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"The Ultimate Simulation Is Back!"

Gran Turismo 2 is the best racing game there has to be. Nothing gets better then playing a realistic game on your PlayStation. You can be stuck on it for hours and hours. The Gran Turismo 2 game has two disks.One for the Simulation and the other for the Arcade.
There is over 500+ cars and lots more car dealers to choose
cars from. Still there is one dealer I have not seen and that is the Pontiac. But the 500+ cars make up for that.
Some of the tracks from Gran Turismo are still here but there are also new tracks. Gran Turismo cannot be counted as a new game but more of an updated version of Gran Turismo.
Gran Turismo lovers will still be happy because Gran Turismo 2 is still a very good game.

There is no real story to Gran Turismo 2 but if you like how about I make one up. You (the player) has to be the most best racer in the world and the only way you can achieve that goal is to collect the most cars and race the most races and win them. Can you do that? Can you win? Are you the ultimate driver?

The graphics are better then Gran Turismo but it is not
best. It is slightly better then Gran Turismo. Still I thought Polyphony could have done better. It seems to me the game was rushed a lot. Race tracks like Tahiti Road are really messed up courses. The Tahiti Road has bad pixels and the break up in the graphics will drive you crazy.The bushes on the course could have been done better because when driving around into the bushes it looks like they are just flat green bushes. Just thin flat green bushes. Then theres the ground which kind of looks bad. But not all of the courses are like this. Some have smooth graphics that just look realistic. Well the same is with the cars. Some cars can be smooth looking while the other cars can have scratchy looks.

Ah yes! The controls of the game are superb. The controls are the exact same as Gran Turismo. You don't have to get used to different controls like most racing games which change controls for each game. Handling the cars is not just like your average turn at a corner at high speeds and drive like crazy. No, its more like slow down, push your brake button, then turn the corner and then begin accelerating again. Slight mistakes and your car will be doing donut turns all over the pavement. This is only part of the hard handling. If you want even more simulation the game offers special modifications that will give you almost the exact controls of a real car. Different cars in the game give different handling. The Toyota Supra can be fast but are you good enough to control it? Then theres the Mitsubishi cars that give a smooth control.

The sound of the cars are very unique. One car could give a low sound while another car has a loud sound. It sounds real good when your switching gears because it gives you that whistle sound. Of course you need a turbo charged engine for that. Still without the turbo you can here a nice engine sound. The game's soundtracks from real bands is not bad but I wish they would have had more soundtracks. Most of the music is also hip-hop. What happens if you have a person who does not like hip-hop. There is a problem with this so a variety of music would be better.
The ability to choose your owns soundtracks during races would have also been a good idea.

The gameplay is great with lots of new cars and dealers. Gran Turismo 2 offers more events like the Endurance races, Rally Events, and you can even race Muscle cars. There are more licenses too which will give you a harder time completing the game. But if your real skillful you be able to pass those tests. You will not be done with the game for a while because its going to take some time to complete it. Playing for just one day will get about 3% done. Playing a week will get about 20% done. So this game is pretty long enough to give at least a month worth of time.

Well since the game is long I am not sure if you would play it again. It takes a very long time to beat it and most likely you would not just begin a new file and start over. You will just mostly likely keep your old file and continue with that. So I will leave it to you to decide this score.

Gran Turisomo 2 is a great game with minor mistakes.
The graphics ok, sound and gameplay good, and controls and handling great. But if your a true fan you probably would not even care.This is the best game ever.

Rent or Buy
Well if you never played Gran Turismo 1 or 2 and you like racing games then now is the time to get it. If you don't really like racing games then try renting this first and later you will probably get on hooked on to it.This game is just excellent.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/01/01, Updated 06/01/01

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