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    Simulation Disc Walkthrough by ADang

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    filename: GT2simdisc100.doc
    Title: Walkthrough for the Simulation disc of Gran Turismo 2.
    Walkthrough the simulation disc on Grand Turismo 2,
    US version, using the "glitched version".
    FAQ version 1.10     8/13/00
    author: Alex Dang <zippyAye@yahoo.com>
    This faq is only found at http://www.gamefaqs.com 
    and should not be found elsewhere.
    pt. 1
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         A. WHY I WROTE THIS.
         C. History of this faq.
              A1. 147HP and and early free HP races
              C1. Some 295HP and under races
              C2. 197HP races (and some more than that too)
              C3. 98HP races
              C4. 295HP races (and some more than that too)
              D1. 394 HP races
              E1. Some Miscellaneous 295HP, 345HP, and 394HP races.
              E2. 493HP races
              E3. 591HP races
              E4. Rally races free HP
              F1. More 591 races.
              F2. Assorted and leftover HP and Engine races
              F3. Fast and Free HP
    I made this walkthrough faq because there is no one on gamefaqs
    claiming of a way to finish up the game by detailing which car
    to use for which race. The idea for this faq came from Jaz Rignali's
    guide to the First Gran Turismo and from DanGC's quick cash guide.
    Personally, I thought DanGC's guide was excellent for how to make
    money, but not which car to use.  I wanted to make a faq about
    making money quick too, but I ended up with a walkthrough, which
    does a similar job. The difference is that I tell you which race 
    to race with which car.
    This walkthrough FAQ is for the Sim Disc. 
    From what I heard on the gamefaqs posting boards and from what I
    experienced, this is a glitched game. I also heard that there is
    another version out that is not glitched.  This walkthrough faq
    is created from the glitched version that I have. Although this faq
    can be used for the "fixed" version, I have not verified anything
    regarding that.
    This is my guide to finishing the Simulation Disc by racing
    each race once, unless you loose a race ^_^.
    C. History:
    ver 1.00 5/13/00 Started it out. (posted)
    ver.1.10 8/13/00 noted the different cars you might win on Seattle
                    Circuit Endurance. Broke up the walkthrough by HP.
                    Modified some info for Manufactures races.
                    Fixed some grammar.
         A1. 147HP and and early free HP races
    First, go buy* a used Toyota MR2 1600-G-Ltd 86 with your starting
    10,000 Cr. Go to the Special event races and enter the Lightweight
    K-cup. Race and win the Rome Short Course.  You will get a Mugen
    Beat, but don't sell it**. Next, go to the Sunday Cup. Enter and
    win Tahiti Road.
    * Note: there should be a cheap one for under 6,000 Cr. If not, wait
    a day until there is.
    ** Note: Some prize cars can be used for the manufacture event races.
    I'll try to remind you when you can sell the prize car. Some races
    have more than one prize car, but I only noted one race that has
    that possible. Please keep in mind that races with multiple winning
    cars appear to be random in how they award you. If you have any better
    idea, let me know. In general, check to see if you can use the car for
    a manufacture event race before you sell it.
    You should have just enough money to buy a Ford Mercury Cougar 67.
    Race and win the rest of the Sunday Cup and then win the first two
    Clubman Cup races. Just watch out for the U-turn on the Gridenwald
    (Don't forget to let off the gas and/or use the breaks on those more
    sharper turns). 
    Now go and get your B license.
    With your B license and the Cougar, finish off the Clubman Cup.  Then
    enter the Station Wagon Cup and win the Rome Short. (That's right. Your
    Cougar now becomes a station wagon, hehe). These young station wagons
    will give the old Cougar a run for your money, but you can still beat
    them.  Even though it is an 394 HP race, you'll do fine. You will win
    an Imprezia Wagon STi. Make sure you save your game here.
         C1. Some 295HP and under races
    Now, go get your A license. [optional: go to the arcade disc, time
    trials and practice racing the Midfield raceway, Tahiti Road, and the
    Rome Circuit with the wagon STi. This will help you with the upcoming
    races and fill in some racing time blanks.] Get in your wagon STi and
    go to the GT races.  On the first page, which is the country nationals,
    race and win the French and Italian Nationals.  The wagon STi can
    actually beat each of the second races for each country, but it doesn't
    have the best handling when it is stock.  It will be upgraded later.
    (Besides that, some of these race tracks are the more difficult ones in
    terms of curvyness.) These races will be close, but your car has built
    in turbo and enough horsepower to out race them.
