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"It's simply the greatest racing game ever. Enough said"

INTRODUCTION - I recently bought Gran Turismo 2 from Game stop. When I opened it and started playing it, I couldn't stop. It was so addictive. I started playing it in the morning, and didn't stop until four hours past midnight. But anyway the point is, it's the most creative, and the most realistic racing game I ever played in my life. I'm not a great fan of racing games, but this one just blew me away. The fact that you can upgrade, and hook up your car in such detail amazed me. You even get the basics of what these parts do. If you're not a fan of racing, at all, trust me, even this game will amaze you!!! Here's the review for you.

GRAPHICS 9/10 The graphics in this tittle sometimes get choppy. But overall the car design is real, the stage design is excellent, and it's a pleasure to race in the stage a hundred of times. It really is. If you think these graphics suck, adjust the resolution on your TV, for more pixels, or get better glasses.

MUSIC: 7/10 The Music featured in Gran Turismo 2 is sort of lame. It doesn't include enough of songs on it. It gets tiring after listening to the same tracks over and over again. The music in the menus, and other non racing mode menus is cool. It features some interesting jazz! It wouldn't hurt if they threw in a couple more songs in the game.

CONTROLS: 10/10 The controls? I got no problems with them at all. In fact I really like them. It takes less than a week to fully master the controls to the maximum level. The controls are very interesting. You need to learn how to keep your car stable, when you reach high speeds. It's interesting how differently the car reacts, with each unique combo of buttons pressed. And the best thing is that in the OPTIONS menu, you're actually allowed to assign each button in anyway you want. So why would I give the controls a low grade? It's not that hard at all

GAMEPLAY: 10/10 The gameplay in Gran Turismo 2 is awesome. It's so addictive, you can't stop. I really like scanning through each car, and looking at it. Then I start playing for a whole day, and finally I earn that car. The economic system in this game is great. Most of the prices in this game are actually accurate. The computer CPU cars act realistically. It makes the game feel more fun. The Gameplay is excellent, that is why it's a solid 10.

REPLAY VALUE: 10/10 The replay value is the best thing about this game. The game is so good, that it won't make you throw this game in the closet for a while. Featuring over 100 car alone in this game, makes you want to race in events, to save up money. Not only the cars. There's lot's of stages you can unlock, including the Rally ones, too. The game is like a magnet. Makes you want to come back for all those cool cars. It's also exciting tuning, and upgrade your cars to the maximum level. The best thing in this game is the ability to load your garage to the ARCADE DISC. That is awesome. So you can enjoy simple racing, with the car of your dreams. I would give the REPLAY VALUE an 11, but I can't.

MENU SETUP/FORMAT OF THE GAME: 10/10 The menu setup in this game is excellent. It's always important to keep the game neat throughout the title. The high resolution menus, are color full, and very detailed. So it's a pleasure to look at the game before you even start playing!

LOADING TIMES: 9/10 The game loads up fast for the most part. It takes, a second, to load the replay, it takes 20 second to load the whole stage, but oddly enough it takes a long just to navigate the car menus, and other screens. Don't worry this game is faster than AOL!

BUY OR RENT? If you read this review carefully, from top to beginning, you should know. I didn't buy this game by now, I would sleep by the Game stop store, so I could buy it, before someone gets the last copy! Thanks for your time

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/16/01, Updated 08/16/01

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