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    Endurance Guide by Samy

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 08/24/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ¦____________________________ Gran Turismo 2  ____________________________¦
    ¦¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Endurance Guide ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¦
    ¦                                                                         ¦
    ¦ Gran Turismo 2                                                          ¦
    ¦                                                                         ¦
    ¦ Version 2.3                                                             ¦
    ¦ (Version info at the end)                                               ¦
    ¦ Author : Samy                                                           ¦
    ¦ E-mail : samy171@hotmail.com                                            ¦
    ¦ Country : Greece                                                        ¦
    ¦                                                                         ¦
    ¦ System : PlayStation                                                    ¦
    ¦ Developer : Polyphony Digital                                           ¦
    ¦ Publisher : SCEI                                                        ¦
    ¦                                                                         ¦
    ¦        • This Guide is made upon the US version of the game •           ¦
    ¦                                                                         ¦
    ¦   For now, this guide can only be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com , if ¦ 
    ¦ you found this guide elsewhere,please contact me as soon as possible in ¦ 
    ¦ order for me to take legal measures.                                    ¦
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    ¦ • Overlook                                                              ¦
    • Overlook
    • Introduction
    • About the author
    • Endurance
     • Important advice's
     • In the Action
     • Some Tips
     • Tracks
      • Trial Mountain 30 laps
      • Apricot Hill 200 Km
      • Seattle Circuit 100 Miles
      • Grand Valley 300 Km
      • SS Route 5 All Night
      • Rome Circuit 2 hrs
      • Laguna Seca 200 Miles
     • End of guide
    • Version Info
    • Thanks to...
    • Disclaimer
    ¦ • Introduction                                                          ¦
       Once upon a time, in the world of video gaming, came a driving game for 
    the most famous console in the world. His name ? Gran Turismo ! His 
    advantage ? Simply the best driving game, not only for console, but for 
    every system. Its graphics, its gameplay, its soundtrack, everything was 
    perfect. Everybody was in the right to ask if a sequel could come without 
    disappointment. The answer came two years after the original and respond 
    simply to the name of GT-2. Sony made THE sequel, not only Gt-2 have better 
    graphics and better soundtrack (Garbage –I think I'm paranoid- and the 
    Cardigans –My Favorite Game- being just great), but also enhanced Gameplay 
    and, off course, TONS of new cars !!!
       With GT-2 being so vast (big) you'll need a guide or even a walkthrough 
    to take out the most of this baby. I managed to find a lot of Walkthroughs 
    on the net (particularly on the best solution-gaming site around, 
    http://www.gamefaqs.com) so if you're experiencing problems in the 
    complicated world of Gran Turismo 2, just go there and read some of the 
    great FAQs. In this guide, as you've guessed by the title, I'll talk about 
    the Endurance section of the game, but not only, I'll also say what cars 
    you'll have to use and where you'll find them. 
       Why write a guide for the endurance section of GT-2 you ask. Well, 
    firstly, I really like this section of the game mainly because of the 
    strategy that it requires (pit stops)and secondly, simply because I have 
    found no FAQ for this section of the game on the net. Endurance was only 
    composed of three races in the first GT: Grand Valley 300 Km (same as the 
    one in GT-2) and S.S. Route 11 I&II. It is a shame that this circuit was 
    taken off GT-2 as it was the most challenging to me. Well, the –kind- 
    programmers made a good job with adding 4 other endurance races. This make 
    twice much fun than in the first GT.
       Enjoy this guide...
    ¦ • About the author                                                      ¦
       This is my fifth overall walkthrough, but the first one made for a 
    driving game. My other walkthroughs are : Toy Story 2, L'amerzone, 
    Overblood 2 and Spyro 2. As you can see, I'm more involved into platform 
    games. I'll try to do my best in order to help you sort out in the 
    difficult (and sometimes frustrating) world of Gran Turismo number 2.
       Now about me and GT-2: 
      I'm in day 80 with 1,421,000 Cr. (Credits) as I'm starting this guide. 
    "Why so much money ?" may someone ask. Well you see, I want to buy a VERY 
    expensive but also VERY good car, The Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version(4WD, 
    981 hp, 800Kg), the only problem with this car? His Price! 2.000.000 Cr. In 
    order to get hold of this beast. Well I'll make it... I think...
      Ok, here is the status of my game as we speak:
    Complete : 22.86%
    Prize money TTL : 2.063.000
    Total races : 71
    Total Wins : 70
    Avg. Wining Ratio : 98.59%
    Avg. Ranking : 1.00
    No. Of cars owned : 42
    TTL Value of cars owned : 9.087.401 Cr.
