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"Despite its numerous flaws, Gran Turismo 2 retains the title as the most complex, realistic, and greatest racing game."

Gran Turismo 2 is by far the most complex, realistic, addictive game on the market, much like its predecessor but with much more. Though, at first glimpse Gran Turismo 2 can be quite disappointing. The graphics on the cars have more break up and some of the tracks are just plagued with pixelation, like Tahiti Road. Also the soundtrack is a really hard to hear but you can adjust this in the options menu. Now, on to the good facts, the cars aren't that bad really they even did a better job on the reflection effects. And there are really only two tracks that are bad as far as graphics so if you look deeper than the surface you are bound to uncover a GREAT game. There are SO many cars that look, feel, and sound authentic. 563 to be exact. That's right, 563 cars! And 25 tracks, old classics like High Speed Ring, Deep Forest and Grand Valley to new courses like Apricot Hill, Midfield Raceway, and Laguna Seca. Not to mention this game has all the old gameplay. Overall his game is for anyone who is into video games, especially racing fanatics and lovers of the first Gran Turismo.

Graphics 7/10- These graphics aren't in the same caliber as today's racing games. Plaguing pixelation and scratchy break up isn't a real problem but is still a slight problem. Any close ups on the cars is especially bad one piece will divide into four. Don't get me wrong they're really good. They would get 9 or 10 if it weren't' for these problems

Control 10/10- Like with the original the control scheme is top notch EVERY car has its own unique handling. Very responsive, depending on the cars that is.

Sound 9/10- An outstanding soundtrack starts every race off right and really amplifies the mood. Hot group names like Garbage, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Cardigans. Along with the great sound effects like the realistic engine sounds and screeching tires add that extra effect to the game. The only problem is that the sound is so faint, you'll have to go into the options and adjust it so the music is even hearable.

Gameplay 10/10- The same great gameplay that made the original outstanding is back with 4x as many cars and more tracks. Along with this there is a barrage of events that even the most skilled Gran Turismo player would be wasting lots of time on. In fact there's about 200 races that you must race to complete the game, 7 of which will take you 1 or 2 hours. All together even if you were highly skilled and played it 8 hours every day, it would still take you at least two weeks to finish. This game is GUARENTEED to keep you busy for a long time.

Story ? - There is no plot behind the game, its what you make of it.

Replay 1-10/10- Well the game is fun, but I don't know if anyone would play it again but if you did you would have all that fun over again.

Overall 10/10- Gran Turismo has quite a few flaws compared to the original but still delivers heart pumping gameplay and sound. Any race fan especially those who are fans of the original should make a point to pick up this game sometime soon.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/16/00, Updated 04/16/00

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