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"Classic Mayhem"

Grand Theft Auto, many clamed to be either good or bad, but, in ways, is good and bad. The original Grand Theft Auto (I will call it ''GTA'' from now on) came out in stores in 1998. Most of you who played it thought it were a decent game; some thought it was total crap. Not only that, but it sparked so much controversy about violence and mayhem. Also blaming this game (and it's future games) for various shootings. With all of that behind you, and not thinking of all the bad things, the game can get you hooked for many reasons.

Not the best controls in the world, takes getting used to. You use almost all the buttons on the PlayStation D-pad. The X button is to move forward. Sounds simple, right? Turing you character is also weird. Push X to move forward and use the left and right buttons to turn. It's confusing but easy to get used to. If you have only played Grand Theft Auto III or Vice City and start playing regular GTA, you will no doubt notice a difference on doing missions and how it looks. For the missions, you get jobs by payphones in certain areas and earn big bucks completing them. They do get harder but if you fail a mission you cannot do it again unless you restart the mission, so if you fail every mission in a level, you basically fail the level. Also during a mission sometimes it's timed so you are in pressure sometimes. When you beat the first part of the mission, you might get a call saying doing another part of the job, so it can go up to 3-part missions. Once you beat a level you unlock a new level and so on until the end of the game. How the game looks is, really, crap. An overhead view of the game didn't bother me, but if you driving a car or motorcycle, the screen wobbles back and forth so high-speed chases are hard. You can probably look past that though. There isn't a map either on the screen, so it's hard to find a direct side-job mission.

This is where the game excels. You are, well, you. You get to name your character as anyone (or anything) you want. ''You'' are trying to earn cash at the start of the game but then it progresses as working for the mob, bent cops, etc. The story is simple and not like RPG games when it gets all dramatic and such, it's just plain and simple mayhem. The greatest part about this is you can do whatever you want. If your into doing missions only or going around killing people on the streets or even jacking cars (figures from the name of the game) and selling them if you want, easy to make cash in other words in this game. There are other things to do; if you have a good imagination you can create your own missions in your head, like ''Destroy all the taxis'' for example.

If you’re a graphic junkie then this game isn't for you by all means. It looks like a cheap cartoon had gone wrong being honest. It's hard to tell what car you jack since you are looking from the top view the whole time. The only good thing about the graphics is it helped make a massive world. The sound is so-so. You hear the motor of cars and pedestrian dialogue. Although not a lot, there are cut-scenes with superb graphics of you talking to a man or woman. While on foot you don't hear music at all unless you hear music from a building. When in a car, you hear a radio, which is a nifty idea, but you can't change stations. Still works though.

Play Time-10/10
This game will take you a while to complete fully, meaning all side quests, killing frenzies, etc, although the main missions take a while as well. To complete a level, you need a certain amount of cash. The last level of the game took me a few days without codes. If you used codes you will be done in a few days, so try not to, but codes are fun in a way.

Final Recommendation-7/10
This game is ok, not a great game unless your a fan of other GTA games. If you are waiting (like me) for the next GTA you should give Grand Theft Auto a shot. For a low price, and soon to be in GTA: Compilation, it's only 10 bucks, so if you have spare cash, buy it. If you’re not familiar with the series at all, which I kind of doubt, try renting.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/15/02, Updated 11/15/02

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