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Reviewed: 03/27/01 | Updated: 03/27/01

Think genius.

When I popped this gem into my Playstation I was completely stunned. From the opening FMV to the cars, this game has it all.
(6/10) The first thing you notice with GT2 is the graphics. Although its only slightly better than Gran Turismo's, the little touches are nice. Still the graphics are nicer than 80% of the racers on the market, but all-in-all nothing we didn't see in the last game. Many argue that pixels are an unattractive way to go, I disagree. I like them.

(9/10) The actual physics and control of this game is where it was noticed for in the original. Every car (About 600 to be exact) drives and feels like its real-life counterpart. This, for some is good or bad. Sim. fans will eat it up. While arcade fans will be in disgust. I knew this was a sim. when I bought it, so I knew what I was expecting. Arcade and/or jaded gamers who don't even bother to read the BACK OF THE BOX! will be in for a nightmare. The 600 car deal didn't peak my interest. In the first game I used usually 1 car, and thats it. The same thing occurs here. Although I'm VERY happy to see some manufacturers who weren't in the 1st game in this game. My car of choice is the Tommy Kaira ZZ2 racer. :) Any ways the learning curve of this game is easy to grasp, perhaps too easy. For instance, the license tests are easier than before, but they are WAY too easy. The races on the other hand will be your arch enemy. Painfully hard, painfully. Another nice addition to this monster of a game is Rally Racing. Oh man... is it sweet. The jumps and power-slides alone make this game right on top. My only true complaint is that ONE glitch that prevents you from getting 100%. I look past that and thing of 98.2% as 100. The misspelling of words is more of a whine from gamers. It doesn't bother me. Arcade mode is the best of its kind, enough said.

(7/10) The SOUND of this game is awe inspiring. Each engine was recorded and is meant to sound exactly like its counterpart. The music, however, is lame beyond weak. Turn it down to here the engine revs, Or have a CD player ready and play your own tunes. It REALLY comes in handy on Endurance, where the SAME song is played over and over again. A complaint is, there are 10 songs, but you only get to listen to 4 or 5. Doesn't matter, probably just as bland.
They have Garbage! Garbage on the soundtrack! Ugh. The 1st's soundtrack was s-o-o-o much better.

The presentation of the game is nice. Nice menus. Nice interface. Just all around nice. Although the words, (at times) are hard to read, and you must squint to (maybe) read them.

My final grade was only 7?!? I praised it as the greatest sim. racer, and only a 7?!? Well friends, no game is perfect. Far from it actually. I base my rating on 5 average, 7 above average, and 9 near perfect. So thats why its only a 7. My final word: Buy it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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