         C2. 197HP races (and some more than that too)
    Go back to your garage and get into your MR2.  It is now time to upgrade
    your car! Buy and install Turbo stage 1, a racing flywheel, Stage 1
    weight reduction, super soft racing tires, and a semi racing muffler.
    You should have just about 197HP.  Enter and win the first races of the
    GT national cups.  If you have trouble with any track, just stay on the
    practice run until you are comfortable with the track.
    Next, go to the Special races, Compact Car cup, race and win the Rome
    Short. You should get a Vitz F which you'll need in a little bit. Next
    race and win the Seattle Short. Go to the Special Convertible Car Cup,
    Tahiti Road, and the Speical Historic Car trophy, Tahiti Road.  Race and
    win them. You can sell the Mugen CRX III because there is no special
    race for it.  Goto to the 80's Sport car cup, first race and win that.
         C3. 98HP races
    Go back to your garage and get into your Vitz F (from the Compact Car
    cup, Rome Short).  Go to Toyota, buy and install a Turbo stage 1. You
    should have 98 HP exactly.  Then goto the Event option at Toyota.
    Enter and win the Vitz Trophy normal style. Then Goto the Special
    Lightweight Cup.. Race and win the Seattle Short and Tahiti Road.
    Sell the Mugen CRX II.
    Now let's go back to your wagon Sti. Go to Subaru, buy and install
    the following: Sports Brakes, Racing Super Soft tires, Racing
    Flywheel, Carbon Driveshaft, a semi racing muffler, and weight
    reduction stage 1.  You should have about 295 HP.
         C4. 295HP races (and some more than that too)
    Next, race and win the rest of the GT Nationals 2nd races, and the 3rd
    race of the Japan nationals.  For the next races,  sell the cars. Go to
    the Special races, 4WD cup and win the Seattle short. Compact car cup --
    autumn ring, station Wagon - Super Speedway, Historic car cup -- Rome
    circuit (see note below). Race the Luxury Sedan cup-- Rome full course
    and keep the Accord type R you get (for the type R race and others)
    note: for the Historic car cup - Rome circuit.
    Buy weight reduction stage 2, and a triple clutch to race against the
    Ford GT 40. It shows up most of the time to beat your ego and to make
    sure that you don't always win.  It's a tough car to beat on a tough
    track.  You should keep trying and wait until you are lucky enough that
    the GT40 does not show up (around 1 out of 4 times).
    If you have the non-glictched version of GT2, then you don't have to
    worry about the Ford GT40 showing up at this race.
    Now get your IC license.
    Enter and win the 80's cup Special Stage 5 (sell Tom's T01).  There are
    some other 345HP races, but we'll come back to them later with the
    appropriate license or car.
         D1. 394 HP races
    Take your wagon Sti and soup it up to 393 HP.  Be careful not to go
    beyond that, or else you can't enter the next set of races. To do
    this, buy and install the following: Stage 2 turbo, computer chip,
    port polish, racing muffler, full racing transmission, brake balance
    controller, and full customized suspension. You car is near completion!
    Since your car is becoming wiley, take it to the Time trials (on Arcade
    disc), any track and adjust the transmission, brakes, and suspension
    features as you see fit. You probably want to adjust the front brakes
    at 13 and the back at 12; spring rate at 6.5 for front, 5.0 for back,
    Ride height at 129 for front and 120 for back, and the transmission auto
    at 10 amongst other things. Don't take my word for it. There many
    great faqs out there that tell you how to properly tune your car.
    Finish up the GT nationals -- 3rd race for US, UK and Germany cup. Next
    head to the 4WD challenge -- Seattle course, Historic cup - Gridenwald
    (sell the XYR Celica), Station wagon cup -- Special stage R5, Grand
    Touring -- Red Rock Valley (keep the R Daisin Silvia), Luxury Sedan --
    Special stage R5, Pure Sports -- Laguna Seca (sell Tom's T01) and Deep
    Next, jump into the R Daisin Silvia (from the Gran Touring Cup, Red Rock
    Valley) and enter the FR challenge -- Special R5.  Keep the Nismo 270R
    you win. Then goto to Nissan Land and enter the Silvia 180sx challenge,
    Racing style.  Then get into the Nismo 270R, race and win the FR
    challenge Clubman Route 5 (sell the Slieighty, if you want).
    Get your IB license and return to the wagon Sti. As always, save
    your game.
