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"One of the worst games I have ever played."

Grand Theft Auto only manages to do one thing right: its original. Where else can you steal someone's car, and then run them over with it? But the real question is: Why would you want to.

Visuals - 1 Easily the worst graphics on the playstation. Normally, I wouldn't care about how good or bad a games graphics are, but I make an exception with GTA. It's ugly, it has a framerate that constantly skips around, and the camera never seems to follow the car, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, considering its a 2-D game. Characters all look the same, and show almost no features on their bodies, making it impossible to tell which is the front and which is the back.

Sound - 3 The sound FX sound like they were recorded through a sock, and the voices all sound muted. The music is funny at first, but gets old fast. And then there is the language. It's entirely unnecessary. I'm not offended by bad language, but when these game makers are constantly throwing around profanity, you have to wonder: Did they put it in because they thought the game would benefit from it, or did they put it in because it would create controversy that would in turn sell more copies? I think we all know the answer...

Control/ Gameplay - 1 The gameplay consists of stealing cars, running over pedestrians, and blowing cars up. It's original, I'll give it that. The problem lies in that it gets old really fast. There are three cities, but who cares? You do the exact same tasks in every single city, with a few small tweaks to the objectives. The control stinks too. It is really loose, and makes the user feel as though he/she has no control over the car they are driving. Speaking of which, I hope you enjoy constantly ramming into cars, because you'll be doing a lot of that. The camera never seems to keep up the cars, especially the faster ones. It makes one wonder if the developers of this game intentionally made it bad, just to see how many copies it could sell based on the language and violence alone.

Overall - 1

Rent or buy? Neither. Go buy something that manages to be original and be fun at the same time, such as Crazy Taxi or Jet Set Radio. If for some sick reason you must waste your time on this game, borrow it from a friend, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 06/17/01, Updated 06/17/01

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