    License : S
       Ok, wanna know the garage now?
    |• Skyline GTS-t Type M(R32,J) '91
    |• New Beetle GLS 2.0L (tuned up...)
    |• Sileighty(J)
    |• Mugen Accord SIR-T(J)
    |• Viper GTS
    |• Lupo 1.4
    |• Mugen Beat(J)
    |• Mazda Demio A-Spec(J) '97
    |• Mugen CR-X II(J)
    |• Vitz F(J) '99
    |• Tom's T111(J)
    |• Mugen Prelude Type-S(J)
    |• Mazda RX-7 GT-C(J) '99
    |• Clio 16V
    |• Chaser TRD Sports X30(J)
    |• Nismo 270R(J)
    |• PT Spyder
    |• TRD2000GT(J)
    |• MX-5 Miata A Spec(J)
    |• Mugen CRX III(J)
    |• Mugen Accord SIR-T(J)
    |• Tom's T020(J)
    |• ® Denso Supra GT(J) '99
    |• Cobra 427 '67
    |• Phaeton
    |• Mine's Lancer Evolution V(J)
    |• Mine's R34 Skyline GT-R(J)
    |• Midget II D-Type(J)
    |• ® Impreza Rally Car(J) '99
    |• ® Viper GTS-R
    |• ® GT90
    |• Mine's R32.5 Skyline GT-R(J)
    |• GT-R 4Door Tuned by Nismo(J)
    |• ® Concept Car LM Edition
    |• ® GT40 Race Car
    |• Tuscan Speed 6
    |• ® Mugen NSX GT(J)
    |• ® Unisia GT-R GT(J) '99
    |• ®Impreza Rally Car
    |• ZZIII(J)
    |• Tom's Supra(J)
    |• Camaro Z28 30th Anniversary '96
    NOTE: ® stands for [R], that means it has Racing modifications (decals).
    ¦ • Endurance                                                             ¦
    ¦ • Important Advice's                                                    ¦
       Before even thinking about participating in an Endurance race, you'll 
    have to make sure you have a couple of things. In fact you wouldn't like to 
    participate in a race with a wrong car, would you? (I'm thinking about a 
    mini taking part in the Laguna Seca 200 Km Course... lol). So just read the 
       An endurance trophy can be either easy, or hard to win and that depends 
    on three things:
       First, and most important in my opinion, is the car you choose for the 
    race. In a matter of fact, a mini won't cope up with the other "monsters" 
    in the Laguna Seca "Free hp" endurance race. So The car you choose has to 
    be like "made" for the endurance race you have chosen and as such have to 
    meet some criteria :- Good Acceleration
                        - Average top Speed (for the long circuits –think about 
    Grand Valley!!-).
                        - And a good look (not necessary but it sure is more 
    cool to play 60 laps with a viper or any ® cars than an ugly little mini or 
    even a Daihatsu Midget II)
       Now that you know what type of car you should look for, you can think of 
    a strategy, ya know, for the tyres... So in an Endurance race, you have two 
    possibilities: The first is when you have the most powerful of all the cars 
    and as such you can easily get in front of the others, take 1 or 2 laps at 
    the second car. In this case, you can pit stop whenever you like without 
    being afraid to loose the first position. The second is when you only found 
    a car that is just Ok. Ya know, you're first but can't manage to take a lap 
    to the second car. In this second case, you won't have ANY other choice but 
    to wait 'till the second car pit stops. For that, you'll have to check the 
    little map (TURN IT ON if you haven't, you can switch it on/off in the 
    option menu) very often and spot the car in second, when he pit stops, do a 
    lap and pit stop too.
       The third factor? Simply the driver! Not any driver can get into an 
    endurance race. First, you'll need at least an I-B license (opens you only 
    two tracks) an I-A will let you race on all races but it is mor _cool_ to 
    have a S license as you won't have restriction. Note that it is not 
    indispensable, just cool... But I'm sure you have all that, so just 
    continue reading...
       Have you noticed the four blue rectangles just above the speedometer? 
    These are your tyres! Their color informs you about how much worn out they 
    are. Here are the signification of these colors:
     -Blue : Perfect condition (you won't see this color often, just at the 
    start and at the pits. They last for about two or three _turns_ NOT laps)
     -Green : The Ok condition. You'll have good grip. It lasts for 4 to 5 
     -Yellow : Here, if you're far ahead, you should think on getting in the 
    pits. You have less grip and need more space to turn. It starts to be 
    tricky. These last for about 3-4 laps.
     -Orange : Less and Less adherence. It makes it even more difficult to 
    turn. Pit stopping begins to be urgent. 2 to 3 laps that's all you get 
    before the ultimate tyre condition.
