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"An excellent game with an unbeatable soundtrack!"


Not much different then the original Gran Turismo, but the tracks are nicely detailed. The PSX is starting to look outdated. The graphics in this game can't compare to, say, Sega Rally 2, Ridge Racer Shin or Gran Turismo 2000. But then again, it's not fair comparing it with those Dreamcast and PS2 games. As far as Playstation racers go, the graphics are superb. Although there is slight slowdown.


SOUND 10/10

WOW! Check out this soundtrack:

Foo Fighters
Stone Temple Pilots
Soul Coughing
Rob Zombie
Apollo Four Forty
The Cardigans
Crystal Method

...Now that's an impressive list of names! I am more than satisfied with this game's music, and the sound effects are cool as well.



If you ever played the first Gran Turismo, you know the drill. Ultra-realistic car physics mean you can understeer and hit a wall, or oversteer and spinout (which really sucks). There is somewhat of a learning curve for beginners, and it's not as easy to pick up and play as Ridge Racer Type 4.



As you probably know, this game comes on two CDs. The first disc is the ''Arcade Mode,'' in which you can just pick a car from the game's selection or from your own garage, and then race it to beat your time records or race 2 Players. This disc is cool for beginners trying to beat the game, but if I'm just racing for fun and don't want to use disc 2, I'd rather play R4.

Disc 2, on the other hand, is the super-in-depth ''Simulation mode.'' This is what makes the Gran Turismo series the megahit that it is, and this is why the game is worth buying.

You start off with a meager 10,000 credits ($$$), and a basic drivers license. First, you must go earn six different racing licenses. Fortunately, you can always just earn one and come back for the others later, or use your saved data from GT1. To earn a license, you must complete 10 tough tests of your driving skill. If you're seriously having trouble obtaining a license, I reccomend BFranklin's Gran Turismo 2 FAQ.

OK, so you've got the licenses but no car. 10,000 credits isn't going to get you very far, so you either have to settle for a half-baked new budget car, or you can go shopping on the used car market. There are over 500 cars to choose from, so take your time and pick wisely. In most cases, the higher the Horsepower the better. I reccomend the used Toyota Corolla Trueno '83 :-).

Now that you've got a car, the game basically consists of racing for money, souping up your car with a huge variety of tune-up items to choose from, and winning and buying new cars. Only certain cars can enter certain races, and you must win every race in the game, get golds in all the license tests, and beat the Arcade disc on hard mode to beat the game and get the maximum score, 98.25% complete. I have owned the game for a month now and played it quite a bit, and I'm only 4% complete! Trust me, it's not as easy as it sounds.



Basically, this is an excellent game. If you enjoy racing games, you should get up right now, head for the store and pick this one up. If you prefer multiplayer racing to single player, I have to reccomend Namco's Ridge Racer Type 4 instead of this game. Otherwise, though, this game is a blast and has an unbeatable soundtrack to boot. If it weren't for the countless glitches I've heard about, this game would score an easy 10. It's definitely worth your time and money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/28/00, Updated 01/28/00

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