         E1. Some Miscellaneous 295HP, 345HP, and 394HP races.
    Go to Arcade disc, Time trial - any track, and *downgrade* your car
    (blah!). Take off the turbo and the muffler, but keep the computer
    chip on there. You should be down to 291 HP. Check your garage to be
    sure.  If you haven't already done so, turn off the music on options
    and turn on your own non-game radio. Then goto the Endurance races,
    Trial Mountain 30 laps. You get a rolling start. When your tires
    start turning yellow, pit and change them. Don't worry, you should
    be plenty ahead of them. Race and win big money!
    For the 345HP races, goto the Convertible car cup, - Gridenwald.
    Fix your car's setting to include your muffler before your start.
    Then goto to the 80's cup -- Deep forest.
    Next, goto the 394HP races. Re-install your Turbo stage 2 before
    you start racing.  Race and win the 80's cup Seattle Circuit and
    Tahiti Road (win R Skyline Silhouette).
         E2. 493HP races
    Now, Jump into your R Daisin Silvia for the 493 races. Be sure to
    install your tires. Enter the FR challenge, Midfield raceway (win
    the RX-7c). Enter and win the Grand touring cup - Grand Valley speed
    way (win the R Castrol Mugen NSX GT). Next, goto the specials, pg 4,
    enter and win the Super Touring trophy - all five races
    (sell the repeat cars).
         E3. 591HP races
    Next, get into the R Skyline Silhouette (won from the 80's cup -
    Tahiti road).  Install the super soft tires and enter the 591HP
    races. This car has great breaking. Enter the luxury cup - high
    speed ring, Pure Sports car trophy - Trial Mountain.  go to page 4
    of the Specials, enter and win the GT300 (another rolling start).
    Then enter the Apricot hill 200 km (50 laps) endurance.
    Head to the GT League Euro, race and win the three races. [you will
    win three nice cars, at least I did. R Castrol GT, R Zexel Skyline,
    R Kure 338 GT]. Then get into your Wagon Sti and buy everything for
    it. . . except the racing body.  Specifically, you need to get a
    racing intercooler, engine balance, turbo stage 3 and weight
    reduction stage 3. Buy but do not install dirt racing tires. Now
    that your car is maxed out, enter and win the manufacturer's Impreza
    matchup (there is no racing body race, so be sure that you have won
    this before you make the modification).
         E4. Rally races free HP
    Next head to the Pacific GT League. you'll win some more nice cars
    and your first drag racer.  Then make the racing modification to the
    Wagon Sti. (My settings for it are Damper rebound front at 5, and
    auto gear setup to 15.  Everything else is left alone from before.
    But experiment with your own settings, or leave it unchanged.)
    Then head to the rally races. You can race the following races:
    - Smokey Mountain South A, IC, IB (tough)
    - Smokey Mountain North A, IC, IB
    - Green Forrest A
    - Tahiti Maze A, IB (glitch)
    - Tahiti Dirt R3 A
    - Pike's peak downhill A, IC, IB
    - Smokey Mountain North Reverse A, IC
    - Pike's peak uphill A
    - Tahiti Dirt R3 reverse A, A2
         F1. More 591 races.
    Get your International A liscense.  Jump into the R Skyline Sillhouette
    and finish off the 591 HP races: Convertible Cup -- trial mountain (win
    R Concept Car LM), the Grand Touring Car Trophy -- Midfield raceway
    (win R Unisia Jecs Skyline), and the Endurance page, Seattle Circuit
    100. The Seattle Circuit 100 should get you the Ford GT90. If instead
    you get the Escort Rally Car, race the Seattle Circuit endurance again
    to get the GT90.
    Jump into R Concept Car LM and return to the Specials page,
    Mid Engine Challenge --Redrock. Install the tires before you start.
    Win the R GT40.
    F2. Assorted and leftover HP and Engine races
    Finish up the engine type races on the specials pages. Get into the
    R GT40 you just won and race the Mid Engine Challenge -- high speed
    ring.  Be sure to install the tires before you start. Just a fair
    warning that the handling on this car is delicate. Then return to
    your old MR2 and modify it with the best stuff, except the racing body.
    Then race the Mid Engine Challenge - Grand Valley East.
    Return to your garage and get into your Accord Type R (won from Luxury
    Sedan Rome full course).  Buy all the good stuff. Enter the Type R race
    at Honda. Then enter the FF challenge -- Midfield Raceway and Trial
    Mountain (sell the cars, unless you want some FF cars).  Then take off
    the Muffler for your car and you should fit the HP restrictions for the
    FF Tahiti Road race.
