /  
              |      M/--------------
              |      /|
              |     | |
              |     | |
              |    X| |
    X-Beginning of car path
    M-The apex (Don¹t know what an apex is?  Then quit playing).
    4.     LICENSE TESTS
    Yes these are evil.  Bronze is easier to get, but who bought 
    GT2 only to give up on some great cars?  This will help!
    =B License=
    Simple stuff.  Very basic, and It shouldn¹t take you more 
    then a 2 hours.
    B - 1
    Toyota Vitz F 99       
     FF   67 hp                  Required for Gold: 38.650
    Fairly simple but one of the tougher ones.  There is little 
    room for error.  Use automatic and cruise straight up.  This 
    takes awhile...and is very annoying.  My best tip, and what 
    I used is to break just before 35 seconds, so around 34.8-
    34.9.  You may not get gold on you first try, but theres 
    not much else someone can say.
    B - 2
    Fiat Coupe                  
    FF    211 hp                 Required for Gold: 29.270
    Same as B-1.  Break hard just before 25 seconds.  May take a 
    few tries... adjust after each run.
    B - 3
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34)   
    4WD   323 hp                Required for gold: 26.8??
    Again, same as the 2 before this.  This is rather tough 
    though.  I needed to use MT, instead of AT. Didnt get 
    enough speed with auto.  Anyway, using MT, break at around 
    22.5(this is tough).  Adjust after each race.  
    B - 4
    Nissan March G# 97        
    FF   75hp                             Required for gold: 
    Extremely easy, just takes a little patience.  I suggest you 
    take the first-person view, as you can stay on the red/white 
    border edge easier.  Do get gold, you must stay on there.  
    In 1st person, it shouldnt be too tough.  1st lap consists 
    of small right turns, but as you gain speed, you will have 
    to hold right harder as you turn.  Took me 5 tried...fairly 
    B - 5
    Impreza VRX STi VerV 99       
    4WD  283 hp                           Required for Gold: 
    Longer circle, 80 meters this time.  Same strategy though.  
    Stay on the red/white border and your OK.  Since the car is 
    faster, you will have to let go of the gas sometimes.  
    Letting go of the gas will allow you to turn back in, while 
    using the gas will lead you out.  Although the track is a 
    circle, there is 4 main turns where you will have to left 
    off the gas.  I did this on my first try, learned a lot from 
    my experience in B-4.  I dont believe it should be much 
    B - 6
    Mazda Demio G1-X 99       My time: 24.637
    FF    96 hp                          Required for Gold: 
    At first glance, this is tough, but in reality its fairly 
    simple.  NO BRAKING!  Use it and forget about getting gold.  
    Follow the yellow line down the hill until you reach the 
    turn.  Turn BEFORE you the yellow line does.  IF done 
    correctly, you should turn right against the inside of the 
    turn and back on the outside of the last stretch of the 
    test.  If youre having problems turning, turn at around the 
    10 seconds mark.  Make sure, you turn from the outside, to 
    the inside, and back to the outside.  
    B - 7
    Integra Type R (Japan Model)    
    FF   194 hp                     Required for Gold: 20.750
    Whew, toughest one yet.  Same track as B6 with a faster car.  
    The key in this test is to follow the YELLOW line.  Speed 
    down following the line and as you begin to turn, brake, so 
    that you are in the turn.  Accelerate off, following the 
    line and you should get gold.  This is very tough because 
    you dont want to hit the red/white part on the inside.  It 
    slows you down just long enough so that you will get 20.8s.  
    Try turning in at the 8 seconds mark if youre having 
    B - 8
    Integra Type R (Japan Model)    
    FF   194 hp                     Required for Gold: 23.310
    God, I didnt think it could get much harder.  Best advice 
    is dont turn youre car like you did in the previous test.  
    It may be the and car, but that right turn is much 
    different.  Follow the yellow line, break and turn at about 
    81 mph.  You should slow down to only 63 or 64.  Unlike 
    previous attempts where  you just used the line as a small 
    guide, FOLLOW it exactly.  Like I said, its much different 
    then B-7 or B-6.  As always, make sure you get straight 
    B - 9
    Ford Cougar                     
    FF   172 hp                     Required for Gold: 23.550
    Ack, Cougars!  Follow the yellow line, turn in at 63 mph.   
