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"It started it all off..."

Grand Theft Auto was the game that started it all off. While you are out there with your Ps2’s, I’ll still be on my trusty Grey box till Christmas. Since this was the game that spawned Gta3, It has to be good right?

You take on the role of a real scumbag. These include Troy, Bubba, Kivlov and Travis and you take them on a crime spree across America. The cities you travel to are Liberty city (New York), San Andrea’s (San Francisco) and Vice City (Miami). They are all very different and there is a lot of detail to them.

The game play was always the best part of gta. You can do anything you want. Kill a person, steal a car, blow up a car and even take a job with the clichéd bosses. These are El Burro (Mexican), Uncle Fu (Triad), Bubby (fat Gangster), deeper (Dirty Cop) and finally The Rasta’s! Each job you take is non linear. You have to kill a rat. How? Shoot him in the back with the pistol? Blow him away with the machine gun? Run him down in a bus? The possibilities are endless. The other missions may include collecting debts, setting bombs or rescuing people and this is all very fun. It was something new that has not been done before.

Sound is excellent. In the game you can listen to some superb radio stations like any gangster would. Other sound effects such as screams and gunshots all sound superb. But there is no voice acting, which can be a small problem.

There are a few glitches and irritations in the game that will come to light in prolonged play:
1:You can’t save your game in the middle of a city, you need to finish that level THEN save.
2:The Frame rate is usually good, but slowdown does occur when you’re going very fast.
3:You can’t make car parks. That was a cool feature in the PC version, Steal all the best cars in the city and stockpile them in a car park.
4;Absence of Trains and Helicopters. Why? It could have been done.

I could be real nitpicky about the graphics…I’m sorry, but I will be. The graphics are functional at least, but are small and are top down. Most people will scoff (Indeed, I did), but persevere and it will be rewarding.

GTA started it all off. It is controversial, Ugly and Violent, but with an original idea, brilliant game play, good last ability and superb fun, GTA will never let you down. But with the sequel already out, get this if you like the sequel idea.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/06/01, Updated 03/05/02

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