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"The Real Life Driving Simulator Just Got a Whole Lot Better..."

When Gran Turismo was released in 1998, it was the birth of the realistic simulator, and it was a revolutionary experience that began many peoples fascination with cars. So when the team at Polyphony Digital knew it was time to make a sequel, they knew that they had to better themselves to create a much better and much more realistic racing simulation. Welcome to the more Real Life Driving Simulator, Gran Turismo 2.

GT2 features many new additions, all either bettering old features or introducing new ways to customise or drive your car. The first big change is that you can use your GT1 save in order to have all the cars you had in GT1 and all the licenses that you earned in order to save some time so you can start racing. This is a really good addition that, combined with all the cars in both GT1 and the newer cars in GT2, allows a total of 600 Cars, each from big manufactures like Subaru or Ford, to not as popular manufactures, like Alfa Romeo or Daihatsu. Another change is that the game is on 2 Discs, with the arcade mode and the Gran Turismo mode on separate discs, proving the size of the game.

The games Gran Turismo mode has lost none of it's charm. While, essentially, it's the same mode as the previous GT mode, there are lots of great additions made to it. Firstly, the map has been divided into different cities, each featuring different cars. There is East City, where you find all the Japanese Cars, West City, featuring all the American Cars and North City, where you find the European cars. Also, some of the manufacturers have their own events, which require owning a specific type of car (for example, a race at Toyota is only for Supras, and you'll need one to enter). There are now more events and more licenses to earn, adding some long time appeal to an already great mode.

Sadly, like the last game, the games only weak point is itself. There are people who don't actually like to drive virtual cars and have them feel them fell the same as the real-life car, which is perfectly understandable. But if you're willing to put the patience and time in, you are going to be in heaven.

The games graphics are better than in last years game. Each car looks more realistic, but not photo-realistic, a given seeing the technology of the Playstation. There is a multitude of colours to choose from if you don't like the default colour of the car, and can make it more pleasing to the eye. Also, like the last game, GT2 contains a great CG opening, with some great music playing with it and some great CG work.

The audio has been bettered since the last game. There are more licensed tunes to drive by, and again, this is a great touch. But again, the best music comes in the form of the jazzy music present in the GT mode, containing some great tunes. The cars also, sound great.

So does game make the experience better? Well, there are some similarities to the last game, but those are few and far between. Some of the newer additions are great, with the inclusion of more manufacturers and the game can be more time saving if you own a GT1 save game. The newer GT mode is a great improvement over the previous one, and the game looks and sounds better than before. This game is easily the best PS1 racing game ever made, and a great value for money. A must buy...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/14/05

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