    Dont follow the yellow line and no breaking!  On this next 
    turn, get as far left as you can (without slowing down), let 
    go of the gas for a seconds and turn.  You will be going to 
    slow if you understeer or oversteer.  Follow the yellow line 
    through the finish.  Not too tough.
    B - 1 0
    Ford Cougar                    
    FF   172 hp                     Required for Gold: 20.300
    Did it on my first try.  Only difference is that you have a 
    6 mph launch time.  Its STILL, the same exact turns.  Follow 
    the yellow line, and brake in at about 77 mph.  You should 
    always be on the yellow line.  After this first turn, you 
    should lose enough speed to take the 2nd turn without 
    letting go of the gas.  Shouldn¹t cause you too much trouble.
    =A License=
    The A tests arent too difficult (except A-4).  I warn you 
    on A-4, god have mercy on your soul.
    A - 1
    Skyline GT-R Vspec (R32)        
    4WD   295 hp                    Required for Gold: 18.800
    Yay, another braking test.  Break at 14 seconds.  Btw, in 
    the demo, the computer still accelerates as it breaks.  
    Anyone know if that would affect your braking distance?
    A - 2
    Subaru Legacy B4 RSX 98        
    4WD   285 hp                    Required for Gold: 21.100
    I couldnt figure out really what to do, so I just followed 
    the demo.  Stay on the right, turn in at 15, break at 16.5 
    (ya I know).  Hold onto the brake for the rest of the time.  
    Turn in, and once you begin to turn off the track, turn 
    back right.  You should end up sideways on the finish area.  
    Thought this one was going to be tough, but I got it within 
    10 tries.
    A - 3
    Integra Type R(Japan Model)    
    FF   194 hp                     Required for Gold: 19.200
    The Integra returns!  Follow the line, and brake in a little 
    after 5.  Slow to 66, and stay inside.  Tough turn to brake 
    on, but if you brake late, you will know it because you will 
    be laying in the dirt.  Tough, but this is a piece of cake 
    to the next one.
    A - 4
    Toyota Altezza RS200 98        
    FR   202 hp                     Required for Gold: 19.300
    Yikes!  Brake at 100, or right after 5 seconds.  Slow down 
    to 63 or so and the rest is just like A-3.  But braking is 
    the key and this become the toughest test you have reached 
    (so far..heh heh heh).
    A - 5
    Integra Type R(Japan Model)     
    FF   194 hp                     Required for Gold: 12.600
    Did it on my first try!  Brake in at 4 seconds, nailing the 
    apex with the front of you car, and never slowing down past 
    75.  You should end up on the right side of the last part of 
    the test, probably touching the red/white markers.  Very 
    easy!  Relief after A-4.
    A - 6
    Toyota Altezza RS200 98        
    FR   202 hp                     Required for Gold: 12.500
    Whew, barely made it.  Same test as A-5, and once again 
    brake in at 4 seconds.  Make sure youre at the right side 
    of the road when you turn.  You should end up doing the 
    exact same thing as A-5.  
    A - 7
    3000GT Turbo MR                 
    4WD   302 hp                    Required for Gold: 24.600
    A S-turn test.  Stay on the left side of the road, and brake 
    and 107.  Turn in and drive to the right side of the 
    road to take the 2nd turn.  No braking necessary.  Let go of 
    the gas and turn in, accelerate once youre in the turn, 
    right before the apex.
    A - 8
    Toyota Supra RZ 97             
    FR   325 hp                     Required for Gold: 24.000
    Exact same test from A-7.  From the left side of the road, 
    brake at 110, and slow turn in.  Accelerate once youre in 
    the turn well enough (shouldnt go below 65 mph.)  The 2nd 
    turn can be done exactly like you did in A-7.
    A - 9
    3000GT Turbo MR              
    4WD 302 hp                     Required for Gold: 14.100
    Oh, man, tough tough tough. Nice car though.  Brake from the 
    right side of the road at 103, and accelerate thought the 
    apex.  The key to the next part is that you need to be slow 
    enough not to fish-tail into the 2nd turn.  Hopefully you 
    have enough traction that you can remain on the left side of 
    the road, where you can take the 2nd turn no problem, 
    without braking (cut through the apex).  If youre fish-
    tailing it, screw it.  You wont get it that way.
