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"It's near perfect for a console racing game."

You want a near perfect racing game and you have a Playstation. Well, this is no doubt the best racing game ever to appear in any console. Just when you thought Gran Turismo is the best, this one is two to three-folds better than the first one. Now, here is my criteria for judging this game:

Gameplay/Controls (10 pts): A complete racing game! It's like driving a real car. You'll enjoy racing with a friend as well as the computer cars. Now, one of the best things that Gran Turismo has offered is the licensing, purchasing of cars, and modifying cars. It really feels great to buy your dream car even in console games. What would you feel if you have a Lotus Esprit? or even that dreaded Suzuki Escudo? Another thing about Gran Turismo 2 is that you'll also enjoy modifying your cars. You can change almost everything about the car. You can also tweak values that dramatically change your cars behavior in the race track. The cars also have each of their own characteristics and they handle differently on the track. some can speed up faster, some can turn on corners almost effortlessly, and some are perfect for off-road. For the controls, it is better than ever. The car follows your controls smoothly. It's just like controlling a real race car. The driving techniques is also a plus.

Storyline (n/a): Well, this game doesn't have a story at all. Just pure racing fun.

Graphics/Sounds (8 pts): What can I say about the graphics. It's really excellent. Each car really looks like its real-life counterpart. Smooth edges and nice colors. The background is very good too. It's very pleasing and it adds to the enjoyment of the game. For the Sound, it's way better than any other racing game. Each car's sound is unique and matches the sound of the real-life race car.

I took 2 points because this game has a low realism. Even though how many times you bump the car or how many times it flips over, the car is still intact. Now, where can you find a car like that?

Replay Value (8 pts): This game is very likely to be repeated again and again. You can always experiment on other cars, improve their handling abilities and master them. But, once you get everything, you might think twice before repeating again because you used up more than 50 hours of your time trying to get a car or a gold from the license test.

As a conclusion, this game is a must for all racing game fanatics. Even those who do not like racing games will be amazed as to what this game has to offer. So, go now and buy this game and you'll never regret every cent you'll spend on it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/14/00, Updated 12/14/00

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