     -Red : You should never let your tyres get this bad! Less acceleration, 
    less grip, greater turning space. Awful conditions. I can't say for how 
    long this condition lasts as I always pit stopped before. It would be great 
    to know if the tyre explodes or if you simply can't drive without not 
    getting out of the road(very unlikely for the first one... lol).
       Practical Info: Is it useful to say that, with the races having an 
    average time of 1hour and a half, it is better not to have an appointment 
    with your dentist or a date with your girlfriend in half an hour BUT make 
    sure you have, at least, 1 1/2 so you can play easily in the test course 
    and can make some break at the middle of the race!
       Another good thing for you is to have some snack (particularly in the 
    grand valley course) so you can afford the big races. A good time to make a 
    break (pause the game), is when you've done a little more than half the 
    laps to do. I.e. In the Grand Valley Race, make a break between the 30th 
    and the 40th lap.
       You should now have all the info needed in order to take part in an 
    endurance race. Read below for the learning curve to use...
    ¦ • In the Action                                                         ¦
       In order to WIN the races (I presume that this is your goal otherwise 
    you won't be reading this) you can't just take your favorite car and rush 
    in ANY race... Like all driving games, GT-2 involves a learning curve. What 
    that means? Simply that in the Endurance Category you'll find easy races 
    and tough races. Below I'll just put you the races from the easier to the 
     - TRIAL MOUNTAIN 30 laps: With only 30 laps, this race will keep you busy 
    for only less than an hour (my time being 50 minutes). 
     - APRICOT HILL 200Km: With 50 laps, this course should keep you busy for 
    only 1 hour, maybe a little more.
     - SEATTLE 100 Mile: 40 laps should keep you busy for about an hour. Fun 
     - GRAND VALLEY 300Km: This is a monster of a race –and the one that'll 
    earn you the most of money(500.000 Cr.)- who'll keep you busy, with its 60 
    laps, for about 2 hours.
     - S.S. ROUTE 5 All Night: Took the place of the S.S. Route 11 of the first 
    game. Quite tough race, hard corners, long straights... This one will keep 
    you busy.
     - MILLENIUM IN ROME, 2hr ENDURANCE: Rome... beautiful city, hard circuit. 
     - LAGUNA SECA 200 Miles: Probably the harder circuit of the game. Be 
    careful with that last turn...
    ¦ • Some Tips (FAQ)                                                       ¦
       - What car should I use to start the game?
     As you start with only 10.000 Cr, you should aim for a cheap used japanese 
    car. I would recomend a 2nd hand Supra (Toyota) or a cheap Prelude (Honda) 
    tuned up should make the deal. I would recomend you to pass one or 2 
    licenses and maybe, if you feel it right, try and get some golds in order 
    to get a helpful good-powered car. You should try and win again and again 
    some free or B races and try to get some money to buy some more powerful 
    car. You should then continue that way and win lots of trophies...
       - Any car that is powerful but turns smoothly?
     Of course, if you have some money, you should try the ® Escudo (Suzuki) it 
    combines the power and the good control, you won't regret the money spent 
    on it, 2.000.000 Cr.
     Another good car? The Alfa Romeo 155 Touring car!
                       The Subaru impreza!
     Anyway, any 4WD car is good...
    ¦ • The tracks                                                            ¦
    ¦ • Trial Mountain 30 laps                                        Laps: 30¦
    License: I-B
    1• 150.000 Cr.
    2• 100.000 Cr.
    3•  50.000 Cr.
    4•  30.000 Cr.
    5•  20.000 Cr.
    6•  10.000 Cr.
    Bonus Car: ® Denso Supra GT '99
    Recommended car: New Beetle GLS 2.0L (tuned up...)
       With the limited horsepower being so low, you have to take a car capable 
    of getting ahead quickly and, most important, stay there. For that, any 4WD 
    car should be alright, if they have the right hp. My recommended car for 
    this course would be a New Beetle tuned up even though it is an FF car, it 
    handles great on the tarmac. If you have a better car, then go directly to 
    the course section, if you want a good car, not only for this endurance 
    course, but for any race he can get on (especially the FF courses), read 
       Ok, first make sure you have some money at the bank, 100.000 Cr. should 
    make the deal. If you don't have all this money, just try and race for 
    those races in the special event section as you earn both money and cars 
    (that you can sell afterwards). Now that you have enough money, go buy that 
    New Beetle GLS 2.0L in the new car section of the Volkswagen constructor. 
    This baby only costs 15.930 Cr. new so you'll have enough money to buy all 
    the tuning up. So use ALL the resting money you may have into tuning it up. 