    A - 1 0
    Toyota Supra RZ 97             
    FR   325 hp                     Required for Gold: 13.700
    Same test as A-9.  Use same braking path.  Brake at 4 
    seconds, and everything else is exactly the same.  The key 
    again to getting gold is that small area between the turns.
    =IC License=
    This is where they get tough.  If you thought A was tough, 
    you have no clue what to expect.  And it only gets harder.
    IC - 1
    Mazda MX-5 Miata 1.8 RS         
    FR   141 hp                     Required for Gold: 16.050
    Took me 2 tries.  Follow the yellow line, but turn in a 
    little before it does.  Break at 4.5 seconds (not when you 
    first turn in).  Accelerate through the apex and you should 
    end up almost driving off course.  But the momentum should 
    bring you into perfect position to accelerate to the finish.
    IC - 2
    Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero      
    FR   244 hp                     Required for Gold: 15.450
    Ack, same test as IC-1 but so much harder.  The little 
    sentence sums it up - ³Easy to enter but hard to exit.²  
    Follow the yellow line and turn in at 4 seconds.  Brake a 
    little past 4.5 seconds and slow to 60 mph.  Straighten out 
    quick and finish.  That sounds so much easier then what it 
    really is.  But follow those guidelines and you should 
    eventually be successful.
    IC - 3
    Camaro Z28 Coupe 97            
    FR   285 hp                     Required for Gold: 20.200
    Fairly easy to complete.  Stay on the right side (Another 
    tip: make sure you hit the red/white markers, then begin 
    youre turn.  It helped me a bunch).  After hitting the 
    red/white border, turn left and brake at 7.5 roughly.  Slow 
    to 65, cross the apex.  Set yourself up to the right and 
    take the next turn by letting go of the gas.  Accelerate 
    right after you pass the apex.  This is easy, but have fun 
    with IC-4.  If youre still having trouble, use those 
    red/white markers as guides on where you need to be.
    IC - 4
    Camaro Z28 Coupe 97            
    FR   285 hp                     Required for Gold: 20.200
    Those walls seem to make the road a couple of feet smaller.  
    Very tough, but you gotta do the exact same thing as in IC-
    3, its just you cant get too close or you will nail the 
    wall.  Not much more I can say, but you will end up nailing 
    that first one inside the 1st turn a couple of times.  Also, 
    the 2nd turn comes quick, so make sure youre not 
    celebrating on doing the 1st one good.
    IC - 5
    Toyota Supra RZ 97             
    FR   325 hp                     Required for Gold: 11.400
    Easy.  (As always, stay on the opposite side of the 
    direction youre turning)Let go of the gas when you get 110 
    and turn in, cutting the apex.  Do exactly the same on the 
    2nd turn.  You should almost fly off course towards the end.  
    You should have it done within a couple of tries.
    IC - 6
    Toyota Supra RZ 97           
    FR   325 hp                     Required for Gold: 22.500
    Same thing as above, just a little longer.  Look above if
    you have a problem with that.  After you take the 2nd turn,
    stay on the left side, and brake as you reach the turn.  
    Slow to around 85 mph, and you should be able to accelerate
    out with no problem, and getting gold.  If youre having 
    some trouble getting around, feather the gas a little.
    IC - 7
    Toyota Celica SS-II 99         
    FF   182 hp                     Required for Gold: 15.100
    Start by moving on the right, then left.  Dont let go of
    the acceleration as you make the right turn, so you have 
    ample time on the sharp 180 turn at the end.  Notice the
    left turn sign on the right side of the road? Brake from 
    there (You should be positioned on the right side of the
    road).  Brake to about 50, and speed out.  Tough, but
    the next one is much tougher.
    IC - 8
    Honda S2000                   
    FR  241 hp                     Required for Gold: 14.600
    Ack, this is amazingly tough.  Do the exact as you did with
    IC-7, only when you take the right turn, let go of the gas 
    before you turn (I know this is hard to do, but the demos
    way seems to be the only one so far.)  Again, brake at the
    same spot, and to 50 mph.
    IC - 9
    Alfa 156 2.5 V6 24V                 
    FF  195 hp                     Required for Gold: 20.150
    Oh, boy.  Nice car though.  Its one of those picky tests 
    again. Start out by position left and turning into the right 
    turn.  You want to be outside so that you can keep youre 
    speed above 100 mph.  Going any slower and forget about it.  
