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"Gameplay has never been so free...."

Graphics: 7
To be short, they kind of suck. Top down views aren't as nice as 3D, but that was too much for the poor, old, rusty Playstation. Also the framerate isn't what you'd expect from the Playstation. Sometimes it is so slow, you're thinking about quitting the game. Also because it takes a long time to recover. This really is disturbing, because it also slows down the gameplay, which is the strong part of the game. There aren't any special effects, so that doesn't make it up for the lousy graphics. Part 2 is a lot better on that part. On the PC are the graphics also better.

Sound: 10
Why, you might ask. Well, because of the cooperation with musiclabel BMG. That makes the music really, really good. And it's one hour of music of all sorts of new artists and a lot of music styles. R&B, pop, rock and country, the're all in the game.

Gameplay: 10
This is definitely the best part of the entire game. You finally can go anywhere. You can steal every car on the streets. You can even hijack a train, very hard to steer though. Also, the missions are very cool, and especially very varied. There even is a mission where you should drive a bus at a speed of 50 miles an hour. Speed style, very cool.The weapons are very crude, like a rocketlauncher, a flamethrower and a machine gun. The more police on your tail the harder it gets. Try driving trough a road block with a damaged car, while there are 3 policemen shooting at you with machine guns. It's rated 18 years or older. Too bad, it really is a great game. One cool feature is that there are walking several people behind each other, all in the same clothes. When you drive at once over all of them, it will say ''Gouranga'' and you'll get a bonus. You can also carjack a car which is standing on a parking. Mostly, you'll get a mission, or a kill frenzy(get as many points in an amount of time, if you succeed you'll get a bonus.

Replay value: 9
Also very good. Because you don't have to finish all the missions, to finish the level. So the next time you play it, you just try another mission. You can also try to improve your high score, or you try to do all the missions.

To buy or rent?
To buy, it is pretty hard, and to complete it totally, it'll take you weeks. Also, it's platinum, so it isn't even very expensive. Even if it were expensive, you still should buy it, because it's just a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/08/01, Updated 04/08/01

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