    Then get into the R Zexel Skyline or R Kure r33 GT (either one won
    from GT league Euro).  Then race and win the last 4WD Challenge -
    Laguna Seca. Next, get into the R Castrol Supra (from GT Euro). Enter
    and win the Grand Valley 300 Endurance.
    F3. Fast and Free HP
    The rest of the races from this point on are all free HP.
    Get into the GT90 (won from the Seattle Circuit 100 Endurance) and
    finish all of the Muscle Car Cup. Then get into the R Castrol Mugen NSX
    GT (won from Grand Touring -- Grand Valley) and win the NA no. 1 Cup.
    Then get into the R Unisia Jecs Skyline (won from Gran Touring --
    Midfield Raceway) and enter the Turbo no. 1 cup.  Then head for the
    GT All stars cup.  You should be able to win all them easily except
    for the Laguna Seca.
    When you have 2 million credits, then buy the Escudo Pike's Peak from
    Suzuki. (This should only be your third car that you have bought).  Race
    and win the GT All Stars -- Laguna Seca. And use this car to win ANY
    other free HP race, except the special races at each car manufacturer.
    So you might want to finish it in this order: GT All Stars for specials,
    the rallys, endurance, and then the GT International.
    Finally, you should have completed 57.84% of the game. The rest of
    the races should be the Manufacturers races.
    I'll leave the Manufacturer races up to you with these pointers.
    - As for finding a car to use, first, check your garage of cars you won.
    Some cars you that you can use for the normal races do not have a racing
    body. You may want to sell those cars because you may want to use the
    same car for both the normal type and the racing type race. It saves
    money. It is up to you. Those that are racing body type already, you
    cannot modify the racing body off, so just buy/get a normal version of
    the car. But by all means use the racing body for the racing body
    - Second, check the new cars list. This also include associated
    manufacturers.  For example, the NSX for Honda's race can only be
    found at Acura.
    - Third, check the used car list if it exists. Buy and modify what you
    can for the car. If the used car you want is not listed, use this trick
    to change one day. Go to the license test. Enter any one and quit the
    test right away.
    - Fourth, if you are not sure what car to buy and use, look at the demo!
    - Fifth, slower and lower class cars (ie C class) do not need as
    many modifications to win the manufacturer race.
    Get the racing body only when you need it to win the races with the
    restrictions for racing bodies.
    Since it takes up a lot of money to win the manufacturer races,
    this is how you make money: You can race the special races, pg 4 and
    then sell the cars you win. You can also make a lot of money racing
    the Endurance races, but that is too boring. The last point is: if you 
    don't want the car anymore, sell it.
    And since this game is glitched, you can only get 98.2%.  When you do, 
    And how I got them. (This is nowhere near representative of all the
    possible cars to use and get for this game. Check gamefaqs for a
    complete carlist.)
    Toyota MR2 1600-G-Ltd 86 (buy it!)
    Mercury Cougar 67 (buy it!)
    Imprezia Wagon Sti (won from the Station wagon cup, Rome Short)
    Vitz F (won from Compact Car Cup, Rome Short)
    R Daisin Silvia (from the Gran Touring Cup, Red Rock Valley)
    Nismo 270R (from the FR challenge -- Special R5)
    R Skyline Silhouette (won from the 80's cup - Tahiti road)
    R Concept Car LM (won from Convertible Cup -- trial mountain)
    R GT40 (won from Mid Engine Challenge --Redrock.)
    Accord Type R (won from Luxury Sedan cup -- Rome full course)
    R Zexel Skyline(won from the GT league Euro)
    R Kure r33 GT (won from the GT league Euro)
    R Castrol Supra (won from the GT league Euro)
    GT90 (won from the Seattle Circuit 100 Endurance)
    R Castrol Mugen NSX GT (won from Grand Touring -- Grand Valley)
    R Unisia Jecs Skyline (won from Gran Touring -- Midfield)
    Escudo Pike's Peak by Suzuki (buy it!)
    IV. Final words.
    The I would like to acknowledge these people for their faqs
    that I referenced: Gordon Bower for his prize listing and DanGC
    for his quick cash guide. Also Jaz Rignali for his insipring GT
    walkthrough. I give you a warm Texan thank you.
    And thank you, the reader for reading all of it. Y'all come back
    now, ya hear?
    send all questions, corrections, and comments to Alex Dang at 

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