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"The new overhyped features may be fun, but the game takes a HUGE step backwards"

As most of you know, Gran Turismo was one of the best racing games ever, even now I personnaly think it surpasses it sequel simply because the sequel looks like a step backwards in the game

In game graphics seem worst than GT1 ( maybe it's just me who played too much RR4 ). The textures couldn't look grainier and the resolution actually seemed like it dropped... And the worst part is that there isn't even any considerable framerate gain. Why not just keep Gran Turismo 1's graphics?

Gameplay: 7
This game is fun to play when you are the only car on the track. In 2 player mode, the game gives NO sense of speed at all, even with 'class A' cars, the game feels like you're driving a lawnmower or something. The speed is one of the most unrealistic speeds ever, as driving at a supposed 60 mph feels like driving at 10 mph.

Story: 0 :(
Many might thought this was impossible, but the 'Story' in Gran Turismo got worse!!! In Gran turismo 1 you could join tournaments, have a qualification run, and race on a series of tracks, and you would win the cup by ending the tournament with most points. With the cup would come a new car. In GT2. the only reward you might stumble on before 30+ hours of gameplay is by getting a license on gold. I personally see NO point at all to breaking every championship in the game into seperate races.

Sound: 5
you hardly hear your own engine !

Music: 5
Supposed to be great with a huge selection of popular music... Unfortunately, polyphony hasn't found a good way to rotate the tracks. In the first hour of gameplay, I only heard the same 4 songs Over and Over again. I used to like STP's sex type bloated thing ( one of the songs in the game ) But I have heard it OVER and OVER again so many times in my first hour of gameplay that I got fed up so fast...

Replay: 5
In GT, you would race in championships, each with different cars ( each car actually feeling different behind the wheel ) and earn cars. Now, since all the cars feel the same, it kinda kills the game's replay, and not a lot of prize cars make the game a tad easier to get bored of.

Overall: 5
This sequel doesn't even live up to the hype it was given

Rent or Buy = Rent definitely ( only get a copy of this game if your psx is modded, this game isn't worth full price!)

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/08/00, Updated 01/08/00

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