    Remember, tap  while you turn right to save speed.  Brake at 
    the first gray spot on the right wall.  Notice is blue, 
    gray, blue, and so on? Brake when you hit the gray, and turn 
    in.  Speed is key here. Slower then 75 is a no no.  Instead 
    of making a sharp turn here, do youre best to tap left 
    instead of a normal turn. You can gain speed as you turn 
    that way.  Very tough test.
    IC - 1 0
    Corvette Gran Sport 96                 
    FR  333 hp                     Required for Gold: 22.500
    The first right turn is simple.  And no, you cant do it 
    without braking.  You should slow down too much.   The next 
    right, and the 2 lefts can be taken without braking.  The 
    2nd left should make you go on 2 wheels if you nail the 
    red/white borders.  The final turn is a pain.  Brake slowly 
    to around 50 mph, turn in, feather the gas, anything to turn 
    the car.  Its a pain, but wasnt too tough after I went 
    through it.
    =IB License=
    Yes!  Rally Races!  Easy golds.   Too bad theres only 2.
    IB - 1 
    [R]Impreza Rally Car 99                 
    4WD  476 hp                    Required for Gold: 27.100
    Not much I can say.  Just do whatever.  You should make gold
    on youre first or 2nd try.  Dont follow the demo, and you 
    will  make gold.  Watch out for the hills though.  
    Straighten the car up when you hit them.
    IB - 2 
    [R]Lancer EvoV Rally Car 99                
    4WD  428 hp                    Required for Gold: 19.250
    Again, nothing hard.  Rally tests are the easiest ones in
     the game.  Nothing much to say.  8 more to go.  Try to hit 
    every single wall though. =)
    IB - 3
    Mitsubishi FTO GPX 97                
    FF  192 hp                    Required for Gold: 25.500
    First turn is rather simple.  If you dont know how to take 
    it, why are you even going for gold?  Dont go below 65 mph 
    though.  Feather the gas on the 2nd turn.  No problem.
    Sure doesnt feel like a FF car though.  I spinned out on
    a couple of occasions.
    IB - 4
    MR  284 hp                    Required for Gold: 24.300
    Almost exactly the same thing as IB-3.  On the 2nd turn,
    brake before you turn as a MR car accelerates faster and
    feathering wont work.  Not too difficult.  Gets harder 
    IB - 5
    Mustang SVT Cobra 98               
    FR  302 hp                    Required for Gold: 17.900
    Ack, toughie.  Turn in at 116 mph, and brake.  You should 
    slide  right into perfect position to brake in and 
    accelerate out of the 2nd turn.  Like how the game says - 
    "Start braking while you still feel the lateral G-Force of 
    the first turn.  The key is to brake from the inside of the 
    first turn toward the outside of the second turn."  Couldnt 
    have said it better myself.
    IB - 6
    Peugeot 106 1.6 Rally               
    FF  99 hp                    Required for Gold: 19.700
    Hmmm, I have no clue how I got gold.  For both slalom.  Heh,
    anyone have a tip?  Just make sure you make small turns and
    let  go of acceleration when you turn.  I basically followed
    the demo, so brake when you first enter.  Not much I can 
    IB - 7
    Skyline GT-R Vsp.(R33) 97                
    4WD  309 hp                    Required for Gold: 19.750
    OK, first off, the demo made a miracle turn on the 1st one.  
    Try to cut the apex, without losing too much speed.  Before 
    you recover from the 1st turn, you should be braking in and 
    make sure you feather the gas while turning.  This is a 
    Skyline, not no FTO LM.  Extremely tough.
    IB - 8
    Honda S2000               
    FR  241 hp                    Required for Gold: 18.650
    Same thing as IB-6, only youre going much faster.  Same 
    rules apply.  Dont brake..  The slaloms are further apart to 
    deal with the faster speeds.  
    IB - 9
    Mazda RX-7 Type RS 98              
    FF  192 hp                    Required for Gold: 23.800
    Red Rock Valley, at the end.  You should be familiar with 
    it.  The small S turn can be taken without braking and is no 
    problem. The sharp left turn.  Brake in at around where the 
    red/white border begins on the left side of the road.  Slow 
    to around 75 mph, and feather the gas as you make the turn.  
    Its a tough to turn to make it across all the way.
    IB - 10
    Viper GTS                
    FR  463 hp                    Required for Gold: 23.200
    Not fun.  You should notice by now that theres a small bump 
    just before the corkscrew.  You need to brake before this!  
