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"The Best Just Got Better"

The Best Just Got Better!

After playing the Import version of the long awaited Gran Truismo 2. I was amazed from start to finish, right from the opening movie of disc 1 (The Arcade Version), to the 2nd disc, which contains the Gran Turismo mode (formerly known as the Simulation mode). With an incredible replay value, there are more features, cars, and tracks, this game is sure to offer handful of days, if not months of that original GT enjoyment. Speaking of he original, there is not too much of a difference, some may say. With many familiar tracks, graphics being somewhat also the same, with little surprising touch ups here and there. One of the most noticeable touch ups are the wheels. The details on the wheels are so amazing that you could even see the lug nuts. All in all, this is a must have on the X-mas shopping list of any PlayStation gamer out there. To say the least, GT2 still holds the title for being the best that just got better.

Game Play: (10) Gran Turismo has been ranked the best racing simulation game ever. GT2 has no doubt topped that with more cars, more tracks and better graphics.

Storyline: (N/A) What can you expect from a racing simulation game. The storyline is merely what you actually make of it. With so many races and challenges upon the horizon of this game, the thrill of driving all the cars you've ever dreamed of is a story in itself.

Graphics: (10) Although, I must admit that Ridge Racer 4 offered much better graphics for this type of game, GT2 raises above the rest with the amount of details for every car, and tracks in the game. In most cases the newly enhanced graphics are somewhat minimum from the first, but still very noticeable.

Sound: (10) The sounds of the engines are so superbly done, from when you change gears to when you red line the car. The whistles from the Turbo charged engines are the most noticeable, with blow out values that add a nice touch to the realism. There is no more to say, expect that the creators of GT2 has really done their homework in creating the feel of driving a real car.

Controls: (10) The controls are so comfortable, with every button so easy to reach, allowing you to get to them as fast as you can react. For those who are familiar with the controls of the original Gran Turismo. The controls are exactly the same, which is a nice, being that it lets us feel as if we are picking up right where we had left off.

Replay Value: (10) The replay value of this game will surely offer you months and months of racing bliss. With over 500 cars, 28 different tracks, and 5 different types of licenses to obtain. There is no way that this game will show any signs of boredom. In my opinion, I've played Gran Turismo 1 for over a year and never been bored, and now while playing Gran Turismo 2, I know there no way of this game will ever just sit there and collect dust.

Buy/Rent: (Buy!) This title is a definite buy, and well worth the price. A definite must have for all Gran Turismo fans, as well as those who enjoy a great racing game accurately done right down to the every bolt. Speaking of racing games, it doesn't get better then this.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/15/99, Updated 12/15/99

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