    Take everything you think may be of some use, priority given to the turbo 
    kits and the mufflers. Just make sure you don't exceed the 295 horsepower 
    If you made it right, you bought: - Turbo Kit Stage 2
                                      - Racing Muffler
                                      - Twin Plate Clutch
                                      - Weight Reduction Stage 3
                                      - Racing Flywheel
                                      - Performance Chip
       Now this baby should have passed from his 115 hp (not so bad) to an 
    average 283 hp. Now you should be ready for the endurance course.
       Now that you got the right car (hopefully...),  you can go and test your 
    skills in the endurance race. You know where it is right? In the Gran 
    Turismo Foundation!
       Once you're in, I would recommend you to go for a test course. Not that 
    I'm not convinced of your skills, but as it is an Endurance course and you 
    have a new car (maybe), it is better to go there and make a couple of laps.
    Your goal is to make a good time with your new car and/or, make a couple of 
    pit stops in order for you to get use to them(where you get in, out, reduce 
    speed, accelerate. BTW, keep the acceleration button pressed during all the 
    pit stop as it'll provide you speed).
       Go for the race when you're ready. Hopefully, with your new beetle, by 
    the time you reach the second turn, you should already be ahead from the 
    others and already making the difference between you and them.
       With only 30 laps, I managed to finish the race in 50 minutes, and took 
    one lap to the second, 8 to the last. Made 3 pit stops (one every 10 laps) 
    but I think it can easily be made with 2. 
    *** Mail me your times along with the car you used in order for me to make 
    a top 3 of the quickest Endurance Driver*** 
    | Trial Mountain |Total Time |Best Lap |Car Used       | Driver Name      |
    |1.              |0:38:67.3  |N/A      |Ford Focus     | David            |
    |2.              |0:48:16.6  |1:31.626 |New Beetle 2.0L| Cei              |
    |3.              |0:50:12.5  |N/A      |New Beetle 2.0L| Samy             |
    ¦ • Apricot Hill 200 Km                                           Laps: 50¦
    License: I-B
    1• 500.000 Cr.
    2• 150.000 Cr.
    3• 100.000 Cr.
    4•  50.000 Cr.
    5•  30.000 Cr.
    6•  10.000 Cr.
    Bonus Car: Stratos or ® Viper GTS-R
    Recommended car: ® Impreza Rally Car(J) '99
       You can get lots of money on this race. Easy money one may say... One 
    great car to use for this race (and some others too) is the ® Impreza Rally 
    Car(J) '99. Read bellow to learn how to get it. If you have any other good 
    proposition of car to make, just mail me...
       Ah, the Impreza... A superb car to use on the S.S. Route 11 of the first 
    GT. In the second edition of the game it really exceeds... what's more, you 
    can get it for just 500.000 Cr. How to get all this money? Simply use the 
    car you've just won before (® Denso Supra...) in the first race of the Gran 
    Turismo All stars. Maybe you'll need to change the brakes of the Denso 
    because of his relatively high speed, but it is not necessary. The Denso 
    Supra should have no problem to undertake all the other cars in this super 
    speedway, and what's more you win 50.000 Cr. for every win (as well as a 
    Mine's Lancer Evolution V...). Race there 10 times and you got your Subaru. 
    You can also undertake every competition in the Special event that has 
    "free" horsepower as it is easy to win them with your ® Denso Supra.
       If you have the 500.000 Cr., you can now go to the Subaru Constructor, 
    found at the East City, and buy the ® Impreza Rally Car(J) '99, DON'T take 
    the white one! The white is made for the road and as such is no good for 
    what we want to do. When you go to the special model you'll find the 
    Impreza with just 209 or so hp. DON'T WORRY, this car HAS in fact more than 
    450 hp. It seems that the game reporting 209 hp is just a glitch. Buy IT 
    anyway!!! Now you can go on to the Endurance race!
       The Apricot Hill circuit! Very challenging isn't it? It is pointless for 
    me tell you that you have to do a test run in order to spot the pits and 
    also the circuit as you've surely not raced on this circuit.
       During the race you'll be able to use the impreza at his max (mine being 
    156 mph on this circuit). You won't have to break too much during the race. 
    I can give you a tip, a shortcut that you've surely spot but I'll tell you 
    anyway: In the last section of the circuit, you'll find a hard right-left 
    chicane that is followed by a fast left and the start/finish straight. 
    Well, as you have a rally car (not sure that it works with other cars), you 
    can cut it all the way till the fast left. The good thing in doing that, is 
    that not only don't you loose speed, but you can even gain some and go 
    through this bend at 90-100 mph...
       This course although it has 50 laps, will only take 1:15 of your time. 
    Pit stop each time the color of the tyres go below yellow ( clear orange is 
    good to pit stop) and you shouldn't have too much troubles. I've took 2 
    laps to the second and 10 to the last. With the Impreza this circuit should 
    really be a piece of cake... 
