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Reviewed: 07/26/00 | Updated: 07/26/00

The most over-rated racing game ever

I was never really a big racing game fan until the PlayStation came along, when the games became more interesting than those on the previous systems. Having played the original GT, I was blown away by this amazing game. When GT2 game out I was estatic, I thought this would blow away original because it essentialy was ''two'' games in one, the simulation mode and then arcade mode. The only thing holding me back from buying it was it's outrageous price tag, 79.99 at most stores, so I decided to wait. I recently saw this used at a local game store for the amazingly low price of 29.99 used, it was in perfect condition so I thought it was a great deal, considering it's still around $60 or $70 up here in Ontario, Canada. Boy, was I ripped off. This is my first reveiw, and unfortunatly, I have to bash instead of praise. I hope this will deter others from making the same mistake I did.

Graphics - 2.0/10 What happend here? These would be expected back in the early days of PlayStation when the only racers were Ridge Racer 1 and Wipeout. I couldn't beleive how awful they are. Despite what you've seen in the magazines and reviews online, they really are terrible. They only show you the BEST scenes, sure, those cg scenes are a nice added touch, but it's the in-game graphics that really count.

The framerate for this is pretty bad too, around 30fps, which by today's standards is not acceptable. The instand replays of your race or license test are pretty bad as well, VERY choppy, so bad it's almost pure torture to just watch it.

Sound 1.0, Music 8.0 - Why did I give two seperate grades for sound and music? Well the music is auctual songs, that do fit the game like Rob Zombie's ''Dragula'' which can also be herd in Sled Storm for PSX as well. But the sounds? Your car sounds worse than a lawn mower, thank god you can adjust the volumes for both sound and music.

Control 1.0 - Ok, this is the most important factor in a game, espeically a racing title. Without great control the game just won't be fun to play and this game lacks control. Everytime I turn a corner I spin out, it's not just the crappy Honda Prelude that I had, it's every car. I tried several different cars all with the same result. I'd be doing well in a race, turn a corner, do a 180 degree turn and suddenly be in last place.

Gameplay 3.0 - I was a little generous here, but it sure ain't Ridge Racer 4, that's for sure. For some reason you have to pass license tests to get access to better races and earn better cars. I fail to see the point in this, it may add to the life of the time you'll spend playing, but the sheer frustration of these 'tests' is what will cause this game to collect dust on your cd rack. I admit, I do like the option of being able to bring your car from simulation mode and using in the arcade disc so that adds 2 points to the gameplay.

Fun Factor 1.0 - How can a game be fun if the control is horrible? Nuff said.

Replay value 1.0 - With 100s, possibly 1000's of races in this game why in gods green earth would you play this a second time after finishing it? It could take you a year and you still wouldn't finish this.

Overall, I felt ripped off. This is a very poor racing title for playstation, or for any system for that matter. With the release date of GT2 being held off several times you'd think they'd come out with a superior game, but for some reason it just turned to crap. If you are into racing games, I do recomend Ridge Racer 4, it's got everthing this game doesn't have and can be found for around $20, $25 brand new at most stores such as Zellers and Wal-Mart.

Purchase or Rental? Definitley rent it first, even if you enjoyed the first one, you will most likely hate this game as well, as it defeintlely is not worth the 30.00 I paid for it, let alone the cost of two cds.

My final grade, 2.0, main reason it didn't get a 1 is because of the ability to use your car from simulation mode in the arcade mode.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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