Review by Ke6dRt

"Its only a "good" game, inexcusable for the sequel to Gran Turismo"

Best Features:
Rally racing, great soundtrack, awesome engine sounds, intro movie on the arcade disc is amazing.
Worst Features:
Difficult to navigate menu system, no more point system, arcade mode sucks, simuation mode is basically the same as Gran Turismo.

This is probably the most overhyped game in video game history since Crusin' USA on the N64. ALL the video game magazines and most of the reviewers have named this the best racing game of '99, so I was expecting a game better than Gran Turismo. I mean, 500 cars, Rally racing, and how many tracks? 20, 30, even 40? So I put the game in the Playstation and what do I get? Merely a good game.

First, lets talk about the arcade mode. The only two good things about it are rally racing, and the option to change the number of laps in 1 player racing. Thats it. First of all, there are a very small number of cars to choose from where in the original, there was around 75 to start. Secondly, it plays exactly like the simulation mode. The cars handle exactly like they would in the simulation mode, which shouldn't be the case in arcade mode, and unlike the original, the speed isn't pumped up. Its only an average arcade experience.

As for the simulation mode, its definitely good indeed, maybe even as good as the original. Key words: as good, so already it doesn't live up to the hype. The racing is great, a truely realistic experience, which unfortunately is no different than the original. There are however a few things I dislike about the simulation mode. First of all the menu system is difficult to navigate through. The home screens aren't so bad, except I had a tough time finding Toyota: all the Japanese dealers where in the last city I checked. Whats bad are the racing menus. They're tough to read clearly and the icons are very small. Second, they did away with the point system I liked so much in the original. So, the simulation mode is still good, but maybe not even as good as the original.

Graphics: 8.5
The graphics are still very strong, except the cars look a bit gritty, even in the replay mode, but they're still about as good as they get.

Sound: 10
The engine noises are fantastic and the soundtrack is amazing. Awesome, simply awesome!

Innovation: 5.5
The intro movie is awesome and the rally racing is a nice addition. There may be 500 cars in the game and up to 40 tracks, but they all seem to be more of the same.

Gameplay: 7
Same as Gran Turismo, except gameplay in the Arcade mode sucks.

Replay Value: 6
Nothing new here. The patient player may be rewarded after a while, but the initial motavation isn't enough for me.

Bottomline: 7
Its still a good game. Worth a rental but if you're looking to buy a new racing game, get the first Gran Turismo if you haven't already, especiall since its now only $20! Also, shell out that other $15 for the GT2 album.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/03/00, Updated 01/03/00

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