    *** Mail me your times along with the car you used in order for me to make 
    a top 3 of the quickest Endurance Driver*** 
    | Apricot Hill   |Total Time   |Best Lap   |Car Used   | Driver Name      |
    |1.              |1:09:56.0    |N/A        |® Alfa 155 | Toucan           |
    |2.              |1:11:05.1    |1:21.539   |® Impreza  | Samy             |
    |3.              |1:16:40.0    |N/A        |® Ford GT40| David            |
    ¦ • Seattle 100 Mile                                              Laps: 40¦
    License: I-A
    1• 150.000 Cr.
    2• 100.000 Cr.
    3•  50.000 Cr.
    4•  30.000 Cr.
    5•  20.000 Cr.
    6•  10.000 Cr.
    Bonus Car: ® Ford GT90 or Escort Rally Car
    Recommended car: ® Impreza Rally Car(J) '99
       Seattle... Beautiful town but difficult circuit to race in. Hopefully 
    you've got your trusty ® Impreza to help you get out of it without too much 
       You've got one major enemy in this race and that is the long straight 
    that is followed by an horribly tight corner. In order not just to pass, 
    but also to make a good lap time, you'll have to break early. The panel 
    showing that you have only 100 meters between you and the corner is a good 
    sign for you to break. Of course, as for every corner, you have to take a 
    O.I.O. corner (out in out). As said by his name, you'll have to take it 
    from the far left wall, turn smoothly inside the corner, and accelerate as 
    you blow out of this corner. If you do this right, you should use all of 
    the bends...
       So remember: In this race the bends (red and white strips all around 
    EVERY circuit) are very important. The breaks will be used very often, and 
    as such you'll have a worn out of the tyres more important than in the 
    other races. Pit stop often (at least every 12 laps) and you should finish 
    this race ahead in just an hour. After that, you just gotta try the ® Ford 
    GT90 (if you got it) as it is just a GREAT car!!
    *** Mail me your times along with the car you used in order for me to make 
    a top 3 of the quickest Endurance Driver*** 
    | Seattle        |Total Time   |Best Lap   |Car Used   | Driver Name      |
    |1.              |1:00:91.0    |N/A        |Camaro Z28 | David            |
    |2.              |1:03:11.0    |1:29.051   |® Impreza  | Samy             |
    |3.              |N/A          |N/A        |N/A        |N/A               |
    ¦ • Grand Valley 300 Km                                           Laps: 60¦
    License: I-A
    1• 500.000 Cr.
    2• 150.000 Cr.
    3• 100.000 Cr.
    4•  50.000 Cr.
    5•  30.000 Cr.
    6•  10.000 Cr.
    Bonus Car: ® Impreza Rally Car or ® R390 GT1 LM Race Car 97'
    Recommended car: ® Impreza Rally Car(J) '99 OR ® FTO LM (Another car, 
    recommended by david is the ® Cerbera LM. He thinks that it is a grat car 
    to race with and don't need to pit stop often).
       This is the same race as in the first game! You remember of it right? 
    There was just three Endurance races, two being the S.S. Route 11 the third 
    being the Grand Valley. 
       In the first Game I remember this was the funniest race to run on if you 
    had the good car. With the FTO being easy to get in the first GT, if used 
    in this race you would had blown away the competition with the power of his 
    4WD transmission.
       On the second version of the game, the FTO LM Edition Can only be won by 
    getting ALL GOLDS in the I-A License. I haven't managed to do this (managed 
    to spent about an hour just to get the first test... Given up afterwards.). 
    If you have it (the FTO LM), you'll normally have no problem to win this 
    race. If you haven't, you'll just have to use the Impreza...
       With 60 laps and the bigger (I think...) circuit of the game, you're 
    ready for two hours of challenge. With an FTO LM, just enjoy the power of 
    the 4WD. With the Impreza, you'll have to get a strategy or you'll just 
    won't make it to the end of the race in the first place.
       The impreza is a good car but it just lacks of top speed particularly 
    against other cars that have something like 650 hp. In order to beat the 
    pure power, you'll just have to make a good start and get ahead soon. Once 
    in first position, you just gotta try and make the break between you and 
    the others... DON'T pit stop unless the second car behind you have done so. 
    For that, check the little map often. 
       The Grand Valley circuit has two major problems and these are the two U-
    turns. The first one comes up after a –very- long straight and is very 
    tight. Again, O.I.O. is the best way to get rid of this corner you'll gotta 
    use 60 times.
       For the second U-turn, you'll also come with a relatively high speed and 
    that's because of the fast corners that precedes it. O.I.O. is the key 
    again here BUT, as you have a rally car, you can easely (if your tyres are 
    in relatively good condition) slide all the way out of this corner if you 
    keep the nose of the car tight inside the bend.