    If you dont youre flying into the wall for a nice looking 
    fail.  Slow down, and move straight down the corkscrew, 
    cutting the corners (but make sure youre still on the road 
    so you dont fail).   On the left turn you make, let go for 
    acceleration for a second, and turn in.  I love that turn.  
    You have no problem making it.  Very slow turning.
    =IA License=
    IA consists of some tough tests, along with 3 rally courses.  
    Although they are easy golds, the other 7 will get you 
    frustrated.  Surprisingly, this was the easiest of the 
    international licenses (for me).
    IA - 1
    Viper GTS              
    FR  463 hp                    Required for Gold: 31.900
    You have done something similar to this back in the B tests.  
    Same rules apply.  The circle really consists of 4 hard 
    turns, and you want to stop accelerating on those turns.  
    Always stay on the red/white marker.  You are almost always 
    turning in this.  If you go past the white line in the 
    middle, forget about getting gold.
    IA - 2
    TVR Griffith 500               
    FR  338 hp                    Required for Gold: 23.900
    A picky one.  Speed down the hill, brake and turn in half 
    way into the red/white markers on the left.  The turn should 
    send you straight up, on the right side of the road.  This 
    next blind turn is a toughie.  As soon as you reach the 
    red/white markers on the right, brake and turn in slowly.  
    The turn you get should allow you to accelerate as you reach 
    the apex.  Speed is key in this one.  Taking the first turn 
    correctly is the hardest thing to do in this test.
    IA - 3 
    MR  284 hp                    Required for Gold: 30.000
    This one involves almost no braking.  This turn requires 
    early braking, as the speed you gain is too much to take it.  
    Stay on the right side of the road, and brake at 10 seconds.   
    Turn into the apex, and feather the gas.  This requires a 
    lot of work, and its just the beginning.  The next 3 turns 
    can be taken by feathering the gas.  Still, they aren¹t a 
    walk in the park.  They key to all 4, is to feather the gas, 
    and cut the apex:
    1st turn: 
                 |            XXXX
                 |           X    XXXXX
                 |         X/------------
                 |        X/
                 |      F |
                 |     F  |
    X- Path of car.
    F- Where you want to feather the gas
    OK, its a little crappy, but this is the toughest turn to 
    do, because you can lose a lot of speed.  Basically you want 
    to feather first, then turn.  You gain momentum turning 
    easier.  The path after the turn is to set up for the next 
    left turn.  Same thing with that turn.  The 2nd right can be 
    tough if you don¹t cut the apex sharply.  If you don¹t, you 
    will fly across into the grass.  Have fun with it. =)
    IA - 4
    [R]Ford Escort Rally Car              
    4WD  460 hp                   Required for Gold: 27.800
    Rally test. All right! No skill involved.  Just do whatever.  
    Again, looking at the demo is bad!
    IA - 5
    [R]Escudo Pikes Peak Version              
    4WD  981 hp                    Required for Gold: 27.000
    Ok, another pretty easy one.  But remember, this is the 
    Escudo.  Power, sheer power.  When taking most of these 
    turns, you are going 150 mph, so brake early on these sharp 
    turns.  Again, its rally so you have a lot of room for 
    IA - 6
    Peugeot 306 S16             
    FF  306 hp                    Required for Gold: 39.600
    Same turns as IA-5.  Only you are going about 100 mph 
    slower.  Nothing like IA-5, extremely easy.  I can¹t say 
    much more, but again, lots of room for error, but don¹t run 
    into every wall.
    IA - 7
    [R]Alfa 155 Touring Car              
    4WD  544 hp                    Required for Gold: 16.300
    Nice car, tough test.  You did the same test in IC-9, its 
    just a faster car.  Its another picky one.  Brake at the 
    point as you did in IC-8 (I hate to say the same thing so 
    scroll up).  The car is faster so feather the gas as you 
    make that long turn to the finish.  The DEMO is exactly what 
    you want to do.  Its not too hard, but you got to do 
    everything right.
    IA - 8
    Jaguar XJ220 GT Race Car             
    MR  541 hp                     Required for Gold: 22.900
    Consists of the last part of Midfield Race Way.  The long U-
    turn and be taken by feather the gas.  Unlike in IC-7 and 
    IC-8, the small right turn should not be taken without 
    braking.  Brake when you take it, and the rest is the exact 
    same as IC-7 and IC-8.  Same braking point, but you may want 
    to make a sharper turn.
