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"Once you pop in Gran Turismo 2 into your playstation, rest assured, you will be pleased."

So many delays, so much wait. But it is finally here. Gran Turismo 2: is it worth the wait? Absolutley! Why do you think I gave it a nine? Well, anyway, on with the review!!!

Graphics:(8/10) This is what kept GT2 from getting a ten. The graphics on the car models are great, yet the developers seem to forget that Car models aren't the only thing to see, and it shows. As you race along the track, you can notice some major pixelation, you can even see the little squares in the sky! Replays look awesome, better than the last GT and after that 5,000 dollar car wash(yeah you heard right, 5,000 dollars...although i really don' think that is the actual price)your car looks real Purdy :).

Sound:(10/10)The sound is wonderful. Each car has a distinct motor tone, and they all sound realistic. Musical artists like Beck, Rob Zombie, and Garbage also have tunes in the game. Although I really don't like their music (hip hop baby :P) It is a nice touch, having real bands and all.

Gameplay:(10/10)The game comes with two discs. One disc contains the arcade mode, the other the simulation mode. Arcade mode is pretty good, you can get cars and tracks immediately, without hassle. And, if you are good enough, you can beat tracks to open up other tracks, so you can play on them. Then, you have the second disc, the awesome sim. mode. like the first GT, you have to buy cars and get licenses to progress through the game. Getting the licenses isn't as hard as last time, and it isn't as frustrating. I quickly got all the licenses, without too much trouble. Once you get your licenses, and buy yourself a car, you are off to the races(note: you don't have to get all of the licenses to race, heck, you don't need any license to race,but you need all of them to compete in all the races)! You gotta start out small, but if you are good enough, and patient enough you will soon advance to the top, then all your friends will admire you, and you will marry a beautiful lady/man...well maybe not, but will advance to the top.

Replayability: (10/10)With so many tracks (20) and so many cars to buy/sell (over 500) you will be playing this for a while

Recap: so let's recap, with some pros and cons.
+Great gameplay
+Awesome sound
+Great selection of cars
+Good amount of replayability
-Bad track graphics
-there was a delay for this game

Rent or buy???: Well, it depends. If you are a fan of racing games, this is a definite buy. If you aren't, don't shun this game yet. Go town to your local rental store and rent this game. You will probably be surprised.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/29/99, Updated 12/29/99

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