       With 60 laps, this track kept me busy for just less than an hour (1:58) 
    but the last 10 laps seemed just like an eternity to me. Committed big 
    faults (got out of the road often) and really made an awful end of race. I 
    suppose this is because of the length of this course, or maybe was it 
    because it was very late when I rushed into this race (started at 22h15, 
    ended at 00h30).
    *** Mail me your times along with the car you used in order for me to make 
    a top 3 of the quickest Endurance Driver*** 
    | Grand Valley   |Total Time   |Best Lap   |Car Used     | Driver Name    |
    |1.              |1:40:83.0    |N/A        |® Cerbera LM | David          |
    |2.              |1:42:12.0    |1:41.000   |®390GT1 Road | Steve          |
    |3.              |1:58:41.8    |1:53.297   |® Impreza    | Samy           |
    ¦ • SS Route 5 All-Night –50 Laps-                                Laps: 50¦
    License: I-A
    Hp: Free
    1• 350.000 Cr.
    2• 150.000 Cr.
    3• 100.000 Cr.
    4•  50.000 Cr.
    5•  30.000 Cr.
    6•  10.000 Cr.
    Bonus Car: ® Cerbera Limited Edition or ® Lancer Evo VI Rally Car '99
    Recommended car: ® Denso Supra GT '99 OR ® Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version
       In the first game, this "All-night" race was to be raced at the S.S. 
    Route 11. Very challenging, very long and very hard for the tyres... In the 
    second edition of the game, the –All-Night- course is raced in the –
    awfully- small S.S. Route 5.
       As there is no limit in the power of the car you can use for this race 
    (and the two others...), you can take whatever car you want. I must admit 
    that I first wanted to use my Impreza one more time. The result: Not enough 
    acceleration, lack of top speed... Impossible to win. So you have to use a 
    car that can not only get ahead soon, but also take the damn close corners 
    of this circuit. The solution is the ® Denso Sard Supra GT '99. Excellent 
    acceleration, top speed above average, all these makes it the perfect car 
    to race this circuit in.
       So take the ® Denso and go for a test course. You'll have to be careful 
    to two corners only on this course, both in the last section of the 
       The first corner to be careful on is the U-Bend. Very tight, an awful 
    corner for a Supra. Take it at very low speed and be careful with the 
    acceleration not to spin.
       The second thing to watch out for is the chicane at the end of the 
    track. Brake early just when you're getting up the little hill and try to 
    take it smoothly. Spinning here is very easy, so be careful.
       The supra, as it is very fast, will be ahead all the time. I took one 
    lap at the second car and 11 at the last. With 50 laps, this race will only 
    take you an hour or so (not all-night...) with an average speed approaching 
    the 200mph (198.79). 
       Pit stop whenever you want on this track as you won't be afraid of loose 
    the first position.
    *** Mail me your times along with the car you used in order for me to make 
    a top 3 of the quickest Endurance Driver*** 
    | S.S. Route 5   |Total Time   |Best Lap   |Car Used   | Driver Name      |
    |1.              |1:00:24.5    |1:05.213   |® Escudo   | Bob              |
    |2.              |1:02:64.0    |N/A        |® 390 GT1  | David            |
    |3.              |1:07:40.1    |1:15.272   |® Supra    | Samy             |
    ¦ • "Millenium in Rome" 2hr Endurance                             Laps: 99¦
    License: I-A
    Hp: Free
    1• 300.000 Cr.
    2• 200.000 Cr.
    3• 150.000 Cr.
    4• 100.000 Cr.
    5•  50.000 Cr.
    6•  10.000 Cr.
    Bonus Car: ® Altezza Limited Edition or an ® Corolla Rally Car '97
    Recommended car: ® Suzuki Escudo Pikes peak version
       As there is no Limit to the power of the car to use on this race, the 
    Impreza just isn't enough powerful (tried it...). So I tried my favorite 
    fast car, the ® Denso Supra. As a matter of fact, this car is just limit in 
    winning this race. In fact, the problem is that it is not a 4WD car. That 
    means spinning!! I got first after about three or four corners and got some 
    space between me and THE Toyota GT ONE that was behind me (with about 591 
    hp, a real nightmare...) After about 18 laps, I committed THE error that 
    was not to do: Braked too late, too hard and as result, spinning! 'till I 
    go back on the racing line, the GT ONE was right behind me. At the 21st lap 
    he overtaken me in a corner. Never saw him from this point and on... I 
    given up and went to the GT all stars first race with my Supra and raced 
    until I had enough money to buy the ® Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak (about 
    2.000.000 Cr.). If you do so, you WILL NOT REGRET IT! It is just a perfect 
    car to race in the "free hp" races (that means the three most difficult 
    endurance races, Laguna seca, Rome and S.S. Route 5).