    IA - 9
    [R]Nissan R390 GT1 98             
    MR  663 hp                    Required for Gold: 19.900
    Same test as in IC-10, except faster car.  Should brake a 
    little early before the corkscrew and do the exact same 
    thing.  Speed is key here.  Take the corkscrew as fast as 
    possible, and feather the gas on that long left turn to the 
    finish.  Brake at about 150 mph to do it.  Again not too 
    tough, but a lot of practice is needed to precisely go down 
    the corkscrew.
    IA - 10
    [R]Toyota GT-ONE 98              
    MR  672 hp                    Required for Gold: 17.750
    Love this car.  Your turns should be similar to what you 
    previously have done on IA-2.  Same braking point on the 
    right turn, as well as on the left turn.   The key on this 
    one is to turn this monster of a car.  Brake to around 85 
    mph, turn in, feather the gas.  You should just barely make 
    the turn.  Straighten up on grab the final gold.
    =Super  License=
    You must do 1 full lap, and use everything you learned in B-IA 
    to get GOLD.  The rally ones are easy, Laguna Seca is just 
    The courses:                        The cars:
    Tahiti Road                         [R]Rover Mini 1275S Mark 1          
    Seattle Circuit Full Course         Ford GT40
    Smokey Mountain North Course        [R]Impreza Rally Car 99
    Midfield Raceway                    [R]Pennzoil Nismo GT-R GT 99
    Grindelwald                         Lotus Europa
    Rome Circuit Full Course            Peugeot 406 Sedan
    Laguna Seca Raceway                 [R]Viper GTS-R Team Oreca
    Tahiti Maze                         [R]Lancer EvoVI Rally Car 99
    Rome-Night                          [R]Alda 155 Touring Car
    Apricot Hill Speedway               [R]Toyota GT-ONE 99
    I can¹t say much, but basically, play through the game before
    you try and attempt these.  Know them well, and nothing should
    surprise you.  Considering they are a full lap, GOLD comes 
    pretty quick, but I also had 34% of the game done when I tried 
    it.  If people want tips on these, I suppose a later update
    may include some tips on how to do the tougher turns. By the
    way, the GT-ONE you use on test 10 is the car you win.
    Tahiti Road Strategy
    (By Gervais Leclerc)
    Here's a trick to get gold on Special License 1 (requirement 
    1:13.000 on my version). Do as the demo, until the end of 
    the third section where there is a long right curve which 
    requires hard braking at its exit. But it's much quicker if 
    you take the curve full gas while sliding along the left wall. 
    Approach the curve with you left wheels in the grass and hit 
    the wall as late as possible. You can exit the curve at 85 
    mph instead of 65 for the demo. This way I have gained 1.7 
    second over the demo time only in the third section! If you 
    carry your speed over the fourth section you end up nearly 2 
    seconds faster than the demo and get an effortless gold.  
    First time I got gold I was having a lousy run, trailing the 
    demo by 1.5 seconds at the second split time, but I ended up 
    with a better time than the demo. With the above tactic my best 
    time is 1:11.647. Without it I got 1:13.468, I guess I could 
    get the gold in a regular way with a little more practice. But 
    who cares? Gold is gold.
    Note: Thanks again Gervais, and good luck with Rome City Night!
    I barely made it, myself, but barely making it on the US version
    doesn¹t live up to European Gold.  Still, if you ever get tired,
    buy the GT-ONE 98, its almost the exact same car you get for all
    golds on Super.
    5.     CARS EARNED
    I would go after B, and IA first.  They have really nice 
    cars, while the IC and Super do have good cars, they arent 
    exactly necessary and you cant use them in much races.
    B - Spoon S2000:  A great car!  A must have at the beginning 
    of the game.  You can save yourself a lot of trouble and 
    money by getting this first.  You can almost go through the 
    nationals without tuning, and use the money for a 2nd great 
    car.  I suggest you grab this first, before doing any of the 
    A - Concept Car:  OK car.  Its fast if you can upgrade it, 
    but it only gets up to 350 HP, and It may end up wasting 
    your time.  Although, if you upgrade this only, you can race 
    the MR Race 3 and grab the GT40 Race Car, which is one of 
    the best cars in the game (You need some luck not getting 
    the GT40 in the race though, took me 3 tries)
    IC - 3000GT LM:  Nice powerful car.  Not the same as it was
    in GT1, but a very mad car.  Great for the power races, so
    guess what?  You dont need to use the Escudo!  I havent
    found much time to use it.  
