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"A must have for your Playstation collection!"

This is the game that should be in everybodys collection! There hasnt been one moment where I regretted owning this game. Throughout the 3 years that ive owned it. Ive enjoyed countless hours of killing, stealing, and everything else that would have put me in jail by now. Grand Theft Auto will likely keep you busy for 30-40 hours, which isnt bad considering its not an RPG. only a small amount of that time will be spent doing the 40 or so missions, and many more hours will be spent going on merciless rampages through GTA's 3 cities. Liberty City(Based on New York), San Andreas(based on L.A.) and Vice City(based on Miami). each city is HUGE(and I mean HUGE) sprawling with different areas and cars that are unique to each city. This review will sum up the game.

Well, this game is short of AMAZING!. With 4 characters to choose from, the possibilities are endless. You start out in Liberty City working the streets, you know... The usual thug stuff. Commiting small crimes and such. You work your way up to the big time capo. I thought it was very well done.

I cant say it was ''bad'' but it had its share of gripes. For instance, I dont like how they make you press X to run. I thought it would be better if the D-pad buttons were the only buttons used for moving the character. Of course, I may be missing something in the way it was developed so I'll stop complaining. The driving controls dont seem to be THAT bad. but the birds eye view definitly affects the handling of cars and actually takes a while to get used to.

I think this game was excellent in the sound category. The pedestrians say things, the cars make different noises and the well known Radio stations. Although you cant switch stations in GTA1, they are a blast to listen to. No matter what kind of music you like, you wont mind listening to it. And one feature that puts it miles ahead of the crowd is the feature to pop out the game CD and put any music CD of yours in. Even when the game gets old, youll have hours of fun cruising to your own beats.

Well, I cant really say the graphics sell the game. Considering everything is 2D and it has a top, down view. Character animations look too basic, even for the playstation. I think Rockstar and Take 2 could have done a better job at animating the game. It just feels like they stuck different controls instead of a keyboard in and burned it on to a PS1 CD(from the computer version of course).

This game has its rough spots, but you'd be CRAZY not to buy it(unless your under 15, in which case you shouldnt because its too violent). You will spend countless hours doing anything and everything you can to beat this game. It may not look like a beauty, but as the old saying goes'' you shouldnt judge a book by its cover''.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/07/02, Updated 02/07/02

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