       So take the ® Escudo and go for the Rome course. With this monster, no 
    need to take the corners smoothly, in fact, just use the powerful engine 
    and go for the victory without resistance. Here are some facts: with the ® 
    Supra, the lap time vary from 1:19 to 1:24. With the ® Escudo, the lap time 
    is from 1:09 to 1:13. If that does not convinces you, then I don't know 
    what will do...
       The Rome circuit has two main difficult corners to watch out for. The 
    first one is in the second sector and is the U-turn (more like a V-turn, 
    but whatever...) that is just after a, quite long, straight. Brake early 
    (as you have a powerful escudo), as you see the panel of the 100 meters. 
    Turn smoothly and you should get rid of this corner. In fact, you can hit 
    the wall and keep steering right, and you'll even make a lap record as the 
    escudo will accelerate hard out of this corner WITHOUT SPINNING (yippee, 
    not really a viper isn't it?).
       Next corner to look up, is the last one before the finishing straight. 
    This one is really tough. Take it from the far left of the road (you can 
    even go on the sidewalk without that affecting your speed), cut the corner 
    to the inside and rush out of it accelerating hard.
       With 99 laps, this is the longest, but not toughest, of all the 
    endurance races. The programmers really thinked this race right as even 
    with an ® Escudo, I completed this race in just 2 hours... I don't think 
    that the pit stops will be in any trouble for you. Personally, I made pit 
    stops each 24-30 laps. That means something like 3-4 pit stops in the race.
    *** Mail me your times along with the car you used in order for me to make 
    a top 3 of the quickest Endurance Driver*** 
    | Rome           |Total Time   |Best Lap   |Car Used   | Driver Name      |
    |1.              |1:50:37.0    |N/A        |® Escudo   | David            |
    |2.              |2:00:02.4    |1.05.183   |® Escudo   | Jon              |
    |3.              |2:00:26.1    |1:09.190   |® Escudo   | Samy             |
    ¦ • Laguna Seca 200 Miles                                         Laps: 90¦
    License: I-A
    Hp: Free
    1• 350.000 Cr.
    2• 200.000 Cr.
    3• 150.000 Cr.
    4• 100.000 Cr.
    5•  50.000 Cr.
    6•  10.000 Cr.
    Bonus Car: ® Celica Rally Car or ® 3000GT LM Edition '99
    Recommended car: ® Escudo Pikes Peak Version
       As said before, in no limited hp races, the Escudo rules. That not only 
    means these three endurance races, but also ALL the rally races (as the 
    Escudo is a rally car). So just jump on your ® Escudo and go for the first 
       With the Escudo, not only should you be in the first place by the time 
    you reach the U-turn but the others should already be far behind you 
    searching for the road...
       The Laguna Seca Raceway is a really tough circuit, particularly if you 
    don't know it well. I would recommend you to do at least 5 laps of a test 
    course not only to spot the hard corners and to know when to brake, but 
    also to spot the pit stops. In fact, this is the only pit I know, that has 
    a hard corner in it. Train and you'll eventually get this corner without 
    saying "hello" to the wall. 
       You'll have to be careful at three points of this circuit and, guess 
    what, there is one hard corner at each section of the raceway.
       At the first section, off course, you'll have to be careful to the first 
    corner, the U-turn. This corner can be either very easy, or very hard 
    depending on the speed by witch you enter it. If you enter this corner at 
    high speed, be assured that you'll be able to count how many grains of sand 
    are next to the road. If taken at good speed, you can get out of this 
    corner triumphally making a good lap time. One last thing to add: You can 
    get this corner more inside that you think, in fact do like if it was one 
    big road that ends at the wall. So just cut in the, what seems like, sand 
    without loosing speed.
       The second, and the most difficult, corner, by far, is the one just at 
    the middle of the raceway. This hard chicane is at the end of an uphill so 
    the car (as said in the licenses –IA, test 2-) will be lighter than usual. 
    You have two solutions in order to get past this corner: Either you take it 
    like an old grandpa and as such brake hard in order not to get out of the 
    road(This is not quite fun, get for the second solution...^_^). The second, 
    and funniest, solution is to go for it at full speed. The car will then 
    either _fly_ all the way down (if you turned hard), or will stuck in the 
    wall but will have incredible grip as you'll go for the right turn.