    IB - Del Sol LM: Has some more HP then in GT1.  Great
    car, very good overall.  But it doesnt really have a chance 
    with the FTO LM, Cerbera LM, and Concept Car LM.  Still, 
    I havent had much time to play with it.
    IA - FTO LM:  Beautiful car.  Has great acceleration and 
    handling, and can almost beat any car head to head (Other
    then the Escudo, but the Escudo just isnt a car).  A
    must have for anyone serious in this game.
    Super - GT-One LM 99: A slightly better version of the 
    awesome GT-One you can buy for 1 million credits.  I 
    havent found much reason to get this other then its LM 
    status, because the one you buy is almost the same.  Still,
    a great car.
    OK, here they are, for you cheaters.  There were 2 versions
    on Gameshark.com, Regular and V1.1.  I don¹t use codes, so
    I have no idea what they mean.  Anyone want to help?  For
    now, I¹ll have both on.
    =Regular Codes= 
                 Gold Licenses B 
                 Gold Licenses A
                 Gold Licenses I-C 
                 Gold Licenses I-B 
                 Gold Licenses I-A
                 Gold Super License
    =V1.1 Codes= 
                 Gold Licenses B 
                 Gold Licenses A 
                 Gold Licenses I-C 
                 Gold Licenses I-B 
                 Gold Licenses I-A 
                 Gold Super License 
    7.     EXTRA NOTES
    Okay, this section just has some extra interesting things
    about the GT2 License tests.  Thanks for Gervais Leclerc,
    for this info!  
    For example on IB-1 and IB-2 you get gold with 27.1
    and 19.25 respectively.  For the European Version, required
    times are 26.4 and 18.55.  Ouch!  I suppose those Rally tests
    aren¹t easy anymore. =).  Lucky us.  Most times are different,
    but A-4 requires a .5 faster time.  Though I must say, this
    European Version sounds like a hardcore drivers dream.
    Also, in his email, he stated that you can get 100%, instead
    of 98.2%.  Very cool.  That almost wants me to go import it
    right now. 
    Q: I can¹t do IC-4.  What do I do?
    A: Read the strategy for IC-4 =)  And keep trying
    Q: How long did it take you to get all gold?
    A: Roughly 2 and a half months, but I really started
       going for them around 2/20/00, so about 2 weeks.
    Q: Screw this, I¹m using a gameshark.
    A: Not really a question, but go ahead.  This required
       a lot of patience and I think my controller died from
       so many bangings on the wall.  
    Q: Whats the hardest test?
    A: hmmm, Super-7, Laguna Seca with the Viper Oreca.  Ugh,
       this was harder then hell.  It took me 2 hours to get 
       it, and it was just on this test.  IC-4 and A-4 were
       also bitches, and the 2 slaloms were extremely tough.
    Q: Whats the hardest/easiest license?
    A: IC or IB. Easiest was probably B, or A.
    Q: Where do I get-?
    A: Stop before you ask.  This is a license guide.  Nothing
       more.  Check out the other FAQs to find out where you
       get a certain car.  You won¹t find it here, unless its
       a car you get from getting all gold from licenses.
    9.     Thanks and Disclaimer
      JCulbert - For his wonderful guide that got me interested in 
        GT, and I also based my disclaimer on his (His is great and 
        says exactly what mine did, only better).
      CJAYC <gamefaqs.com> - For hosting this =)
      GameShark.com - For the Codes (duh!)
      Gervais Leclerc - Tip on Tahiti Road for Super License.  And
        also brought up some interesting things with the European Game
    This GUIDE is (c) 2000-2003 cnick.  This guide may be not be reproduced at all
    except for personal, private use. This guide is not to be used for 
    profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used by publishers of 
    magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY
    way.  Unless noted on this guide, this document should not be found on any
    web site other than gamefaqs.com. Any characters, names, places, or 
    miscellaneous objects are copyright their respective companies. 
    GRAN TURISMO 2 LICENSE GUIDE (c) 2000-2003 cnick
    -End of FAQ-

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