Review by J.T.

"Almost as good(?) as the original..."

Grand Theft Auto certainly had a novel concept when it was first released, but I think that this (as most other PC games) should have probably stayed on the PC. Not much changed between the two versions, except junkier graphics, which were not that great to begin with.

Fun Factor: 10
There is PLENTY of mass mayhem available in the game, from Rocket launchers to running over school children in your Hippie Van, but there can also be quite a bit of fun by actually doing your best to follow real-life traffic codes. (Just try to stay in the right hand lane, okay?)

Difficulty: 9
Trying to remember where all the different items and missions are located on the huge maps make this game REALLY difficult. At least they have some compassion for you and give you a little homing arrow for when you have missions or whatever.

Control: 6
It was bit easier to control the car in the PC version, but either way, the car handles like a real-life car.... with Hyper Power Steering, No Brakes, and Some crazy kind of quantum acceleration with a perpetual motion engine. I still can't believe that you can run into solid walls going full speed in a Vette and come away not only alive, but with nothing worse than a scratched fender! Shoot a couple of bullets at the same car though, and the sucker blows up... Huh.

Story: 3
Story?? Just steal and kill, okay? Well, there is kinda sorta maybe a bit of a backstory, but who cares?

Music: 5
Not really something you pay attention to when running away from the cops at high speeds in small alleyways... But passable at least.

Sound FX: 10
One of the best parts of the game, listening to the Hare Krishna's chants change to screams is just a hoot! :-)

Replayability: 7
Even the most sadistic of criminals will probably get a bit tired of the repetitiveness of the game before long...

Rent or Buy: If you have kids below the age of 15 or 16 in the house, neither. Otherwise, probably a rent. Maybe a buy for the PC version.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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