Review by Misanthrope

"Danger: Save your forty bucks! Gran Turismo 2 is total crap!!!!"

Having truly loved and admired the original Gran Turismo, I ran right out to buy GT2 as soon as it came out. No rental, no trial of any sort, I just bought the thing. It seemed like a safe enough bet.

Imagine my disappointment when I put the game into my Playstation only to discover something awful had happened, probably during one of the game's many release delays. EVERYTHING THAT I LOVED ABOUT GRAN TURISMO WAS GONE!!!

Remember those smooth, realistic graphics? Now you get something that may have looked okay back in the Sega Genesis days. It's a pixelated mess of crap, bouncing to and fro as pretty lines ofblue sky randomly streak through the road, the other cars, even the trees. I think they were trees. I'll have to check an old copy of Pole Position for the Atari 2600 to be sure.

Oh well, I thought. At least I've got this new, kick-ass soundtrack to listen to. WRONG! I know the soundtrack is good only because I read the credits in the manual. Come game time, you can't even hear the music. And remember those realistic engine noises? You may as well fire up a blender, because those are gone too. Now it just sounds as though you're being chased by a bee, and the tires screech at even the most minor turns, the continue to scream throughout every STRAIGHTAWAY. Crap, crap, and more crap!

Finally, a short word on control, another of the most enedearing elements of the original, classic, Gran Turismo. It's gone. Every car handles the same, meaning not at all. If I had back the money that I spent on this game, I would pay someone to beat the crap out of me for even thinking of purchasing it.


Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 01/03/00, Updated 01/03/00

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