       The last, but not least, hard point of this raceway, is the last corner 
    before the finishing straight. To be honest, I managed to take this corner  
    perfect only two times during the whole race. There is just no place to 
    move the Escudo, either you'll get it too close and hit the inside wall, or 
    will take it too large and hit the external wall. I recommend you brake as 
    soon as you reach the '3' Panel and stay to the right 'till you go for the 
    inside. To be honest, you wont take it perfect often this corner. 
    Hopefully, the others neither...
       This is a relatively slow track  and you'll hardly get above 195 mph. 
    With 90 laps, you must be ready for a 2 hour race (a little less, 1:50). 
    Pit stop every 30 or so laps and enjoy an easy win (took 9 laps to all of 
    the other cars but the second –8-).
    *** Mail me your times along with the car you used in order for me to make 
    a top 3 of the quickest Endurance Driver*** 
    | Laguna Seca    |Total Time   |Best Lap   |Car Used   | Driver Name      |
    |1.              |1:46:15.0    |N/A        |® Denso    | David            |
    |2.              |1:48:06.6    |1:08.487   |® Escudo   | Samy             |
    |3.              |N/A          |N/A        |N/A        |N/A               |
    ¦ • End of Guide                                                          ¦
       Well, here it is, my first racing guide... 'hope you'll enjoy it, and 
    help you of course. Do you think I should make the same thing with some 
    other races or just let this guide like it is. Mail me your comments, help, 
    criticism at: samy171@hotmail.com. Oh and don't forget to send me your 
    *** Mail me your times along with the car you used in order for me to make 
    a top 3 of the quickest Endurance Driver*** 
    NOTE: The top 3 endurance driver can be made only if you send me times for 
    ALL the endurance races... This is why there are only two drivers here...
    | Top 3            |Total |Car        | Driver Name                       |
    | Endurance Driver |Time  |Used       | & e-mail                          |
    |1.                |8:32  |® Cerbera  | David < davidmeyi@yahoo.com >     |
    |2.                |9:57  |® Impreza  | Samy  < samy171@hotmail.com >     |
    |3.                |N/A   |N/A        |N/A                                |
    ¦ • Version Info                                                          ¦
      Version 0.1 22/06/2000
     - Had the idea of writing an Endurance guide
     - Main structure of the guide created
    As I know how much CjayC likes COMPLETE guides, I won't post it at gamefaqs 
    as long as it is not finished.
      Version 0.2 24/06/2000
     - Finished the Overlook, Intro, Important Advice's sections.
     - Trial Mountain added...
     - Apricot Hill added...
     - Seattle added...
     - Grand Valley added...
     - S.S. Route 5 added...
     - Version info Section created.
      Version 1.2 25/06/2000
     - Rome Circuit added...
     - Laguna Seca Raceway added...
     - My guide is Finally complete...
     - Submitted Guide at http://www.gamefaqs.com 
      Version 2.3 12/07/2000
     - At last, somebody sent me times. Thanks again David. 
     - Cei also sent me times but it is only for the trial mountain course. 
    BTW, I must say that I'm now only the second best Endurance driver as David 
    beat me. Well, maybe I'll try and play them again in order not only to make 
    some good time, but also take the alternate/ random cars. 
     - Other times but only for the grand valley.
     - Ok, I think I received enough times so I can post an update at 
    gamefaqs... Of course, keep sending...
    ¦ • Thanks to...                                                          ¦
       I would first like to thank all of you out there for just reading this 
    guide. Without you, I would be nothing... Thanks Again.
     - Thanks www.gamefaqs.com for allowing me to publish my walkthrough...
     - Thanks idragon <idragon_x9@hotmail.com> for the disclaimer section...
     Below, you'll find the time contributors with their e-mails and some of 
    the times that were not good enough to figure in the top 3.
     - Cei <Sorry lost your adress...> : Trial Mountain Time.
     - David < davidmeyi@yahoo.com > for his times on ALL the tracks.
     - Toucan < toucan26@aol.com > Apricot Hill time.
     - Sorry Joshua < gbartig@bellsouth.net > but your time wasn't good enough 
    (1:12.260 on the S.S. Route all night with the ® Escudo).
     - Jon < jonwicklund@hotmail.com > for the Rome times. Sorry but your time 
    for the S.S. Route is not in the top 3(2:03:03.5 with the ® Escudo)
     - Steve < kins102@cs.com > for his grand valley time.
     - Toucan < toucan26@aol.com > for his S.S. Route Time.
       Homepage : http://i.am/samy171 
    This Walkthrough brought to you by:
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    ¦ • Disclaimer                                                            ¦
    This guide is intended for PRIVATE and PERSONAL use. This guide CAN be only 
    re-produced or distributed with the approval of the author. This guide 
    CANNOT be used for profitable purposes. Anyone who has violated this 
    agreement will be severely dealt with.
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