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Reviewed: 07/16/01 | Updated: 07/16/01

Stick with the original

Gran Turismo 2, the well received sequel to perhaps the best racing game ever made. But in my opinion, compared to the original, Gran Turismo 2 was a big disappointment.

Graphics - 7
These graphics are ok, but no where compared to those found if Gran Turismo. The cars are somewhat more blocky, everything is more pixilated, but the background environment continues to look great. As you race your car, you can actually see the shades of color in your rear window. Like they forgot to blend the colors together.

Graphics on PS2 - 7
Normally the PS2 improves the graphics by further blurring textures together. However, that is not the case here. The PS2 actually brings out that flaw I mentioned before about the colors even more. It does somethings to improve graphics like the tracks and the environments but that one little problem persists.

Sound - 10
Great music, great sound effects. There is nothing wrong in the sound department. If you love licensed music in a game (as most people do) you'll like the soundtrack found in this game.

Control - 10
One thing I like about the Gran Turismo series is that all of them control the exact same. So, if you're a pro at one of em, you'll pretty much be an expert with all of em (well, adequate anyway). Each car (and there are a lot of em) has different control and handling but all cars have customizable controls with an upgrade or two so you'll just have to mess around with the settings to find what best suits you.

Replay - 6
I've been finding that when I have the anchoring for good racing, I pop in the original. Of course, now with three out, neither one gets off the shelf anymore.

Overall - 7
I don't recommend this game unless you want a piece of Gran Turismo history. This game is a greatest hit so obviously everyone else sees something in this game that I don't. Or perhaps, they haven't played the original Gran Turismo so they can compare the two. If you want the best racing game available for the PS, I recommend you stick with the original and steer clear of this game.

PS2 advantages:
-Faster memory card loading and saving

Driver recommendations:
Disk speed - normal
Texture mapping - normal

As I said above, with texture mapping set to smooth, it really messes up the graphics. And trust me, with this game, you don't need that graphics messed up anymore then they are now.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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